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Wallpaper Trends


by La Feature Wall Murals

Wallpaper Trends

Kubla Khan


Wallpaper Trends

The City of Love

by La Feature Wall Murals

Wallpaper Trends

Calm Waters

by Jessica Wilde

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The Dark side – 40 black wallpapers to make a bold statement

Black wallpaper is one of the best accessories to spice up dull walls. Black is the ultimate color that represents luxury, elegance, tradition and prestige. This is why black wallpaper has been selected for many interior design projects


The Feathr difference

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Designer wallpaper created the Feathr™ way

‘More Art Less Decoration’. It’s what we have written on our business cards. It’s why we get up in the morning. Google tell themselves not to be evil – we remind ourselves that we are doing to put more art out there in the Universe. That’s the goal. MORE ART! More colour. More ideas. More expression. We started with designer wallpaper. Why? Well, wallpaper is a subversive tool as a form of modern art. It’s known for being banal, so we love the idea that our artists can subvert it and make the medium message. It’s a universal luxury as well – anyone can hang our designs in their homes. Now we’re taking out artists’ work into luxury fabrics and unique cushions. So we’re getting more art out there by giving artists new canvases to work with. By replacing, like for like, decoration with art. And now you are too. By buying from FEATHR you’re getting more art into places where there was none and supporting independent artists from all over the world.

There’s two ways to get anything done. The safe way and the fun way. If you’re hanging a wire between two buildings that you plan on walking across with a friend sitting on your shoulders, or if you’re building a fortress to keep out zombie hordes – then go the safe way. But if you’re creating artist-made unique wallpaper? Then go the fun route. That’s what we’ve done. We’ve asked the whole art world to create designs – and now we’re working with dozens of artist from all over the world, very few of whom have previously designed wallpaper, fabrics or cushions before. Tattoo artists, fine art photographers, hardcore graphic designers and a cow. True story. This means our designs are unique, luxury pieces created from original modern minds for original modern homes – like yours. So we’re always proudly independent of the normal ways of designing interior products. We believe the world is loaded with design and artistic talent and our job is to be a conduit to get that talent onto your walls, your sofas and every room of your home. Which means inspired results.

Good design is for everyone. We created FEATHR to put modern art into everyone’s hands via the medium of modern luxury wallpaper, fabrics and cushions. We’re not super-expensive and nose-in-the air-snobby. We work smart and use modern digital tools to keep our company lighter than a Victoria sponge, whilst making sure a good slice of the cake goes straight to the artists. We’re inspired by the like of Morris and Eames who wanted modern design to be for everyone. And you know what? It’s working. Our work has already seen everywhere from Amsterdam, to Mumbai, Singapore, Helsinki, New York, London, Paris, San Francisco and Sydney, in modern kids rooms, as boutique hotel wallpaper, luxury restaurants, unique designer homes, funky little B&Bs, contemporary office spaces; on feature walls, kitchen walls, as bedroom wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper, in hallways, studies; on sofas, chaise longues, couches, easy chairs, as for upholstery, furnishing, curtains, and blinds. We’ve also had love from a ton of interior design magazine and bloggers (Elle Decor calls us their “new favorite wallpaper – and it’s even affordable”). We’re for everyone who loves art, design and originality. Whether you’re looking for feather wallpaper or FEATHR wallpaper, you’re in good hands.

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