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4 Creative Home Office Decorating Tips

4 Creative Home Office Decorating Tips

If you’ve joined the masses who have made working from home part and parcel of their lifestyles, and you’re looking to carve out your very own work from home nook where you can be focused, creative, productive and inspired, you’re sure to be looking for some home office décor ideas.

Whether your home office is nestled in your living space or a kitchen alcove, or you have your very own garden office or loft room, the fact is, you’re going to be spending quite a bit of the day there. So it’s got to be right, and it’s got to work for you. Here are some creative home office décor ideas to help you create a space you can’t wait to get to as the bell rings for the start of the working day.

1. Be inspired by the calmness of nature

From a stroll through the park to a hike in the woods, being exposed to nature has been linked to all sorts of benefits, including enhanced attention and concentration, reduced stress and better mood. It can also improve your confidence, help your memory and make you feel generally happier.

So, it goes without saying that nature-inspired home office décor will impart an array of benefits, and adorning your walls with wallpaper or wall murals based on nature designs has to be one of the best home office decorating tips for this reason. Butterflies or birds, trees or flowers, forest or jungle, there is so much that can literally bring your home working space to life in a truly natural way.

Home office decor ideas

Butterfly Grove – Day by Feathr

Home office decor ideas

Aloha – Original by Wallpaper + Folk

Home office decor ideas

Paradise Lost – Original by La Feature Wall Murals

If you have plenty of room to work with, maybe your own garden office or loft study, you could create a feature wall based on your favourite nature scene, or use wallpaper or a wall mural to create a defined breakout zone for those times when you just need to sit back and clear your mind, or brainstorm new ideas.

If your home office space is a little more limited, you could still use nature inspired wallpaper to fill the nook or niche around your work desk. These small home office décor ideas work just as well as the more expansive ones.

Home office decor ideas

Portuguese Seagulls 02 – Ice by IsaWorks

Home office decor ideas

Zarafa – Original by Jessica Wilde

Home office decor ideas

Takeda – Duck Egg by La Feature Wall Murals

2. Let your travels be your muse

Memories of getting away from it all, relaxing on a sandy beach, dipping your toes in a warm, lapping sea. Sightseeing, having fun, spending treasured time with loved ones. Our travels are so often our inspiration, so why not play on those memories to help fuel your muse and encourage your creativity whilst working in your home office?

Whether you’ve tended to vacation closer to home, you love to head overseas to enjoy the wonders of the Mediterranean, or you’re more for venturing further afield to take in something a little more exotic, it’s so easy to encapsulate your travel memories through home office décor ideas and accessories.

Home office decor ideas

Venice Beach – Original by La Feature Wall Murals

Home office decor ideas

Jungle Kingdom – Ochre by Karina Eibatova

Home office decor ideas

Monkeys with Birds – Light Green by Karina Eibatova

Home office decor ideas

Animal Kingdom – Original by La Feature Wall Murals

3. Be motivated by the movement of the ocean

The ocean has the knack of making us feel relaxed and satisfied. The continuous movement and change, the rolling waves and daily tides. It’s a constant force of nature that carries on unabated, yet it has a soothing ambience that is difficult to beat.

The global adoration of the ocean has inspired many creative home office décor ideas, including sea wallpaper murals.

The beauty of ocean-inspired wallpaper is that it can take on so many guises. From complete and utter calm and relaxation, to full-on, power-driven emotion, there’s a nod to every taste.

Let the type of work you do shape which of the home office décor routes you decide to take.

If you’re constantly on the go, the phone never stops ringing and you’re forever fielding a raft of demands, you’re going to want something that will balance you. Something serene that will help you recompose and reconnect with your inner cool.

Home office decor ideas

SeaView – Original by Karina Eibatova

Home office decor ideas

Riviera – Teal by La Feature Wall Murals

On the other hand, if you crave inspiration and it’s important to get those creative juices flowing on tap, you’ll probably draw advantage from something more formidable that will fire you up and jump start those ideas.

Home office decor ideas

Shadows of the Deep – Original by Melissa Renee

Home office decor ideas

Sparkling Sea – Original by Karina Eibatova

Home office decor ideas

Waiting to Surface – Original by Melissa Renee

4. Whisk yourself away with a wall mural

Work can be full on sometimes, and there’s nothing like a feature wall mural to whisk you off momentarily, perfect when you just need to switch off and rest your brain a while.

Unadulterated abstract, or so real life you’d honestly believe you could slip on a pair of roller skates and zip right through into that world beyond, there is a wall mural with everyone’s name on it, perfect for creating the ultimate home office wall décor.

Home office decor ideas

Zephyr – Night by La Feature Wall Murals

Home office decor ideas

English Rose – Forest by Reeta Ek

Home office decor ideas

Winchester Cathedral – Original by Vintage Hampshire

Home office decor ideas

The Big Smoke – Original by La Feature Wall Murals

Looking for inspired ways to create the ultimate home office décor through the art of wallpaper?

Here at Feathr, we’ve always had a vision of getting more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, luxury modern wallpapers, wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists the world over.

Why not use our visualizer to discover how your own home office décor ideas could work for you?

Our free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials, top-rated customer service and commitment to protecting our environment mean you are guaranteed to be thrilled with a new wallpaper from Feathr. Why not browse our wallpaper and fabrics range today for the creative home office décor ideas that could transform your home workspace?

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