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4 Décor Tips When Using Abstract Wallpapers

Abstract interior design is a style of décor inspired by abstract art. It emphasises patterns, colours, shapes and lines, and is inspired by retro, modern and minimalist design trends. If you’re pursuing this approach for your next home decorating project, then you may have considered bringing in an abstract wall mural. But the question is, how best to use abstract art wall murals to enhance your interior design scheme?

Join us as we take you through the four key elements that make up the concept of abstract design, and how to encompass them into your wall covering choices.

What is abstract interior design?

Abstract interior design uses the language of form, shape and colour to create effects that detract from reality, either subtly, partially or completely.

Colour, contrast, focal points and geometric shapes are typical characteristics of abstract design. In a nutshell, it’s about focusing on the expressive or emotional qualities of the work. How it makes you feel, rather than how well it depicts reality.

How to nail the abstract look with abstract art wall murals

An abstract wall mural allows you to add a visual point of interest and a splash of personality to your home décor. The advantage is that you can choose a modern look, or plump for something with more of a vintage edge, because within the art of abstract lies the benefit of versatility.

Abstract art has always been a conversation starter. So why not use it to adorn your walls, and wow your guests? Follow these top décor tips to nail the look and create something truly special within your living space courtesy of abstract wall mural wallpaper.

1. Make use of colour

Abstract interiors are a showcase for the bold. Eye-catching colours are the name of the game. But they can be used in different ways, with varying effect.

For example, you can use the most prominent colours within the abstract mural to inspire the colour scheme for the entire space. These colours can then be balanced with subtle neutrals. Or for something a little more wow-factor, use those bold colours as statement pieces against a primarily neutral colour palette.

English Rose by Reeta Ek abstract wallpaper
English Rose by Reeta Ek abstract wallpaper
English Rose by Reeta Ek abstract wallpaper
English Rose by Reeta Ek abstract wallpaper

This colour-inspired designer abstract wall mural wallpaper by Finnish artist Reeta Ek makes a wonderful feature wall. The layered brushstrokes interact, creating a feeling of depth. See how the change in colourways affects the mood (and there are more to choose from), making this abstract mural suitable for pretty much any room of the home.

2. Turn up the contrast

You’ll often see contrast in abstract design manifest in various ways. Sometimes it can bring the eye to a focal point. Or it maybe it’s used to create a sense of balance.

Contrasting bright colours with inky blacks or night time blues will bring in a moody feel, perfect for bedrooms and snugs. Conversely, a loud pattern of colours set against a bright and light backdrop will create a sense of optimism and excitement, great for modern kitchen diners and teenagers’ bedrooms.

There’s a real touch of romance about this abstract wall mural wallpaper. The kaleidoscope of vibrant colours set against a neutral background is the epitome of abstract contrast, but it’s the light and airiness of the design that creates its true appeal.

3. Create a focal point

Abstract art wall murals can become the focal point of an interior design scheme in their own right, with everything else built around them and toned down so that the abstract mural gets to take centre stage.

Or maybe the mural forms the backdrop to an abstract accessory, such as a piece of statement furniture or striking wall art.

It’s all about the drama in this abstract mural, where bold blooms and giant leaves are set against a fluid background that sways from hints of bronze through to mute greens and soft greys. It’s a definite hit when used itself as a focal point, but equally at home as a backdrop to statement classical furniture pieces, as they take over the focal point role.

4. Bring in geometric shapes

At the heart of the abstract design style sit geometric shapes. Clean lines are key, and these can either be echoed within the abstract art wall murals themselves, or reflected in furniture, textiles, architectural features or accent pieces set against a contrasting backdrop.

Attention-grabbing geometric patterns that challenge rationality work well as abstract murals for feature walls, especially amidst an otherwise neutral design scheme. A standalone geometrically patterned feature wall, flanked by neutral walls that are punctuated by bold light fittings, or set with a Picasso-inspired line drawing, could create that perfect balance.

Abstract art wall murals don’t come much bolder than this design by artist Tim Muddiman. The rhythmic pattern and clever use of colour result in a shadow effect that naturally draws you deeper into the latticework, making it perfect as a talking point feature wall, or ideal for a reflective space, such as a reading nook or home study.

Abstract wallpaper for rooms from Feathr, the designer wallpaper specialists

At Feathr, our mission has always been to get more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, designer wallpapers, modern wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists from across the world. So, if you’re seeking out abstract art wall murals for your next interior refresh, look no further than Feathr.

Why not use our visualizer to discover how your chosen abstract wall mural could look on your very own walls?

Ready to make your purchase? We hope you’ll find peace of mind in our customer promise of excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service. Coupled with our commitment to protecting our environment, it all means you are guaranteed to be delighted with a wallpaper from Feathr, the designer wallpaper specialists.

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