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5 Wallpaper Trends Summer 2022

When it’s time to reinvent your home, what could be better than a refreshing new wallpaper to revive your walls and infuse a dash of adventure into your interior? The wallpaper trends 2022 have to offer are so versatile when it comes to themes, colours and designs, that there is sure to be something to pique your interest and suit your personal sense of style.

Wallpaper is the perfect way to bring art into your day to day life. In fact, wallpaper is one of the trending interior design styles, purely because of its ability to tell a story, make a statement, and invoke a variety of emotions, from tranquillity and calm through to excitement and elation.

Many people think they’ll need to harbour a sense of bravery to introduce interior design trends like statement wallpaper into their homes. But in reality, because there is such a wide scope of choice in modern wallpaper styles, even the more reserved type personality could open their heart to wallpaper trends in 2022.

From floral wallpaper designs that bring a sense of nature into your home, to forest and tree wallpaper that takes you on a journey of calm; and from sea wallpaper with its wonderful call of freedom, to abstract wall murals that add a touch of ooh-la-la to your interior, there truly is something for everyone in the world of wallpaper.

So whether you’re playful by nature, or prefer a more minimalist approach to interior design in 2022; you’re keen to create a feature wall, or create a whole new look, take a seat and join us as we share some of the most exciting wallpaper trends 2022 has in store.

1. Flourishing florals

The wonderful thing about floral print wallpaper is that you can take it in all sorts of directions to match your interior style.

Modern floral interior trends are centred on giant blooms, often erupting out of moody, inky backgrounds. And then you have your vintage floral interior design trends. These are more aligned with subdued elegance, harking back to the Victorian era when trending interior design styles were all about understated flamboyance.

Design tip: Be sure to think about the size of the room when choosing a floral wallpaper. Smaller rooms call for more intricate designs to enhance the feeling of space. But if you have a larger area to play with, then the bigger the blooms, the better.

Feature floral

This English rose wallpaper is made up of layered brushstrokes, all converging on a neutral background that sees the bold blooms erupt into view. As interior trends go, there isn’t much that will contest the English rose for a feature wall, a grand bedstead backdrop, or a dramatic entrance hall.

English Rose – Forest by Reeta Ek Wallpaper Trends Summer 2022
English Rose – Forest by Reeta Ek

2. Natural textures

There has never been more of a need to connect with nature. With well-being and relaxation high on the agenda, making the most of the warmth and depth of natural, tactile textures reminiscent of nature are big interior trends at the moment.

Design tip: A textured backdrop deserves to be a focal point in its own right. Set off a natural textured backdrop with contrastingly smooth accessories and furnishings, sticking with the organic theme in terms of colour.

Feature texture

This nature-inspired bamboo texture wallpaper is intricately detailed, and does an excellent job of adding a calming dimension to a living space. Use it to adorn an entry hall, so that as soon as you arrive home, you instantly dissolve into an air of tranquillity.

Pattaya – Teak by Feathr Japanese print wallpaper
Pattaya – Teak by Feathr

3. Escapism

Current interior design trends extend beyond what’s cool right now. They’re also about what we value as individuals. For many these days, that’s a sense of freedom, and the ability to escape.

Wallpaper trends 2022 echo this thought, with mountain backdrops and forest murals playing a leading role. Adorn your home with scenes that take you on a mental journey away from the everyday, creating a point of inspiration and vision beyond your four walls.

Design tip: Mountain and forest murals work well in tranquil surroundings, such as bedrooms, sun rooms and snugs.

Feature scene

What could inspire or relax you more than a row of pine trees disappearing into the clouds? This enchanting forest with its captivating mist evokes a reflective mood. Create a bedroom backdrop or a serene snug, or use it to inspire creativity in your home office.

Carpathia - Original by La Feature Wall Murals Wallpaper trends summer 2022
Carpathia – Original by La Feature Wall Murals

4. Graphic glamour

One of the top current interior design trends is geometric, art-inspired wallpaper. For those with a leaning towards colourful and bold designs, this is the route to take if you want to craft a show-stopping interior. The great thing about this trend is that it can work for you, whether you’re all for vintage, or have more of a fondness for the contemporary.

Design tip: Keep grand and colourful geometric patterns for larger rooms, and go for more minimal hues and subtle patterns for the cosier spaces.

Feature graphic

Dynamic, angular and unstable. This is a wallpaper design that flows and falls, sparking conversation and adding a sense of liveliness to the home. Perfect for busier areas such as a kitchen or hall, the colours may be subtle, but the overall look is far from that.

Wallpaper trends 2022
Huge Geometry 3 – Soft Red by UON STUDIO

5. Modern murals

Current interior design trends are highlighting one of the most traditional decorative adornments, the mural, as one to watch.

Wall murals set a scene and add character, personality and a sense of theatre to a space. There is a huge level of versatility here, with murals ranging from forest and beach scenes, to floral backdrops and maps.

Design tip: You’ll gain best effect from a mural wall if you can achieve a fair amount of distance from which to appreciate it. Use the mural to pick out accent colours for use elsewhere in your décor scheme.

Zephyr – Night by La Feature Wall Murals wallpaper trends summer 2022
Zephyr – Night by La Feature Wall Murals

Find all the latest wallpaper trends for 2022 at Feathr

Here at Feathr, we’re on a mission to get more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, luxury modern wallpapers, wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists from across the world.

Why not use our visualizer to discover how the latest wallpaper trends 2022 could look on your very own walls? Or take a look at room design ideas for modern interiors.

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