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6 Ways to Master Maximalist Interior Design

If the maxim, ‘less is more’ has never really been your thing, then it’s likely you are more inclined towards maximalist interior design. It’s a trend that’s been gaining in popularity ever since home comfort became more of a priority in our lives, but the sad thing is that its reputation seems to be stuck in a revolving door of vocabulary of ‘messy’ and ‘cluttered’.

But this is a reputation that’s somewhat unfair. Maximalist design is all about variety. It’s about contrasting textures, colours and patterns to create an aesthetic that’s fun, exciting, and brimming with personality.

So join us as we embark upon a journey of discovery around maximalist décor, exploring trends for maximalist interiors, and stopping off for a good look at maximalist wallpaper, which is fast becoming the interior designer’s favourite when it comes to being daring with your décor.

Maximalist interior design – more is most definitely ‘more’

Fussiness is probably not the word we’re looking for here when describing the maximalist meaning. It’s more about bold colour blocking, pattern clashes, geometrics and bigger, bolder accessories. Think scale, rather than fine detail.

Maximalist interior design will bear witness to oversized light fittings hanging dramatically from shadowy ceilings. To pieces of furniture that look ever so slightly out of proportion to their surroundings. And to block colours that clash daringly rather than blend endearingly.

With all this in mind, let’s delve into the secrets of mastering the art of maximalist design.

1. Make the most of texture

Texture is one of the core aspects of maximalist fashion. Pick out textures that make you feel at home and relaxed. Textures that inspire comfort.

Soft throws, fluffy rugs, velvety cushions and plush furniture all score points here. But really, absolutely anything can add texture to a space, from plants and accessories to village and city inspired wallpaper.

Maximalist wallpaper

Wallpaper – The City of Love – Original by La Feature Wall Murals

2. Use accessories to the max

Probably one of the most common reasons people are loving maximalist design so much is that they don’t have to hide all their treasured possessions away any more. Maximalist interiors hinge on expressing your personality.

From favourite trinkets to framed photographs on side tables, to musical instruments hung on the wall and proudly won trophies on display shelves, it’s all about setting a mood. And that mood is all about you.

Maximalist wallpaper

Wallpaper – Tattoo Flash 01 – Original by Liam Sparkes

3. Make bold colour statements

Colour has to be one of the most important elements to consider when you’re looking at maximalist decorating ideas. The complete opposite to the minimalist vibe of muted neutrals, maximalist décor delights in the boldest, brightest choices.

Begin with a simple single colour base and then add vibrant accents, perhaps making use of furnishings or accessories to create pockets of colour. A cosy cerise pink chair against a deep purple wall for example, or bright orange cushions scattered across a navy blue sofa.

You can also use wallpaper to add a torrent of colour, perhaps courtesy of a feature wall with its own beautifully clashing hues, with divergent colour walls, or even a contrasting ceiling.

Maximalist interior design wallpaper

Wallpaper – A New Ornate – Violet by Beth Hudson

4. Embrace the concept of pattern

The epitome of maximalist interior design, pattern is very much alive and kicking when it comes to the latest interior design trends. Pattern wallpaper is very much in vogue. In fact, it was the biggest bathroom trend of 2021.

Any repeating pattern will work well, especially when it contrasts from one wall to another in order to create a classic maximalist pattern clash.

The fact is, in maximalist décor, anything goes. From geometric patterns to animal or floral print, it’s all about bringing your space to life. And it’s definitely not about holding back.

Maximalist decor wallpaper

Where They Belong Tropical – Duo by Florent Bodart

Maximalist wallpaper

Tattoo Flash II – Blue by Liam Sparkes

Maximalist design wallpaper

Fishes In Geometrics – Sand & Red by Florent Bodart

5. Choose ornate wallpapers

The limit is literally your imagination when it comes to picking out wallpaper for maximalist interiors. Now is your perfect opportunity to choose that standout wall covering that truly echoes your personality. And because this is maximalist interior design, you don’t even have to limit your ideas to feature walls. Oh no! This is where you get to let go, create a striking foundation, and build on it. Flamboyantly.

This vibrant graffiti street wall art features positive messages of love and hope. The ultimate statement of optimism for your home goes with any style, industrial or modern.

Maximalist wallpaper

Love Train – Original by Amber Goldhammer

This playful bird that you just can’t help but want to pet forms a fun mural, perfect for a child’s bedroom, but equally suited to a super-bold maximalist living room.

Maximalist decor wallpaper designs

Cockatoo Stripe – Pink by Outi Virtanen

The vibrancy of this maximalist wallpaper makes a statement in its own right. Perfect as a backdrop to a scattering of muted accessories, but just as effective as a contrasting wall-to-wall colour.

Maximalist wallpaper

Plato – Pink by Aoi Yoshizawa

6. Max out with fabrics

Whether it’s soft furnishings or curtains, you can achieve stunning maximalist fashion through your choice of fabrics. Coordinated with a matching wallpaper, it’s possible to create the ultimate maximalist décor by selecting bold, vibrantly hued or patterned prints that draw the eye and tell a story. Remember, a variety of textures and colours will all contribute to the maximalist vibe.

Maximalist design fabric

Kubla Khan Fabric – Rose by Feathr

Looking for ways to achieve maximalist interior design through the art of wallpaper?

Here at Feathr, we have a vision of getting more art into people’s homes courtesy of unique, luxury modern wallpapers, wall murals and fabrics created by independent artists from across the globe.

Why not use our visualizer to discover how your vision for maximalist interior design could play out within your own home?

Our excellent free design services, fast worldwide delivery, high-quality materials and top-rated customer service and commitment to protecting our environment mean you are guaranteed to be delighted with a new wallpaper from Feathr. Why not browse our wallpaper and fabrics range today?

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