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10 artworks that would make amazing cushions

14. December 2016

Designer cushions and cushion covers are that rare combination of luxury functional and decorative beauty. They can be used to help you add accents of contemporary colour and a colourful comment to a bedroom - and also help you Netflix and chill on the sofa. The right weight, size and feel is super important when it comes to creating the perfect couch nest - but let’s not over look the look. Floral, striped, patterned, funky, abstract or retro - cushions let you add funky flair without needing to commit a whole room to one look.

We are always scouting for inspiration - whether looking at the designer wallpaper we already have on our books and thinking of ways to apply it to our cushion range. Like Kiki Slaugher’s  Oh La La Cushion, originally a triptych of abstract canvases.

Or Reeta Ekk’s simply stunning English Rose Designer Cushion, based on her original artwork.


We spend far too long on art and design blogs looking for our next foray into cushions and fabrics - here's our top 10 piece of art we’d like to put our backsides on… in the best possible way.



The graffiti artist with the running paint.  Black and silver.  Such a wining modern design combination by graffiti artist Krink. Simple and Graphic.


Anthony Burrill

Known for his witty and simple graphic statements Mr Burrill has a controlled clean aesthetic that is retro and modern all at once. Both his type or graphic art would sing on an overstuffed chair cushion.



Raf Simons

We can dream, right? Raf Simons floral slice of heaven for his big set of a million flowers for his Autumn/Winter 2012 show was and is simply one of the most beautiful pieces of art created. Blues, white, green, yellow and pink petals at all in the same eye line at all times. Imagine that feeling on a designer cushion.


Roby Dwi Antono

There’s nothing wrong with weird and there’s nothing wrong with figurative. Having a designer cushion or two that are conversation pieces and mini WTF’s is a great way to add some interest to your interiors. We’d love to see Roby Dwi Antono surreal take on the world on a cushion. Maybe for some Kids?


Greg La Marche

Designer Greg La Marche is playful. Using letters forms and typography he creates bright optimistic murals that light up neighbourhoods. We love what he does on a gigantic scale and we’d love to see it applied to the smaller canvas of a series of designer cushion covers perfect to scatter - just like his take on lettering.


Sophie Green

Sophie Green is a London based photographer who has just completed a series we think would make smashing designer cushions. Imagine these close up shots of dented race cars printed on velvet cushions! Twisted metal and smudged, vivid colours would bring a simple splash of primary brightness but a level of conversation too.


Daniel Gordon

Collage is always fun. It’s a mix of the naive and the skilful that makes it feel so well balanced. Artist Daniel Gordon uses collage as his brush and makes bright bold pieces that hark to Matisse and Miro. Cool geometric and ultimately, a unusual form of luxury.


Esther Mahlangu

An 81 year old South African Ndebele artist who has turned her hand to painting modern ephemera. We love her collaboration with BMW and would love to get her on board for her authentic and beautifully bright work to brighten up a whole bedroom, couch or chair.


Ariel Schlesinger

This Isreali artist uses fire as his brush and produces imaginatively woven and burnt pieces using paper, canvas and the odd rug. We love the idea as both designer wallpaper and designer cushions.



Adam Sultan

Adam Sultan paints summer with his brush. We love the colours and strokes that take you to gardens and childhood without being pushy. A real delight and mood lifter. Taking us back to those Scandinavian moments of never ending, beautiful sunshine.

Get the look with our La Cueillette Cushion in Cocktail.


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