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15 Best street artists around the world

Whether it serves a political purpose or simply brightens up the neighbourhood, street art transforms buildings, provokes reactions and gets people talking. From towering photo-realistic figures to abstract 3D sculptures, here are 15 of the best street artists causing a stir across the globe.

NEVERCREW /// Switzerland

This Swiss duo create typically dreamlike characters in psychedelic colours, a comment on the relationship between humans and nature.

Brown Cool Graffiti Wallpaper hero image

Bordallo II /// Portugal

This street artist from Lisbon creates huge 3D murals from bits of rubbish, usually at odds with the creatures and nature he illustrates.

Pink & White Funky Graffiti Wall Mural hero image

Matt W Moore /// United States

Matt W. Moore is a multidisclipinary artist known for his geometric aerosol murals that celebrate form and colour on a massive scale.


White Minimalist Geometric Wallpaper hero image

Peeta /// Italy

Using sculptural elements and a various shading techniques, combines traditional lettering and three dimensional style to create a visual rhythm.

Cream Cream Shabby Chic Damask Wallpaper hero image

Olek /// United Kingdom

Polish-born, New York-based artist Olek creates conversational work that creates and shapes a dialogue between her art and its observers.

Blue Beautiful Distressed Damask Wallpaper hero image

Replete /// United Kingdom

This F-15 origami fighter jet is made from dollar bills and was created by the artist onto clingfilm, to look like it is hovering.

Cream & White Abstract Minimalist Stripe Wallpaper hero image

44 Flavours /// Germany

44 Flavours are a Berlin based duo who’s work takes the form of murals, posters, painting and sculpture. They cite a combination of teamwork and creative chaos as their recipe for success.


Black & Blue Abstract Graffiti Wallpaper hero image

Add your own creative chaos to your walls with 44 Flavours’ Psychedelic Pathways wallpaper.


Blu /// Italy

The anonymous street artist Blu’s work encompasses the architectural elements of whatever he is painting. His work is defined by a minimalist colour palette and strong anti-capitalist message.

Cream & White Elegant Painted Stripe Wallpaper hero image

SpY /// Spain

SpY challenges the perception of street art by using ordinary urban elements in unusual ways, to ironic effect.

Green Contemporary Abstract Bold Wallpaper hero image

Supermundane /// United Kingdom

Rob Lowe aka Supermundane is known for his distinctive use of colour, simplicity and composition. This mural at Leeds train station is 14 metres long and features transparent areas so you can see the tracks behind.

Pink & Yellow Contemporary Graphic Abstract Wallpaper hero image

Create a Supermundane mural in your own home with a feature wall decked in Super Abstract wallpaper.


P183 /// Russia

Dubbed the ‘Russian Banksy’, P183 caught the attention of the media with this terrfiying Normez Monster House.

Cream & Blue Geometric Minimalist Wallpaper hero image

Marcos Navarro /// Basque Country

Influenced by nature and urban subcultures, Marcos Navarro’s colourful mural is inspired by the Plateinae, an iconic bird of the ecologic Park Plaiaundi.

Blue Cool Tropical Jungle Wallpaper hero image

Let your imagination run wild with a case of jungle fever from our Persecution wallpaper.


ROA /// Belgium

This Belgian street artist is known for his distinctive illustrations of local wildlife. He typically uses a limited colour pallette, but the image below is of a collaboration with Argentine street artist Ever.

Red & White Abstract Forest Wall Mural hero image

Agostino Iacurci /// Russia

This giant piece of contemporary street art is by Italian artist Agostino Iacurci in his signature style of synthetic forms and bright, block colours.

Black Embroidered Flower Wall Mural hero image

Haas & Hahn /// Brazil

Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn transformed one of the city’s impoverished favelas in the centre of Rio de Janiero with their colourful wall murals, in celebration of community and cooperation.


Grey Vintage Brooklyn Map Wall Mural hero image


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