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15 Hottest Black Wallpaper Trends

Black wallpaper probably isn’t your first thought when you’re considering revamping your home with fresh wall coverings. However, if you want to be on trend, black wall murals and wallpaper are the way to go.

Of course, dark colors don’t suit every room in your home. They won’t suit every setting. But if you’re thinking of unbroken blocks of black, think again. Black wallpaper is on trend because it can spring surprises on you.

If you’re not convinced, check out our collection of stunning black wallpaper designs here. We aim to surprise – and we think these wallpaper designs are going to do just that.


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>> See more  Bohemian stripe skull wallpaper images


This wallpaper has hidden secrets. The floral presentation is immediately obvious, yet it takes a little longer to spot the skulls hidden within.

Make no mistake, though, the skulls do nothing to make this black wallpaper design darker in another sense. The design by Magnus Gjoen is firmly rooted in the Baroque style. There is a vibrancy throughout, and even the skulls are entwined with flowers in plentiful detail.

It’s a busy design, to be sure, so it would suit a range of spaces. Hanging it on one wall – behind the bed, perhaps – would provide a beautiful focal point. Be bold and hang it in a communal room to trigger a real talking point. It’s hard to drag your eyes away… and that’s the point. What can you find in this in-depth design?

Bohemian stripe skull wallpaper



>> See more Cream black floral wallpaper mural images


If you like the idea of black wall murals yet you’re not quite bold enough to go all out, consider this Zarafa Original design. Mixing cream with black, it succeeds in toning down the design. It still involves plenty of tones of black throughout, yet it inspires by the addition of many creamy blooms.

The giant-sized flowers are relaxing and striking at once. For a black wallpaper mural, this one is hard to ignore. Jessica Wilde, the artist, has mixed cream and black in a way that brings a touch of romance into any room the wallpaper mural hangs in. Not just for the bedroom, either, thanks to that sense of relaxation it brings.

Cream black floral wallpaper mural




>> See more Jungle Bird Wallpaper  images


A popular choice from the Wallpaper + Folk brand, this black wallpaper brings the outdoors indoors. The bold black background makes the peacocks pop out – a feature that is assured thanks to the mix of pinks and blues that form their beautiful feathers.

There are branches winding their way through the design too – after all, those peacocks need somewhere to sit. This is a classic example of how a black background is the perfect backdrop to play with a smaller palette of colors. And yet the design isn’t too much. It strikes the perfect balance between dark and bright, managing to make black the key shade that makes it all work.

Black & Green Jungle Bird Wallpaper hero image




>> See more Funky graffiti pattern wallpaper images


Psychedelic Pathways II comes in several options, so who is bold enough to claim the Night version?

Created by 44flavours, the black wallpaper is perhaps the least obvious choice from the range of colorways. However, it seems to work differently from the rest of the range. Inspired by graffiti, the hand painted design offers some natural and rustic colors against the black background.

 Light and dark blue seem to invoke the sky, while the earthy browns and grays provide another aspect. It may not be the color choice you would think of, but that’s what makes this pattern work so well. Perhaps better still in black than in any other color… if you’re brave enough to be inspired by it.

Funky graffiti pattern wallpaper




>> See more Contemporary bold abstract wallpaper images


Taken from an original hand painted artwork by Aoi Yoshizawa, the bold strokes seen in this wallpaper design are at once dynamic and calming. The flow seen in the brush strokes is made bolder still by the size when hung on the wall.

While the Plato II design is available in several colors, choosing the monochrome option makes this more dramatic still. The simplicity of the design also makes it a good choice for many different locations. A bedroom or feature wall, or perhaps a backdrop to a modern kitchen. The limitations are yours to decide with this black wallpaper design.

Contemporary bold abstract wallpaper




>> See more Romantic pretty floral wallpaper images


Can romance be brought into a black wallpaper design? It can if it is the XinSong01 design, rendered in copper. Black and copper work so well together, as seen here. However, there are tints of other colors in there too, even if only occasionally and in tiny form.

Those tints add more depth to a complex design, created through the medium of collage. The giant repeating design makes a bold statement in any room and is perhaps at its best when seen in a relaxing space. Hang it in a lounge area or even an office to benefit from the cozy and laid-back feel when you need it most.

Romantic pretty floral wallpaper




>> See more Modern geometric designer wallpaper images


So far, we’ve gone through many classic and traditional designs. It begs the question – can we find a modern black wallpaper option to make a statement with?

This Keziah wallpaper in simple black and white confirms the answer is yes. There is little detail here – and that was always the aim. By using geometric shapes in a complex repeating pattern, the white lines serve to lighten the overall design.

You might initially think the expanse of black is too much, yet it is surprising how much the white shapes brighten everything and provide a talking point. It’s impossible to look at the wallpaper without having your eye follow those shapes through from one part of the room to another.


Blue & Cream Modern Geometric Designer Wallpaper hero image




>> See more Contemporary Danish design wallpaper images


Put your eyes to the test with this funky Danish wallpaper. We saw the combination of black and white in the above design, and we can see it again here. This is a different take though, with far more white involved.

If you’re looking for a bold black wallpaper design with lots of white to lighten it up, the Flow wallpaper by Casper Heijkenskjold does the trick. Its contemporary nature is obvious, but the inspiration taken from space may be less so.

That said, it is hard not to let your eye follow the curves and swirls seen on the wall in any room you choose to hang this in.

Contemporary Danish design wallpaper




>> See more Beautiful abstract cloud wallpaper images


There are many monochrome designs you can choose if you want to introduce black wallpaper into your home. This one is lighter than some, while channeling a landscape seemingly buffered by the wind.

Few would take inspiration from a coming storm, yet that is exactly what the team at Wallpaper + Folk has done here. Clouds seem to billow up from beneath, while the lighter areas are reminiscent of fluffier clouds. This moment, between the calm and the storm, is perfectly captured in this inspiring design. Perfect for any communal room or an office space, the stormy design manages to be calming more than anything else.

Beautiful abstract cloud wallpaper




>> See more Shabby chic watercolor wallpaper images


Is this wallpaper a dream come true? If you choose the concrete design, any room could receive a rustic makeover in short order.

The artist, Kiki Slaughter, is known for mixing oil and acrylics, providing the means to add depth to any artwork she creates. The concrete version of the original piece gives you a sense of how much depth is there.

A key feature of this black wallpaper is how well it works in a variety of settings. From kitchen to dining room and bedroom to home office, it would work beautiful anywhere you choose to hang it.


Shabby chic watercolor wallpaper




>> See more Romantic watercolor flower wallpaper images


Giant flowers in black and white… this monochrome design allows you to bring nature indoors in a different way. The lighter background is the ideal way to make even the blackest of flowers pop out.

Larger rooms are going to look sensational with this on the walls. Yet you could equally use it as a feature wall, perhaps for a chimney breast or similar feature. This design proves that flowers need not always be rendered in glorious color.


Romantic watercolor flower wallpaper




>> See more: Embroidered Flower Wall Mural images


Of all the black wall murals you could choose, this one may just fit the bill. If it is a backdrop you are after, perhaps to go behind your bed, the woven design of the pale flowers and leaves against the black background is ideal in this piece.

A black wall mural such as this is a bold choice, yet it looks good on a small expanse of wall just as it does on a larger one. Where are you going to make your statement with this option?

Embroidered Flower Wall Mural




>> See more Beautiful butterfly stripe wallpaper images


This is another wonderful example of how black wallpaper need not be too dark for any room you’re decorating. In this case, the wallpaper uses bold black stripes to create the focal point. However, you’re then drawn in by detailed floral elements – elements that hold far more color than you might at first believe.

You’ll also see there are butterflies flitting around in this design. This juxtaposition between detailed butterflies in flight and the bold darkness of the stripes is a fascinating effect. It’s quite the bold statement to make, don’t you think?


Beautiful butterfly stripe wallpaper




>> See more Watercolor Forest Wall Mural images


If you’d like to wake up to a forest of watercolors in your bedroom, this black wallpaper design provides you with the chance to make it happen. This night-time setting is perfect to doze off to each night. Who knows what may lurk between the branches or the trunks of those trees?

The trees are presented in various tones from black through some lighter shades. Meanwhile, the lighter grays and white elements keep this design from going too dark. The black wall mural is designed for one wall or feature position such as a chimney breast. The design can afford to be bold, delivering a confident take on an inspired design.

Almost appearing as a negative, this night-based scene adds further depth with a smattering of stars in the background. You can sleep and dream of what else might be out there among the trees.


Watercolour Forest Wall Mural




>> See more Cool designer tattoo wallpaper images


How often do we see wallpaper that takes its inspiration from tattoos? If something modern and unusual is what you’re after, you can do no better than this fascinating design.

Using a black background to make the individual tattoo designs jump out, this is the perfect choice for a room where you want to make a bold statement. An occasional room, perhaps, or one with a history. Would it be a home office or the spare bedroom? You decide.

With detailed drawings taken from various popular tattoo designs, this wallpaper seems to offer something different whenever you look at it. Whoever sees this one is sure to comment on it. Indeed, while black wallpapers often spark discussions, in this case, the tattoo designs are the key attraction.


Cool designer tattoo wallpaper




For many people, black is off limits when decorating their homes. It seems to introduce nothing but darkness. Yet here we have seen there are many black wall murals and wallpapers you can use to inspire a brighter and more unusual take on your home.

Many people want to be bold when decorating their homes. You cannot get much bolder than black. Now that you’ve seen how stunning, eye-catching, and impressive these designs can be, do you feel bold enough to make a statement? It may just be one you fall in love with.

If you do, chances are you might just start a trend in your own friends and family circle. Wouldn’t that be something?



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