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20 blue sofas & chairs for your design bucket list

Blue sofas are like the sea – they just demand to be jumped in.  Whether deep luxurious velvet or summery light blue cotton, a blue sofa makes an awesome centrepiece for the living room.  And a fantastic blue sofa of course needs modern blue cushions to match.  So here’s our selection of 17 of the finest, most stunning centrepiece sofas which our blue cushions would look just perfect on.


Magic from Mahkno

Our new favourite architectural practice from Ukraine, Sergey Mahkno Architects, have just relaunched their office space.  And in one corner they have this incredible blocky blue sofa and cushion set.  We love the piping detail on the cushions – and we especially love that textured black wall.



If it sounds good, sit on it

Ploum. Say it again.  Ploum.  Isn’t that just the most ace name for a sofa?  So props to Ligne Roset for not only designing the a wonderful looking sofa, but also for landing on a name that perfectly captures the feeling of sinking into softness – the Ploum Sofa.  To complete the package, we’d recommend our Plato Cushion in Mustard.



Wearstler weaves her magic

America’s favourite designer du jour, Kelly Wearstler, delivers again with this luxe banquette sofa.  We love the fabric and the aqua blue colour, complemented by lighter cream cushions.  It’s all matched to an Art Deco style artwork, hung on the wall above.



Gild edged glory

Our first of two entries from Fendi, this is a classic sofa delivering both style and comfort.  The blue-green velvet fabric is totally on trend – and that setting is to die for.  The polished wood frames on the doors and windows look almost like copper, whilst the splash of green from the sofa, cushions and trees complements the browns beautifully.



Love the loveseat

This loveseat is the place for love – but not of the roses & choc kind.  Those deep blue colours and velvet fabrics put us in mind of something a bit more visceral. We’re thinking more a gothic, vampire kind of love.  Scary stuff – you’d need a FEATHR cushion to hide behind – X-Ray Rose Cushion in Pink & Choc would look great here (and introduce a little of the pink-choc-love vibe).



Simple pleasures

Sometimes simple is best.  A mid-century modern styled sofa.  Deep blue walls.  A copper light shade.  And then a few accent cushions to add a little colour.  Does comfort and style need anything more than that?  Maybe just the Oh La La Cushion in Sand to add some abstract art to the space.



Feminine curves from the 1950s

From the age of corsets and suspenders comes this curvaceous delight.  The Ico Parisi `Comma` sofa was a classic of the time and is still available in a range of velvet finishes.    The moment you sit on a sofa like this, you’d be transported back to the age of glamour.  The FEATHR X-Ray Rose Cushion in Grape would complement this beautifully.

Cream Contemporary Flower Pattern Wallpaper hero image


Bright blues

This room is pure POP – without totally giving up maturity and style.  The Memphis Group inspired geometrics on the wall are kept grounded by the subtle blue-grey shade of the walls.  Then that bright blue sofa and coordinated rug bring a blast of energy into the room.  If this was our sofa, we’d put a Plato Cushion in Mustard on it for a splash of colour.



Eamey, meenie, miny, moe

Where would you choose to sit in this classic yet fresh space?  On the Eames rocking chair, perfectly positioned to take advantage of the shaft of sunlight?  Or on the curved blue banquette sofa – on whose plush velvet, you can then relax with a book plucked from the shelf above.



Cuban nights

There’s such a wonderful interplay of surfaces and textures in this room – all centred around that large L-shaped deep teal sofa.  The worn paint of the walls – with just a hint of blue coming through – contrasts with the delicate polished glass and metal coffee table.  Meanwhile, the blue sofa is a rich and plush centerpiece in the fading glamour of the room.  Try one of our paint effect wallpapers to get the distressed look.



Book club blues

Book, whiskey, jazz – and that corner.   With the reading lamp gently providing the light above you and the dark walls wrapping around, you’d sink into that plush blue seat and never want to leave.



Swan lake

Great interior design is like great choreography – bringing inchoate pieces together to form something greater than the individual parts.  And this room is a ballet of wonderful furniture.  The deep blue sofas set a somber mature tone, lifted by those swan like white chairs.  Then the glass coffee table with the spreading golden leg adds a playful tone.  Take your seats, ladies and gentleman, the show is about to begin.

Designer blue sofa and cushions with white chairs


A seat fit for a bling

Blue and gold is a luxury colour combination that never ages.  But has it ever looked fresher and more modern than on this sleek single-seater velvet chair.  The sharp architectural lines of the gold frame are the perfect complement to that rich blue seat.  Just add a FEATHR cushion for ultimate comfort.



Modern minimalism

And breathe.  Maximalism may be the design trend du jour, but this space shows you can still take the deep dark colours of 2017 and apply them to a calm, Scandinavian style space.  Everything about this space shouts COSY UP – particularly the deep teal blue sofa, with its wraparound sides to hide you away.



Go decadent

Heading the green end of the aqua spectrum, this blue-green sofa is classic enough that you can hear the horsehair squeaking inside it.  But thanks to some carefully chosen furniture pieces – particularly the gold coffee tables – the sofa is lifted fair and square into the 21st century.



Time travel blues

Sometimes you just need to lean into the Georgian thing.  Maybe that comes from living in London for so many years, but after a glut of modern, minimalist living, our favourite place to hide was the rich, Georgian interiors of the Zetter Townhouse.  This blue room reminds us of that space – classic, but with a nod to modern design trends.  And once we found ourselves on that sumptuous blue sofa, there’d be no moving us.



The Fendi Casa Sloane Blue Sofa

This is an epically luxurious sofa by Fendi is a timeless classic.  The light piping adds excellent detailing to the decadent velvet, and we love how its set in a room that we imagine to be a cross between a 1960s Madison Avenue advertising office and a debauched member’s club.  Whatever it is, sign us up.



Any of these blue sofas would look incredible with our best selling blue cushions:

Baltic Sea Blue Cushion by Teija Vartiainen

Oh La La Blue Cushion by Kiki Slaughter

Nauhana Blue Cushion by Reeta Ek



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