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5 Vintage Star Wars Wallpaper Shots from the ‘80s

In a galaxy far far away, a long time ago (AKA English Suburbia, early 1980s), this vintage Star Wars wallpaper was the stuff our dreams were made of.  With the new Star Wars out today, what better time for a cheeky revisit to a time and place that design forgot.


1.  Come over to the dark (brown) side

A vintage British Vymura Star Wars wallpaper design, adds orange and brown hues to the, er, brown hues of this classic 1980s bedroom setting.

Blue Starry Planets Wallpaper Mural hero image

Image credit: Filmscore


2.  I can feel his presence

Is that just a shadow thrown by the flash?  Or is it something more? This kid’s definitely a little nervous – but perhaps that’s just because of the blue carpet clashing with the Star Wars wallpaper and bedspread.

Cream Starry Night Wall Mural hero image

Image credit: Sam Howzit


3.  These aren’t the droids you’re looking for

The chaos, the computer, the bowl haircuts, the velour striped tops and, of course, that Stars Wars wallpaper setting a destructive tone.  It could only be the early ‘80s

Brown Star Constellation Wallpaper Mural hero image.

Image Credit: Sam Howzit


4.  I only take orders from just one person – me

If this kid teamed up with his Godzilla toy, I somehow feel he could take out the whole battalion of storm troopers racing across the Star Wars wallpaper behind him.

Blue Starry Night Wall Mural hero image

Image credit: Sara


5.  I am your father

No you’re not, you’re my big brother.  Hans, Leia, Luke, Obi Wan & Chewbacca look out from the wallpaper onto this scene of brotherly love.

Blue & Cream Star Constellation Wallpaper Mural hero image


If you want a hint of the galaxy in your home (assuming vintage Star Wars wallpaper isn’t quite your thing) – then check out our designer wallpaper Space by Matias Lehmusjärvi.  Created using images taken by the Hubble telescope, it’s a modern, minimalist take on the space theme.



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