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6 Top Interior Design Trends 2023 (according to social media)

Interior design moves fast, so keeping on top of the latest interior design trends is always a challenge. Here at Feathr we decided to solve that problem in a smart way: by mining data across multiple social media platforms. This data gives us insight into which interior design styles are being searched for and shared: by cross-referencing the data, we can extrapolate which style trends will define the interiors look in the next year.

We’re excited to share this data for the first time (normally we keep it just to ourselves for creating our wallpaper collections!): we hope you find it inspiring and useful in planning your future projects. Each trend comes with inspiration images, along with recommended color palettes: feel free to use these as inspiration in your own projects, but if you’d like to republish the imagery please get in touch and ask first. 

Read on for the Top Interior Design Trends in 2023, we’ll take a look at six blockbuster trends you can’t avoid….

…and the last trend really is shocking!

Download the Top Interior Design Trends 2023 Report (PDF, 12MB)

In this trend report, we’ll show you:

The top 6 interior design trends for 2023

How fast each trend is growing

Exclusive color palettes for each trend

The top 2023 interior design trends to watch are:

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6. Sage Green interior design trend

+120% growth

Killer Colour- Sage Green

Image credits (clockwise from top left): Unsplash/Spacejoy, Unsplash/PaulinaH, Shutterstock/Jafara, Unsplash/JasonWang, Shutterstock/CreativeWonder

Increasingly, more people are either working from home or are incorporating remote working as part of their routine. This means that there is a need to create a space in their home that can provide an element of tranquility and relaxation. Fortunately, there is a way to literally mark out areas in your home to make them feel more comfortable and give you space to tune out after a difficult time.

Sage green is designed to be calming, in much the same way as therapists will often ask people to picture a forest or try forest bathing when they want someone to internally relax and block out more intrusive thoughts. Whether it’s a comfy chair in the corner of your lounge, a more relaxed bedroom or a welcoming living room, this interior design trend can be an effective way of subconsciously calming you after a stressful day.

As well as green, colour palettes in this style include clay (adding white and dark orange), charcoal (white and black) and gold (white and gold). One way to further add to this is to incorporate plants and botanical designs. The most obvious rooms that this particular style would suit would be the conservatory but equally you can incorporate this into bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens in order to provide the desired calming effect.

For decoration, the Oh La La wallpaper provides a distressed, shabby chic style. If you are going for something a bit more classical you can go with the marble effect of Malachite or the luxury floral geometric style that comes with Dacha Luxe. Examples of furniture that work well with this colour scheme can include furniture made from natural rattan or wicker furniture while accessories such as brass or copper light switches can provide an additional contrast. When looking at the options around you, it is worth considering what elements will blend to form a space that will provide warmth and comfort.

Killer Colour- Sage Green interior design trend colours

Wallpapers L-R: Oh La La Verdigris /// Malachite Moss /// Dacha Luxe Sage Gold

5. Dark Academia interior design trend

+190% growth

Dark academia interior design trend

Image credits (clockwise from top left): Unsplash/DariaKraplak, Unsplash/GiaMMarco, Unsplash/JonTyson, Unsplash/GaelleMarcel, Unsplash/JezTimms

“Dark academia” refers to a visual style that is meant to be both moody and atmospheric. The emphasis here is on an old fashioned look, not dissimilar to a kind of old fashioned study or tea room.

The reason that this particular interior design trend is considered “dark” is that it also plays on the mystery element that comes with this kind of study. Most people are aware of classic whodunit films where a detective gathers all the suspects in a room, paintings that seem to have eyes that follow people across the room and hidden passages activated by candles, books or playing a certain note on a rickety piano. This is reflected in the old fashioned furniture choices such as vintage record players, typewriters, busts of significant historical figures or imposing looking armchairs. If you want to complement this design choice then there is literally a wallpaper called The Library that incorporates a brown vintage book look.

In terms of achieving this look, there are a few colour patterns to work with. Cocoa Loco evokes a kind of richness with dark brown, a lighter brown and white. Undergrowth gives off more of a hipster vibe, combining black, dark green and red, reminiscent of classic vinyl. Finally, Midnight Oil uses an evocative combination of dark blue, lighter blue and a darker yellow.

Wallpapers such as the No Use Crying For Roses When The Forests Are Burning have a natural feel, almost like walking through a park in autumn. By contrast, A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect adds a gothic skull motif to some beautiful flowers, perfect for anyone who has a passion for Victorian gothic novels or murder mysteries.

Dark academia interior design trend colours

Wallpapers L-R: No Use Crying For Roses When Forests Are Burning Cardamom /// A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect Original /// The Library Original

4. Modernist Curves interior design trend

+220% growth

Modernist Curves interior design trend

Image credits (clockwise from top left): Shutterstock/BergDmitry, Unsplash/ChristelleBourge, Unsplash/MikeDorner, Unsplash/XieYuijeNick

If you want a change from straight lines in your home, modernist curves are an ideal alternative to switching things up. Curved arches, rounded furniture and a slightly more playful take on the minimal design principle offer something that provides a style that is different without standing out in the wrong kind of way.

This is reflected in the choices of colours. Minted provides a mix of a bold green, white and darker green. Natural blush mixes pink with white and a bit of brown, while despite the name French Green also incorporates a bit of cream and soft lilac

Wallpapers like Elevation add circles of colour with a plainer background. Angular Walk uses the minted colour scheme with shapes that resemble bladed edges, almost literally providing a focal point to the curved furniture around it. Huge Geometry has a psychedelic quality, the mix of colours and shapes adding intrigue and personality to the background of a room.

With arched doorways, recessed shelves and sweeping curves around the exterior walls, it is possible to create a style that adds interesting shapes and dimensions to your home, giving it a more unique feel than simply changing up the wallpaper and furniture. This is an interior design trend that’ll make a truly funky home!

Modernist Curves interior design trend colours

Wallpapers L-R: Elevation Sage /// Angular Walk Deco /// Huge Geometry 3 Soft Red

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3. Japandi interior design trend

+270% growth

japandi interior design trend

Image credits (L-R): Unsplash/DanielChen, Shutterstock/Followtheflow, Feathr

As the name suggests, Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandanavian design principles. What this creates is an intriguing mixture between two different perspectives on minimalism and efficiency. While people are often familiar with the idea behind a more minimalist approach to a home, they may not necessarily want somewhere that feels like a show home or a trendy office space.

On the Nordic side, you have cool metal, straight lines and basic colour schemes but there is also the cosiness that comes with a desire for warmth in the home (known as “hygge”). By contrast, the Japanese elements incorporate materials such as rattan and bamboo. Wallpapers such as Ink Blossom wall murals, Takeda cherry blossoms can add extra distinct elements, while also allowing for a little extra shabby chic with distressed wooden furniture (this also pairs well with Grattage, a form of Japandi shabby chic wallpaper.)

In terms of colours, three common palette examples include Inner Earth (dark and light brown with white), Calm Forest (Dark and light grey with white) and Natural Nude (Dark grey, light grey, white with an additional dark reddish brown). The idea is that the light colours provide the room with a calm feeling of relaxation while some additional dark contrasts prevent the look from becoming too bland.

Effectively, this trend offers the benefit of low maintenance minimalism with a little bit of added flair and personality. The less is more approach means you can still have stylish looking furniture and colour contrasts that stand out, while at the same time not making a room feel cramped or cluttered.

japandi interior design trend

Wallpapers L-R: Vigor Sand /// Takeda Snow /// Grattage Stone

2. Micro Luxury interior design trend

+320% growth

Micro luxury interior design trend

Image credits (clockwise from top left): Unsplash/AmiraAboalnaga, Unsplash/JeanPhilippeDelBerghe, Unsplash/TeveiRenvoye, Unsplash/JeanPhilippeDelBerghe, Shutterstock/izharart

The Micro Luxury interior design trend is booming: thanks to an ever increasing demand for glamorous interiors, combined with a tighter budgets. Micro Luxury means going all out glam, but in a small space like a powder room, a galley kitchen or a nursery. It can mean either fitting out a whole room, or just focusing on key elements. This mix of investment and sensible cost-saving makes it the ideal interior design trend for 2023.

One way of achieving a micro luxury interior design trend is that you focus on one particular element. This could mean a bathroom with a marble effect, gold taps or gold decorations. The approach is reflected in colour schemes such as the rich purples in Wowbergine, the yellow, dark purple and blue with Super Glam or the elegant lighter white and grey tones of Cashmere.

One way to emphasize this luxurious approach is with wallpapers like the Jupiter abstract wall mural, the blue-gold metallic Swoop Luxe or the classic gold marble approach of Capri Kintsugi. These can all provide the feel of high quality without necessarily breaking the bank in order to achieve them. It is perfectly possible to achieve this kind of look with thrift store finds if you know where to shop around!

Of course, Micro Luxury can also refer to the practical elements of a room that are more comfortable. It could be a bath that’s a little bit bigger, better quality scented candles or a hot tub for your back garden. It can mean creating a dining area in whatever space you have so that when you make a meal it feels special, regardless of whether you have guests, you are with a partner or you are on your own. Adding just a little richness and indulgence to your home can give you that little bit of comfort that can make even the toughest day feel a little bit better.

Microluxury interior design trend colours

Wallpapers L-R: Jupiter Original /// The Swoop Luxe Blue Gold /// Capri Kintsugi Original

1. Thrifting interior design trend

+550% growth


Image credits (clockwise from top left): Unsplash/LianaMikah, Unsplash/AlexandraGorn, Unsplash/IndiraTjokorda, Unsplash/StephWilson, Unsplash/JoshuaColeman

This is the big trend for 2023. And is it shocking! With people facing tighter budgets all over the world, interest in thrift interior design is the booming trend – and will continue to do so in 2023. We’d all prefer if times weren’t so tough, but making a benefit the circumstances can result in some stunning interior projects. Thrift stores are ideal for finding unusual items that can add a little spark and flair to a home. With the cost of living going up, more people are considering an approach that can allow them to put their own mark on their home’s interior décor without having to break the bank in order to do it.

Thrifting also provides a level of flexibility, allowing for you to chop and change as more elements are brought in. With a more personalised approach, it helps that the colour palette also reflects this. Citron uses a mix of white, light and dark yellows while Earth Calling utilises a darker green, white and blue. Another example is industrial, combining light blue, white and reddish brown.

To further show off your thrift store finds, the Hedgerow wallpaper adds a welcoming note of nature that provide a room with a relaxed, chilled out feel. Cherry Blossom adds an element of serene relaxation, perfect for a lounge or study area. For those who want something a little darker, Enlightened Love uses a concrete tone that can be a contrast to any wackier furniture choices.

Thrifting interior design trend colours

Wallpapers L-R: Hedgerow Saffron /// Cherry Blossom French Green /// Enlightened Love Concrete

Finding your interior design style

We hope you’ve found this guide to the Top Interior Design Trends 2023 useful. We’d love to know your trend predictions as well!

When looking at these interior design trends, it is worth considering your own approach and what personally appeals. Some people will want something simpler while others may want to shake things up with something distinct.

Each of these trends provides an opportunity for you to explore what décor is most in tune with your own particular preferences. For some people, if you have only recently owned a home it is the chance to establish what those preferences are.

In short, it is worth looking into the possibilities that each of these aesthetic variations can offer you. Whether it is a hint of luxury, an oasis of comfort in a stressful time or somewhere that has its own shape and feel you can call your own, there is something to fit a whole range of people and the desired looks they want to achieve within each broad style spectrum.

Download the Top Interior Design Trends 2023 Report (PDF, 12MB)

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