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9 artworks that’d make incredible fabrics

We believe in the power of art over decoration.  So we’ve pulled together 9 of our favourite artists and picked their pieces that we think would look stunning as fabrics.  From massive format street murals through to erotic Asian art, these artworks would look stunning on curtains, cushions or as upholstery.


Akira Ikezoe

Japanese-born Ikezoe now resides in Brooklyn, New York.  His work cleverly crosses back and forth between an Hieronymus Bosch-style dystopia and a romantic Asian-tinged aesthetic.  His art rewards time spent with it, which is why we think it’d be perfect use in interiors – imagine this on curtains or upholstery fabric.

Yellow Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

Image Credit: Akira Ikezoe


Zak Prekop

Prekop’s work is concerned with absence and scarcity – what he calls non-paintings.  Both the antithesis and bedfellow of Rothko, Prekop using scarce colours and barely discernible images to generate illusions of light and depth.  Sometimes, a room needs some subtlety to make it work – and Prekop’s art would be perfect as a fabric or wallpaper to bring both subtlety and depth.

blue & copper luxury floral geometric wallpaper hero image

Image Credit: Zak Prekop



Working together since 1999, Faile duo Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller have become famed for their multimedia practice that roves through painting, printmaking, mass culture and from high to low culture.  Suitably, their work is found from the streets of Brooklyn to installations at the New York City Ballet.  We think the visual style would look incredible as a modern fabric – for instance a set piece sofa upholstered with their work; or cushions as accents on a couch.

Art that could be fabric

Image Credit: SGM Photography


Jeff Elrod

Elrod combines handpainted and digital elements to create hybrid images of depth and colour planes.  His manipulation of images removes focal points, creating an hypnotic, immersive effect.  This is why we think his work would be ideal as a designer fabric.

blue & grey classic stripe wallpaper hero image

Image Credit: Jeff Elrod


Lucy Dodd

We’re suckers for dramatic abstract pieces – and Dodd’s work is right in our sweet spot.   Conjuring up stormy seas and night skies, Dodd uses a wide range of sundry materials, including river water, kombucha mold and fermented walnuts – creating a multiple sensory experience of smells as well as sight.  As a curtain or upholstery fabric, we think her work would look just stunning – although, we’d leave the smell with the originals.

teal tropical bamboo wallpaper hero image

Image Credit: Lucy Dodd/David Lewis



Cope2 is one of the legends of the modern urban art scene – a reputation carefully protected as he works between street, studio and corporate worlds.  Along with regular collaborations with other graffiti giants like Retna, he works with brands such as Converse and also develops designs in his studio.  But it’s on the street where the power of his free style and colour usage really comes into play, recalling his early train work.  It’s this that we’d most love to see on fabrics – a statement sofa with Cope2 on it?  Yes, please.

green leopard print wallpaper hero image

Image Credit: Cope2


Zadie Xa

Xa’s work is already fabrics, so perhaps this one is cheating a little.  Identity drives her work, partly driven by her desire to represent the aesthetics of ethnic minorities and also by her being part of the global Korean diaspora.  Originally a painter and now focusing on textiles, her work has been shown across London – from the Whitechapel Gallery to the Serpentine.  We’d love to see it shown in one more place – as a unique fabric in our home.

green butterfly floral wallpaper hero image

Image Credit: Artsy


Georgia Noble

Noble is an emerging abstract artist, building a powerful reputation for herself since graduating in 2015.  Her work recalls that of Turner and, like him, she uses her art to hint at the metaphysical and provoke thinking about the sublime.  We love her expressive and dramatic work – and it’s art that we know would look incredible on fabric.

brown & bronze metallic crane wallpaper hero image

Image Credit: Georgia Noble


Tyler Keeton Robins

We’ve been following and admiring the work of Tyler Keeton Robins for several years.  His inspiration comes from the First Nations and street culture – expressed in his iconography and graphic work.  His use of materials, from wood veneers to acrylics, is always inspiring.  This is one artist we think would bring an incredibly fresh perspective to modern fabrics.

white classic marble wall mural hero image

Image Credit: Tyler Keeton Robins


Mira Dancy

Dancy’s work has been popping up all around the art world in the last few years – and it’s instantly recognizable.  Her muscular female characters are set amongst vibrant imagery, creating tremendous impact.  Influenced by Matisse and Kirchner, her work has the Expressionist’s capacity to be both beautiful and distorted.  As artwork for designer fabrics, we think her work would be stunning.

Green & Silver Modern Stripe Wall Mural Hero Image

Image Credit: Mira Dancy

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10 Modern Artworks That’d Make Amazing Cushions

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