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A Luxury Modern Micro Home /// 20 of the Best

23 February 2017


Who says luxury has to mean grand? These innovative examples of modern architecture will inspire you to make every inch of your home matter. Including rollable, transforming spaces, floating eggs and 3D printed housing – our round up of 20 luxury modern micro homes prove that bigger doesn’t always mean better.


1 /// Nada House, Tokyo, Japan

Innovative use of light prevents this modern micro home from feeling too cramped, even though it occupies barely 36 square metres of space.

grey & brown floral geometric wallpaper hero image

2 /// Box House, Sydney, Australia

This luxury modern box house was designed by Neeson Murcutt in celebration of camping (in style).

blue & white abstract river wallpaper mural hero image

3 /// Printed Urban Cabin, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This modern micro home was 3D printed using sustainable bio-plastic by DUS Architects, to demonstrate how solutions can be made for temporary housing or disaster relief.

4 /// Lund Hagem Cabin, Norway

Nestled away in a mountainside in Norway, this mini luxury modern home designed by Norwegian studio Lund Hagem puts new meaning to the phrase ‘a room with a view’.

red butterfly floral wallpaper hero image

image source: arch daily

5 /// Rollit House, Germany

Invented by the University of Karlsruhe, this micro modern home can be transformed into different rooms of the house when rolled.

brown beautiful crane wallpaper hero image

6 /// Nido Tiny Cabin House, Finland

Designe Robin Falck’s lakeside micro cabin is just 96 square feet in size and took two weeks to build.


7 /// Single Hauz, Poland

This luxury micro home was designed by Front Architects and inspired by a billboard, intended to a single person or couple to live in.

blue geometric stripe wallpaper hero image

8 /// The Back Country Hut, Vancouver, Canada

This modern holiday home was designed by architects Studio Leckie to be flat packed and transported wherever.

Blue Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image


9 /// Tiny Cabin in the Woods  /// New York, US

This luxury modern home is the perfect place to spend a weekend away from it all.

Silver & Red Cherry Blossom Wall Mural hero image

10 /// Blob vB3, Belgium

This luxury mobile office unit was designed by design dmvA to be an extension of the modern home.


image source: architizer

11 /// Tree House, Germany

German architects BaumRaum constructed this elegant tree house to be designed for long term living in luxury.

Yellow Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

image source: design boom

12 /// Brick House, San Francisco, US

Originally a laundry boiler room, this modern brick house by Azevedo Design is now a luxury guest apartment to rent.

13 /// EcoPerch, East Sussex, UK

EcoPerch is a luxury modern home to rent, with the style and the household utilities of a ski chalet. The design of the interior maximises the indoor space, allowing for up to four people to sleep comfortably.

Teal & Grey Abstract Wallpaper Mural hero image

14 /// KODA, Estonia

Design collective Kodasema created this micro luxury home to become whatever you need it to be – a city-centre home, a summer house by the lake, a snug café, a studio, the list goes on.

15 /// Small House, Tokyo, Japan

Micro homes, or kyosho jutaku, like the one pictured, are increasingly popular in Japan, breaking the mould of urban home design and redefining modern city living.

Blue & White Watercolour Forest Wall Mural hero image

16 /// Instabunkie, Toronto, Canada

This micro, modern home features 288 sq.ft of living space and unbeatable views.

Copper Shabby Chic Wallpaper hero image

17 /// Floating Wooden Exbury Egg House, Hampshire UK

British artist and architect Stephen Turner designed this luxury wooden egg, where he himself lives, bobbing along in bliss.

Blue & Grey Japanese Floral Tree Wallpaper hero image

image source: apartment therapy

18 /// Hemmelig Ron, New York US

Studio Padron created this tiny cabin as a small luxury guest house and library to hibernate in, in winter.

19 /// Seelenkiste, Germany

By architects Matthias Prüger, Manuel Rauwolf and Ulrike Wetzel, this spirit shelter was built as a retreat to escape modern urban living.

Black & Cream Floral Wallpaper Mural hero image

20 /// Camping Pods – California, US

These futuristic pods by Andreas Zittel can be rented at a desert campsite in California. Perfect if you want to stage your own sci-fi movie.

Silver Woodland Wallpaper Mural hero image



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