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Abstract Designer Wallpaper /// The Best Of

14 February 2016


Our modern abstract designer wallpapers are found in homes, hotels and office spaces all over the world.  Here’s our pick of the 5 that have proved most popular.

Plato – A Modern Abstract Designer Wallpaper

Plato captures the energy of an artist as they work, even the gesture that they use.  Japanese artist, Aoi Yoshizawa, hand-painted the original design, and you can still see the detailing in the wallpaper – the grain of the paint and the movement of her brush across the canvas.

“Brush strokes are deceptively simple – turning them into a cohesive wallpaper is no easy task, but Aoi’s talent ensures that the chaos of the creative process has real form when expressed as wallpaper, ” writes Oliver Green, our Creative Director.

Plato Abstract Designer Wallpaper


Baltic Sea – A Modern Abstract Designer Wallpaper

Vartiainen spends her days by the Baltic Sea.  To create his piece, she used aquerelles painted onto wet paper – the result is the beauty, moods and fragility of the sea transposed into a romantic wallcovering.

Our Creative Director, Oliver Green, writes: “It transports you straight to the coast, where you’re watching a storm roll in off the sea. Seeing it hung on a room makes you realise how much drama can be brought to a space by wallpaper.”

Baltic Sea Abstract Designer Wallpaper



Neural – A Modern Abstract Designer Wallpaper

Experimental art photographer, Luke Evans, created this work – and the wonderful back story that comes with it.  Using an ultra-high resolution microscope, he captured pictures of slices of cow brain, before manipulating them digitally.

“Wallpaper is an art form and it can be subversive, it can challenge the form as well as the process. and Luke is the kind of wonderful creative talent who knows this,” writes our Creative Director, Oliver Green.  “It’s a stunningly interesting way to arrive at a luxurious finish.”

Neural Abstract Designer Wallpaper


NYE – A Modern Abstract Designer Wallpaper

Finnish designer Anna Alanko’s often experiments with gestural abstraction and natural processes. Intriguingly, the moody, abstract wash of NYE was created by tilting a canvas and allowing acrylic paints to mix together.

Our Creative Director, Oliver Green, writes “The process and the visual effect come together so well in this wallpaper, and the natural markings give a real sense of personality to NYE.”

NYE Abstract Designer Wallpaper


Machair – A Modern Abstract Designer Wallpaper

In the remotest corners of Scotland, you’ll find the Hebridean islands.  And on these there are rare grasslands known as Machair – places were wild flowers survice amongst barren landscapes.  It is these that inspired Machair.

Machair Abstract Designer Wallpaper


Check our our full range of abstract designer wallpapers here.  They start from £89 per roll, including free shipping to the UK, EU & USA.

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