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Awesome abstract wall murals: by artist Stacy Solodkin

New abstract wallpaper mural alert!

We are delighted to welcome abstract artist Stacy Solodkin to the Feathr family.  Based in Venice, California, Stacy’s creative path has seen her awarded a scholarship, forge a career with film and TV acting roles and have her artworks commissioned for public and private spaces in states spanning the whole USA.

She describes her dramatic artworks as pure self-expression.   She chooses fluid, symbiotic media that allow her to maintain a collaboration with form and flow as she creates each piece.  Whether working with acrylics, resins, a blow torch on encaustics or a heat-gun on pigmented alcohol inks, Stacy treats her creative process as a conversation between herself, her tools and the medium she’s working in.


stacy solodkin abstract artist

Pictured: Stacy Solodkin in her studio


To launch the Stacy Solodkin x Feathr collaboration, we’ve adapted six of her artworks into beautiful abstract wall murals.  All the murals are available on a range of residential and commercial wallcoverings, including textile and metallic finishes.  We look forward to working with Stacy on further designs and bringing her stunning artworks to our customers.



coral & gold abstract wall mural

Pictured: Whisper coral & gold abstact wall mural


grey & gold abstract wall mural

Pictured: Whisper grey & gold abstact wall mural


The Whisper wall mural features an organic motif with details of gold speckled across the whole wallpaper.  It comes in rich and romantic Coral colour variant, along with the subtle soft greys of the Smoke colour variant.  It’s available on a standard weighty non-woven wallcovering, or you can choose a luxury metallic substrate to really pick out the gold detailing.  Whichever option you go for, you’ll find the mural provides a stunning motif when viewed from a distance and beautiful detail when up close.  We’d recommend using this mural to create a feature wall within a bedroom, dining room or living room.   It’s also suitable for creating dramatic spaces in commercial projects such as hotels, restaurants and offices.


jade green abstract wall mural

Pictured: Infinite Paths jade green wallpaper mural

The Infinite Paths mural creates a striking oversized marbled wallpaper, with jade and viridian colours mixing into smoky blues.  This is a wonderful wall mural with which to add a luxurious texture into a room.  Choose this mural if you’re looking for a fresh take on the marbled surface trend.  It also fits well with current interior colour trends of soft greens matched to dusty pinks and dusky blues.  A beautiful wall mural with real wow factor that adds a touch of luxury into your home.



Blue watercolour wall mural

Pictured: Drift With Me blue abstract wall mural

Drift with Me is a blue abstract wallpaper mural which flows dreamily across the wall.  As its title suggests, it has a meditative and calming aesthetic, which makes it the ideal wall mural for a bedroom.  The deep blues swoop across the design, merging into soft greys as the curve of the motif reaches upwards for the sky.  As with all Feathr wall murals, we can provide custom design services for Drift with Me.  So if you’d like to see the arch of the motif moving in a different direction – to fit around a feature in your home – that can be requested.



Smoky blue watercolour wall mural

Pictured: Sacred Smoke smoky blue watercolour wall mural

Sacred Smoke is rich with texture and a subtle, shifting colour palette that moves through misty greys into smoky blues and through to deep taupes.  This is truly beautiful wallpaper that has the structure to frame a piece of furniture or feature within a room.  We love this mural for its incredible detail: alongside the softer textures of the ‘smoke bubbles’ that rise up the walls, there are also crisp edges where layers of smoke and bubbles meet one another.  The effect is such as to create a real sense of depth and make this design almost have the feel of 3d wallpaper.



Pink & blue watercolour wall mural

Pictured: First Bloom Original pink & blue abstract wall mural

Subtle grey watercolour wall mural

Pictured: First Bloom Monochrome abstract wall mural

First Bloom is a soft and romantic wall mural with the softest touch of colour billowing across the design.  In its Original colour variant, the blooms are suffused with deep pinks and cobalt blues.  In its Monochrome colourway, the soft greys provide a subtle background texture that can work flexibly in a  wide range of rooms and colour schemes.  This really is a dreamily delightful wall mural – it can be used to frame a feature within a room or to create a focal point within a larger space.  We can also offer custom colours for this design, so it can be matched to a palette within your interior project.



Blue grey abstract wallpaper mural

Pictured: Waterfall blue & grey abstract wallpaper mural

Waterfall is an incredibly dramatic abstract wall mural, full of movement and energy.  Stacy’s approaches her art as conversation between herself and her materials and Waterfall really brings that process to life.  Here you can feel the dialogue develop between the darker and lighter blues of the mural, connected by the soft greys.  Choose this mural for a strong and moody look, perhaps within a room with dark and dramatic colour palette – it would be ideal in a dining room with a dark colour palette, or in a living room that’s been designed to impress.


We look forward to seeing Stacy’s beautiful artworks in the home and projects of our customers around the world.  The Stacy Solodkin x Feathr collection starts from £43/€49/$56 per square metre – click to view the full Stacy Solodkin x Feathr wallpaper collection.




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