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Behind the Scenes: transforming homes with the Flyp Team

When FLYP meets FEATHR.  The innovative Flyp concept of home renovations  has proved to be a winning solution for those houses on the market that refuse to sell.  Their creative interior renovations quickly transform a house into a home that appeals to buyers.

The Flyp team explain why using a Feathr wallpaper is the quickest way to revamp a room from drab to fab and share their amazing room transformations


You can find out more about Flyp here

Tell us more about the Flyp concept!

Flyp helps homeowners around the UK who are trying to sell their properties by unlocking the hidden value in their homes. We achieve this by transforming tired and rundown properties into a buyer’s dream home through a smart investment on the homeowner’s behalf.

By investing our own capital and using our in-house expert teams of designers, contractors and hospitality specialists, we renovate and dress properties to create a significant uplift in their sale value at no upfront cost to the homeowner.


Beautiful abstract flower wallpaper


AFTER using  ENGLISH ROSE IN Midnight wallpaper

How does Flyp help sell properties?

We design with the buyer in mind, first and foremost, as this is the way to access the most value in the home. We create touchpoints that appeal to their lifestyle from an aesthetic point of view, while also showing the functional strengths of the home. For example, if we know a house is perfect for a young couple, we orient our renovations around changes that will appeal to them. We know young couples love an open living space, such as a combined dining and kitchen area, so we’ll create a design plan that revolves around this kind of layout, while making sure the accessories, colours, and textures are equally targeted to the young couple profile.

In fact, in a recent flyp targeted at young couples, we actually installed a Pelaton Bike in the study, as we knew the lifestyle it evoked (home exercise, work & play, hi-tech gadgets) would appeal to them greatly


Funky modern graffiti wall mural

LOVE TRAIN  wallpaper mural

What is your design process when starting a new project?

Firstly, we get to know the space we’re working with and establish who is best suited to the property and area, i.e. a young professional, or a family of five. Where others work to a client brief, we work to a buyer profile. We then look at areas where we can add the most value to the home at the lowest cost to the client. Our aim is to ensure each room is designed to how the buyer will use and experience it.

Here we begin our conceptual design development to create something that will stand out and attract the right buyer. Once we have approval from the client, we assign our contractors and begin bringing the design to life. Our flyp transformations usually take between 2-4 weeks.


Shabby chic swan wallpaper

SWAN LAKE in Gold Wallpaper

What do you find most challenging about designing a space?

Small and awkward spaces! The biggest challenge we come across is being able to cram all our needs and functionalities into a tiny space. We are now in a world where we spend the majority of our time at home, from eating, to relaxing, sleeping, exercising and now working! It is important to show our buyers a home that regardless of the size, is able to accommodate their lifestyle.

This is always a challenge, but it brings out our creativity and we love to find creative nooks to be able to accommodate this. Whether it be a desk folding out from recessed shelving or wall hanging baskets for extra storage, we will find a way!


Children's dog pattern wallpaper


AFTER using WOOF WALL wallpaper.

How much input does the client have in the design scheme?

Although we take the reins once we have made designs for a home, we always take into account client requests and concerns throughout all stages of a flyp, whether it’s from our first proposal or during the actual renovation of the property. Our favorite part is to find out their story of how they used the home and what insights they can share with us to make the transformation that much better. After all, it’s their property so we understand they’re as invested in the transformation as us.

But because we’re designing with the buyer in mind, we do our best to assure the client of the method behind our approach.


Teal grey abstract wallpaper mural

MYSTIC in Grey wallpaper mural

Is wallpaper the best way to bring maximum impact for minimum outlay in a room?

We love using wallpaper to help us write our story. From a kids bedroom, a sophisticated master suite to a small bathroom – wallpaper adds instant personality and atmosphere to a room. We love playing with different colours and textures to add depth and create an unforgettable impact.

Standing out is important if you want to generate interest from buyers, and we love feature walls because they turn heads as much at viewings, as they do in online listings.


Contemporary abstract bold wallpaper


AFTER using PLATO in Blue Smoke wallpaper.

Why have you chosen to use Feathr wallpapers in so many of your projects?

We love eye-catching designs. They help capture the attention of new and old buyers both in online listings and during viewings. We have an eclectic approach to our designs and being able to pair an artistic piece of wall art with other high-end brands gives our homes both a high-quality and beautiful look.

Plus, there’s no better way to transform a bland, blank wall than with a beautiful mural or splash of interesting colours!


Modern graffiti stripe wallpaper

GRAFFITI MARKER in Teal Wallpaper

You have chosen our designs with bold prints. How do you balance a wallpaper with a striking pattern in a room?

It’s important to create harmony in your space. By layering different pattern scales and utilising complimentary colours, this brings balance and drama to a room. Look at areas where you can improve the overall feel of the design. Introducing sinuous lines into a geometric pattern to soften the design works well, just be careful not to overdo it as the room can feel chaotic.

If working with a busy design, incorporate solid colours to let your eyes settle from the busyness and use colour theory to create harmonious colour connections. But always be adventurous with your designs, too!


Psychedelic Pathways Wallpaper

Psychedelic Pathways in Yellow and Blue Wallpaper

Your redesign projects have a quick turnaround time – do you find Feathr wallpaper easy and quick to install?

We love working with Feathr wallpaper and so do our builders! Delivery is always prompt and the high quality non-woven wallpaper makes all the difference. The ability to transform a home in 2 weeks or less is one of our key value propositions, so being able to easily install any of our design choices makes picking Feathr wallpaper that much easier.


Funky modern flamingo wallpaper

FLAMINGO CONGA  in Original Wallpaper

Do you think wallpaper in small spaces is a good idea?

Yes! Wallpaper can create whatever illusion you need. When designing a small space, it’s better to bring a repeat pattern wallpaper all the way around to create a seamless finish and make the room appear larger. We also love to use vertical stripes to make the ceiling appear higher. Alternatively, embrace your small room by using a dark, patterned wallpaper to create a cocooning and cosy effect. What makes Feathr great for this is the variety of different moods and tricks we can pull off with your wallpapers. .


Tropical Leaf wallpaper

BIRD OF PARADISE  in Blush Wallpaper

Our wallpapers have been used to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings and even cupboards doors and interiors. Do you think wallpaper can work well when installed in a non traditional area?

Absolutely!   We’re all about head turning designs and being able to either upcycle a piece of retired furniture or place a wallpaper on a unique structure in a home such as a pillar or an angled ceiling really helps to make a home stand out both online and at viewings. It’s also a fun challenge for us to see how much colour we can add to a space without using walls or floors.

It’s also great for redesigning an old piece of furniture. With trends moving towards sustainability and upcycling, wallpaper is an affordable, achievable way to create versatility and a fresh look throughout your home whether it be on ceilings, inside cupboards or to highlight structural features. .


Vintage style swimmers wallpaper

SYNCHRONIZED DIVERS in Lido Blue Wallpaper

What interior design trends do you see coming for 2021?

Stay Grounded – This year we have had to learn to love our homes and create our world within it. Focusing on our mental well being and our environment, we think we’ll see more emphasis on outside spaces and bringing the outside in. Utilising natural finishes, light woods, dried flowers, earthy tones and of course houseplants everywhere to make our homes our sanctuary.


Japanese Floral Wall Mural

SAKURA IN BLOOM  in Green Wallpaper Mural

Arts & Crafts Movement – Spending so many of our days at home with more time on our hands for DIY, we believe we’ll see a huge focus on sustainable design. Throwing back to the 19th century movement of Arts & Crafts, people are being more inspired to support small businesses with handmade pieces and upcycling existing furniture to achieve a unique shabby chic design.


Funky Flamingo tropical wallpaper


A cluttered home means a cluttered mind – Working from home looks like it will be set in stone for most in 2021 and as a result people want a clear mind to start their day. It’s important to separate your work and relaxation zones. Whether it be with artwork, colour blocking, alcoves or if you’re lucky walls, you need to make your work space work for you. We love to use subtle reds mixed with neutrals to create a perfect blend of stimulation and calm. Or deep blues to enhance creativity, with pops of yellow to lighten your day. Also, removing clutter and focusing on bold colours and statement lighting adds interest and drama to your home, without taking up the floor space..



Cool retro pattern wallpaper


AFTER using MEMPHIS BOUND wallpaper.


When FLYP design vision meets FEATHR  wallpaper – changing rooms from drab to fab! 

Thanks Flyp team for sharing your interior transformations.



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