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Best of Feature Wall Wallpaper #1

18 February 2016


A feature wall, accent wall or statement wall is great way to bring energy and vibrancy to a room.  Our unique artist-made designer wallpapers are perfect for create a talking point and feature in any modern home.  Here’s 5 of our most popular feature wall wallpapers.  Click for more.


Plato in Blue – Feature Wall Designer Wallpaper

Plato captures the drama of an artist at work. Originally hand-painted by Japanese artist, Aoi Yoshizawa, the fine detailing retains the movement of the brush and grain of the paint.

Plato Feature & Statement Wall Wallpaper


Neural in Slate – Feature Wall Designer Wallpaper

Neural was conceived by the sought-after experimental art photographer, Luke Evans. He photographed slices of cow brain tissue under a ultra-high resolution microscope, then enhanced them using film grain. A stunning marbled wallcovering that tells an intriguing story.

Neural Feature & Statement Wall Wallpaper


Paradise in Sunrise – Feature Wall Designer Wallpaper

In Paradise, renowned printmaker Peter Judson pays homage to Formalism, Modernism and the Memphis movement. An uplifting design for a feature wall or a statement room.

Paradise Feature & Statement Wall Wallpaper


Tattoo Flash 01 in Vintage – Feature Wall Designer Wallpaper

For this series of contemporary wallpapers, FEATHR.com worked with legendary tattoo artist Liam Sparkes. Known worldwide for his absurd and brutal tattoos, this is the first time he’s applied his art to wallpaper.

Tattoo Flash 01 Feature & Statement Wall Wallpaper


Super Abstract in Pastel – Feature Wall Designer Wallpaper

The work of renowned illustrator Supermundane has been exhibited around the world. Super Abstract features his signature mesmeric style of pure line and colour, available for the first time as wallpaper.

Super Abstract Feature & Statement Wall Wallpaper


Check out our full range of feature wall, statement wall and accent wall wallpapers here.

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