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Black wallpaper is one of the best accessories to spice up dull walls. Black is the ultimate color that represents luxury, elegance, tradition and prestige. This is why black wallpaper has been selected for many interior design projects, adding subtle yet impressive twists to classic luxury with a dash of edgy and contemporary flair.

Black wall coverings also can make a statement in a large-scale interior, or make an enormous impact  with subtle, sleek patterns.  A refined black wallpaper design can create muted on-trend interiors or go to the other end of the scale with an edgy design that begs to be noticed. Whatever your interior design scheme, a black feature wallpaper mural will be the star of the show in your home.



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Zarafa black wallpaper mural

Black wallpapers were originally chosen to set apart specific spaces in the living room or bedroom and to create a dramatic statement. Our Zarafa wallpaper mural creates just that wow moment.  Black, cream and white are feature colors that complement each other perfectly, creating a sense of depth and spaciousness to any space. Black and cream are even more effective when they appear in the same space in the form of a contrasting wallpaper design.

For example, black walls with white floral accents make the room feel like it’s bigger than it really is. A black wallpaper with oversize florals is not only visually striking, but it’s also a very strong contrast, which reinforces the feeling of size and expansiveness. The perfect combination of these two energetic contrasting colours will create an exciting visual effect that will have your guests and visitors looking around your home in wonder!


Cream & Black Floral Wallpaper Mural

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A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect black wallpaper

Another great way to make use of the dramatic effect of black wallpaper is to make use of rich, deep reds and silvers. Red shades work incredibly well together to accentuate the architectural detail of a room or dining room, while shades of grey works exceptionally well when paired with the lighter, airy tones of blue.

Use dark greens, and reds to achieve an ancient, vintage feel in this room of your house, where you’ll find yourself wanting to return to its cozy ambience all the time!


Black & Red Bohemian Stripe Skull Wallpaper

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Enchanted Garden black wallpaper

If you have always loved floral patterns on your walls, why not go for dark floral wallpaper? In interior designing, black is generally chosen since of its contrast and richness in creating drama. Most of all, floral or flower designs look more luminescent against a black background.

The peacock’s plumage and delicate floral blossoms have an almost luminescent quality against the dark wallpaper background. And for that very reason, black wallpaper is a favored choice of interior designer in most bedrooms.

Black & Blue Jungle Bird Wallpaper

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Psychedelic Pathways II black wallpaper

There is something about black wallpaper that just does not say “stylish” like some other colors do. And while this is true, that is not the only reason it should be used as a feature wall.

You can find black wallpaper with a high contrast level, which can bring about an impact of contrast by using a modern pattern and  simply inverting the tones of light and dark colors that are usually found in traditional designs and interior design.

Black & Blue Abstract Graffiti Wallpaper

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Plato II black wallpaper

Transform your home interior and furnishings style with a variety of black wallpaper featuring unique patterns. Incorporating a black hue to large rectangular rooms with large windows is an extremely effective method to make dramatic contrast and a bold fashion statement. Black wallpaper murals can be effectively used in a bedroom, bathroom, hallways, kitchen and other large open space areas.

Black wallpaper can also be used in rooms which are naturally dark or have heavy drapery. This design of wallpaper with its bold brushstrokes is also ideal for small rooms in which there is a low ceiling, or where you want to maintain the natural light flow. The abstract pattern of dark brushstrokes are punctuated by white giving it a lighter touch.  Black wallpaper can give dramatic impact to small rooms, where contrasting colours can be introduced with great success,  such as in a powder room. 


Black & White Contemporary Bold Abstract Wallpaper

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XinSong01 black wallpaper

Black wallpaper ideas are plentiful, with hundreds of different patterns, styles, shapes and colours to choose from. You can create dramatic effects with simple patterns, and feature intricate multi-coloured designs with lots of vertical lines and straight horizontal stripes.

Black wallpaper features almost infinite textures, including soft greens, blacks, ochres, browns, blues, blacks, grey and other earthy hues. Black wallpaper murals will look great in all sorts of homes. Black wallpapers feature simple but striking images, which can give a room a statement  contemporary look.


Brown Romantic Pretty Floral Wallpaper

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Keziah Night black wallpaper

Black wallpaper in the bedroom is always a great way to spice up the room and give it some personality. There are endless options for decorating bedrooms using this theme. Here are some ideas for murals that will give a bedroom a dark, mysterious touch. This geometric feature wallpaper can be used to cover all the walls or just a small panel of this design, such as behind a headboard can be just as impactful. 

A black and white geometric wallpaper such as this look is great when you have dark walls and you want to bring some contrasting color and pattern to the room. This combination of black and white wallpaper looks great when used with an interior painting colour scheme to complement.


Black & White Modern Geometric Designer Wallpaper 

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The Oasis black wallpaper mural

For a more relaxing subtle feel in a living room or bedroom, consider using a muted white and grey background which perfectly blends the drama of a dark wallpaper mural with touches of light.

The Oasis in Monochrome wallpaper mural is a statement scene of desert plants with mountains spanning the horizon. The monochrome black and white colors featured in this wallpaper mural are a great way to get that sophisticated, yet inviting statement wallpaper in a living room or kitchen without being too loud and gaudy.


Black & White Beautiful Mountain Wallpaper Mural 

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Flow black wallpaper

Transform your house style and interior decor with this variety of black wallpaper. The lighter the color, greater the impact, black is an exceptional choice for all your wall decoration needs. Adding a black shade to large rooms with large windows is an extremely effective technique to make dramatic contrast and bold style in your room. If you are thinking about renovating your house to make a modern, stylish appearance then try black as the wall color for your drawing room.

A contemporary design wallpaper is a great a black wall paper pattern. This pattern can be used to make dramatic effect in your drawing room. Always choose an exciting design that will add glamour to your drawing room. Try this gorgeous abstract pattern to bring in some fresh black and white details into your home.


Black & White Contemporary Danish Design Wallpaper 

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Shape of Wind black wallpaper

Black and White abstract wallpaper is the perfect tasteful yet relaxing feature wall, ideal to decorate your bedroom. Wallcoverings with black and white abstract designs are ideal for bedroom interiors. You can use a feature wall to display your children’s photos or a prehaps  display a complimentary statement wall art.

This pattern is also great as guest room wall decor. An abstract pattern wallpaper is a good way to add an interesting statement to dull walls. When you are done with your wallpaper, you will have created a new look for your home!

Black & White Beautiful Abstract Cloud Wallpaper 

>> See more Shape Of The Wind Black & White Beautiful Abstract Cloud Wallpaper images


Dreamboat black wall mural

If you are looking for some interesting and an exclusive look for your home, try this shabby chic abstract  black wallpaper mural as a great option for a contemporary living room and den.  It combines contemporary abstract design with the elegance and charm of mottled black tones.

When you use black as the primary color in your wall designs, you can add more mystery to the space by bringing in some accent pieces, such as accent tables and contemporary lighting fixtures. This will create a beautiful effect and create a feel of mystery and intrigue to your space, but you don’t have to go with just dark black, try the lighter grey black tones that you see here.


Grey Shabby Chic Watercolor Wall Mural

>> See more Dreamboat Grey Shabby Chic Watercolor Wall Mural images


Love in Provence black wallpaper

If you desire to explore something different and unique, consider a romantic floral patterned black wallpaper.  The dark colors of black can give any room character and interest. A black and white oversize floral wallpaper is a wonderful option to pair with contemporary art furniture, accent lamps, metal wall decor, and other dark interior design features. 

For a contemporary yet romantic look in your bedroom  room, try combining this modern black floral wallpaper on the walls with contemporary artwork and floor coverings. You may want to consider an art feature that features other oversize floral images. A rug made from black wool with a modern vase full of white flowers on the center table of the dining room would be another unusual and chic feature that will add a little sophistication to your room.


Black & White Romantic Watercolour Flower Wallpaper

>> See more Love In Provence Black & White Romantic Watercolour Flower Wallpaper images


Woven blossoms black wallpaper mural 

Black wallpapers are not just an alternative for design schemes that are restricted for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, black wallpaper can also add a touch of style and sophistication to the kitchen. A black kitchen wall mural may work well in the dining room or even a bathroom if you want a modern floral look. Romantic flower designs are very popular because they are very unique and will stand out from the rest of your room’s wall art.

If you are looking for an easy way to update your bedroom’s interior design, you may want to consider adding this black wallpaper to your walls. It will surely add an elegant touch to your bedroom and will surely make it stand out from all of the other bedrooms in the house. 


Black Embroidered Flower Wall Mural

>> See more Woven Blossoms Black Embroidered Flower Wall Mural images


Le Papillon black wallpaper

If you are not using black wallpaper on your bedroom wall, there is a chance that you are missing out on something beautiful and interesting. Black striped wallpaper has advantages over other patterns as it makes a bedroom design wall more interesting and appear larger.

These days, most people choose black wallpaper because it gives the bedroom a cool feel and keeps the room minimalist. In addition to making the room interesting, black wallpaper can actually help you improve the functionality of your bedroom. If you use floral and stripes wallpaper on your bedroom feature wall, you will not only add color and life to the room but you will also improve the sense of  space.


Black & White Beautiful Butterfly Stripe Wallpaper

>> See more Le Papillon Black & White Beautiful Butterfly Stripe Wallpaper images


Zephyr black wallpaper mural

If you want to add some beautiful natural beauty to your home or office, you can choose a dark wallpaper mural. Wallpaper murals are great decorative items for enhancing the architectural details of a building. These wallpapers not only have an artistic appeal but also can help to reflect the mood of the people staying in that particular room. Dark wallpaper murals make the interiors look lively and attractive.

When creating a striking interior design scheme, black is generally preferred due to its richness and brilliance in creating contrast meaning a dark feature wallpaper is very popular nowadays. The striking features of this wallpaper with its atmospheric tree and nature scene combines beautiful black and silver grey tones. 


Black & White Watercolour Forest Wall Mural

>> See more Zephyr Black & White Watercolour Forest Wall Mural images


Tattoo Flash 01 black wallpaper

Transform your home and interior design decor with this contemporary black wallpaper in a modern tattoo style. Black and white wallpaper works as a wonderful contrast to feature heavy, dark or even bright artwork and furniture in the rooms. Adding a black tone wallpaper to large rooms with wide windows is an effective way to make bold visual contrast and create a very distinctive style. 

The contemporary style of this black and white wallpaper features clean lines that will complement the contemporary  look of modern home styles. Black and white wallpaper along with some contemporary accessories can make this a stylish theme for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms. 


Black Cool Designer Tattoo Wallpaper

>> See more Tattoo Flash 01 Black Cool Designer Tattoo Wallpaper images


Cloudy Day black wallpaper

Deepen and enhance the appearance of your interiors with an eye-catching and bold black wallpaper covering. Black is ideal for creating dramatic contrast and highlighting the true color of the interior decorative pieces.

Darker black tones provide a classic look to bedrooms and kitchens while softer shades enhance the appearance of the bathroom and hallways. The dark background combined with the white linear stripes are accentuated by the delicately perched minimalistic birds.  


Black Minimalist Stylish Bird Wallpaper

>> See more Cloudy Day Black Minimalist Stylish Bird Wallpaper images


Paradise black wallpaper

Of course, you don’t have to stick with black on black wallpaper. Some people love the look of bold black patterns on white background.  Paradise in Monochrome wallpaper is such a design – with its feature bold deco pattern in contrasting black and white colours. 

It’s such a strong design and makes such a fantastic impact in any room. When you choose this wallpaper, select accessories in your room that will complement this pattern allowing the wallpaper to make the statement. 


Black & White Bright Graphic Deco Wallpaper

>> See more Paradise Black & White Bright Graphic Deco Wallpaper images


Lost in Goa black wallpaper 

Black and white wallpaper are some of the most unique and popular designs on the market today. From bright white to light greys, black and white wallpaper can create a dramatic effect in almost any room. From grandiose floral prints to modern geometric designs, black and white designs have everything a homeowner could hope for in a wallpaper mural.

With such a wide range of color choices available, homeowners are left free to truly find the perfect piece for their home. In addition to the vibrant colors often associated with black and white backgrounds, these designs also have a timeless quality that helps them stand the test of time. Lost in Goa combines the muted black and white and grey colors with a statement jungle pattern for maximum impact. 


Black & White Statement Jungle Wallpaper Mural

>> See more Lost in Goa Black & White Statement Jungle Wallpaper Mural images


Neural black wallpaper

Black wallpaper is a popular choice for use in the design process of many homes. There are many black and silver tones to choose from to complement your existing home hardware and decors. When choosing black wallpaper, there are several different types to choose from.

Black is excellent for creating dramatic contrast and emphasizing the truest color of your interior interiors. Black wallpaper looks striking whether in floral, striped or abstract pattern. Neural in Onyx wallpaper features  black and silver abstract marble pattern, perfect for creating a statement feature wall in a bedroom or living room. 


Black Stylish Designer Marble Wallpaper

>> See more Neural Black Stylish Designer Marble Wallpaper images


Bai black wallpaper

A black wallpaper mural is currently one of the hottest decorating trends. And it can be the perfect interior design choice for your bedroom, dining room, office spaces, playroom, kitchen and bathrooms! In fact, black wallpaper is probably the most versatile yet contemporary accent wallcovering you could put up. So what’s stopping you from putting up one now?

If you’ve decided to get a black wallpaper mural in your home, choose from a multitude of design styles. Bai in Monochrome wallpaper has modern geometric black and white design with an intricate triangle motif.  A black and white pattern wallpaper mural on your dining or kitchen wall would be perfect for either a back or a front wall. The black and white color palette is elegant and sophisticated. Your guests will love the sleek, modern look wherever you hang it in your home!


White & Black Statement Geometric Triangle Wallpaper

>> See more Bai White & Black Statement Geometric Triangle Wallpaper images


Victory over Ignorance black wallpaper

A black and red floral wallpaper on your kitchen or dining room wall would make a stunning feature wall. The black and red color contrast is so incredibly dramatic. Combining the  juxtaposition of red linear stripes and floral motifs, this wallpaper makes a statement. It can sit perfectly in a dramatic yet feminine bedroom decor, yet it can also  set the stage for a very masculine room.

Another idea that you might want to consider is this stunning black and red wallpaper to create a feeling of mystery for your living space. Do you have a desk or cupboard that has drawers and surfaces that seem to be blank? Instead of just leaving them blank, why not use our black pattern wallpaper to create a stunning feature? 


Black & Red Floral Stripe Wallpaper

>> See more Victory Over Ignorance Black & Red Floral Stripe Wallpaper images


Kubla Khan black wallpaper

Kubla Khan wallpaper in Night is the perfect blend of a dark pattern wallpaper with a delicate floral Chinoiserie elegance. Dark wallpaper in a bedroom creates a wonderful romantic ambiance.

Yet the dark background intense color of this wallpaper is softened by the delicate flower pattern that dominates  the foreground. A dark wallpaper mural on the walls of your bedroom will create a very rich and dramatic atmosphere. The contrast between the dark pattern and elegant Chinoiserie flowers is simply mind blowing.


Blue Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper

>> See more Kubla Khan Blue Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper images


Amazonia black wallpaper mural

Wall murals are an incredible way to enhance any room in your home. There is something about black on white that just If you feel that a solid black wallpaper mural is just too much and you do not want your room being dominated, try a black and white tropical pattern wallpaper on a single wall. You can then tie in your wallpaper mural to the accessories and accents in your room.

There are now so many different kinds of black wallpaper out there that you should have no trouble finding one that fits your taste. The texture and look will be entirely up to you. This wallpaper mural is a beautiful tropical jungle scene showcased in elegant black and white.  Whatever kind of black pattern wallpaper you choose, you can be sure that the results will be spectacular.


Black & White Beautiful Wallpaper Mural

>> See more Amazonia Black & White Beautiful Wallpaper Mural images


Midnight Gathering black wallpaper

To deepen and brighten the appearance of your interiors choose wallpaper flower power with Midnight Gathering in Shadow.  This stunning dark flower wallpaper is punctuated by elegant peacocks in jade green. Black is ideal for generating contrasting light to highlight the real tone of your interior. 

Hanging this dark pattern wallpaper is a quick way to transform  your home with a look of elegance and luxury. A black wallpaper feature wall  is perfect to decorate the interiors of bedrooms and living rooms in an enchanting way. It gives a dramatic effect to the room and gives a classy look to the surroundings. Using black walls in bedrooms and living rooms will make them look larger. When you have black walls in your bedroom, your mind will be trained to drift away from depressing thoughts and it will become a place of sheer comfort where you can rest peacefully after a tiring day. 


Black & Blue Jungle Bird Wallpaper 

>> See more Midnight Gathering Black & Blue Jungle Bird Wallpaper images


Ocean spray black wallpaper

Deepen and darken the appearance of your interiors with an eye-catching black wallpaper mural. The abstract wave pattern of our Ocean Spray black wallpaper will bring life to the dull walls of any room. Black is good for making contrast and highlighting the actual shade of your interiors. It will thus make your rooms look grand and impressive.

If you are in search of a dark wallpaper that is both classy and contemporary, you should choose  abstract art wallpaper patterns. Abstract black wallpaper designs will go well with modernistic themes and are very elegant. Your choice of black wallpaper pattern should therefore be based on your personal preferences. The elegant waves in this black and grey wallpaper mural soothe as they undulate across the design.


Blue & White Japanese Wave Wallpaper

>> See more Ocean Spray Blue & White Japanese Wave Wallpaper images


Baltic Sea black wallpaper

If you like black and silver interiors, you could choose an abstract wallpaper pattern which blends the two colors together in an eye catching pattern. This design will help you add a chic touch to your interior. Abstract black and silver wallpapers are eye-catching because black and silver tend to create an illusion of depth and space to a room. Baltic Sea in Cool Grey has a gentle watercolor paint effect that dominates this abstract wallpaper design. Oversize black and grey swirls undulate across the mural in striking yet relaxing pattern. 


Grey Beautiful Watercolour Abstract Wallpaper

>> See more Baltic Sea Grey Beautiful Watercolour Abstract Wallpaper images


Victoriana Flora black wallpaper

If you are looking for black wallpapers that have a vintage feel, Victoriana Flora is a stunning design that combines the elegance of a vintage damask pattern with a black and white colors. The Victorian era is one such period that you can easily draw inspiration from. 

Pattern wallpapers in damask and brocade motifs often combine with either rich colors or classic black and white monochrome schemes. This classic pattern wallpaper is the perfect statement design for a bold bedroom interior.


Black & White Vintage Damask Wallpaper

>> See more Victoriana Flora Black & White Vintage Damask Wallpaper images


Botanics IV black wallpaper mural

Dark flower patterns are definitely the latest trend in wallpapers and interior decorating, and it’s easy to see why. While many people will go with the traditional floral pattern with lighter colors, here is a fun twist on the theme that can be just as beautiful: white and pastel flowers on a dark background.

If you like flowers and want black to fit in with your dramatic interior design scheme, this wallpaper mural pattern is perfect for you. It works in any room of your house and anywhere you want to bring in a dark color tone. The black wallpaper background emphasises and pushes forward the gorgeous floral bouquet, featuring flowers in delicate white and soft pastel colors.  This wall mural can sit behind your bed in your bedroom to create a bold focal point.  Or you could decorate your living space with this dark flower wallpaper for a cosy yet dramatic atmosphere.


Black Flower Bouquet Wall Mural

>> See more Botanic IV Black Flower Bouquet Wall Mural images


Bloom Garden Black wallpaper

When you want to make your home look classy and impressive, you can easily achieve so by choosing a dark flower wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of the most popular interior design accessories and can transform your room into a wonderful space quickly and easily.

This type of floral wallpaper decoration can also be used in offices and restaurants, because it creates an atmosphere that is inviting and comfortable. For bedroom decor, install a flower pattern wallpaper that has a black background to bring the drama. Bloom Garden features elegant rose flowers in red and yellow that  pop against the dark wallpaper background. Dark flower wallpapers never fail to brighten up any room in which they are installed.


Black & Red Shabby Chic Floral Wallpaper

>> See more Bloom Garden Black & Red Shabby Chic Floral Wallpaper images


Super Abstract black wallpaper

Super Abstract in Black wallpaper has a hypnotic blend of geometric patterns which are accentuated by the color scheme of black and gold. Black geometric wallpaper is recognised as a one of the latest on trend wall decors. The black and gold color scheme is a really popular choice for spaces such as dining rooms and bedrooms to add a touch of luxe to a living space. Choose this dark wallpaper and tie it into the rest of your room by adding gold accents in the soft furnishing and decorative touches . Although black and gold geometrics designs are a contemporary style, perfect for the modern decor of homes, there they can also bring a hint of classic Art Deco glamor.


Black & Yellow Contemporary Graphic Abstract Wallpaper

>> See more Super Abstract Black & Yellow Contemporary Graphic Abstract Wallpaper images


Crystallise black wallpaper

If you are looking for a cool and unique way to decorate your home, you should consider putting up a black wallpaper mural. Black wallpaper is extremely popular because it blends in extremely well with almost any color scheme, which makes it a great choice for a contemporary interior  design scheme.

This green and black geometric wallpaper mural will add a touch of unique style to any room in your house. The best part about this wallpaper is that it is easy to hang and will make a stunning feature wall in different rooms in your home. A black geometric wallpaper mural is enough to make a room stand out and look amazing. So find the wallpaper style that is perfect for your room and sit back and admire your stunning black wallpaper feature wall.


Green & Black Elegant Geometric Designer Wallpaper

>> See more Crystallise Green & Black Elegant Geometric Designer Wallpaper images


Machair black wallpaper

If you’re thinking about decorating, adding a black wallpaper mural to your walls can be a great way to add personality and character. Black is the color that represents the absence of light, so it will visually block out distractions from the rest of your room. When black gets too dark though, it loses some of its impact.

So add contrasting color tones. Deep black wallpaper murals can have anything from abstract to pattern to landscapes designs. Any kind of black wallpaper murals can make a beautiful statement, as black is probably considered the sexiest color around! Adding a black wallpaper mural to your walls can really dress up any room with its bold black design. Just don’t go too dark! Machair in Sepia is the ideal blend of abstract watercolour patterns in black and sepia tones.


Brown Abstract Watercolour Designer Wallpaper

>> See more Machair Brown Abstract Watercolour Designer Wallpaper images


Moody Bloom black wallpaper

This type of black wallpaper mural can have anything from intricate patterns, to delicate linear stripes, to floral blooms.  Moody Bloom showcases exuberant floral blooms in black and white. This dark floral wallpaper mural is going to stand out and grab the attention of any person that walks into the room. But choosing a dark wallpaper and going all black doesn’t mean it has to have no other colors in it. You can include small details such as a lighter stripe or artwork. Going all black doesn’t mean it has to be super dark either. Some black can be very subtle, so it’s possible to have a darker border with detailed designs or pictures.

Black & White Elegant Rose Flower Wallpaper

>> See more Moody Bloom Black and White Elegant Rose Flower wallpaper images


Smoke black wallpaper

If you want a more complex look then you may want to go for a three-dimensional black wall mural like Smoke in Monochrome. This type of black wallpaper mural can be very detailed and have the effect of layers through the black and white stripes. These types of murals are great if you want to create a 3-dimensional look and feel to your home. You can add elements of depth, light, shadow, and much more. There are many different stunning colors and styles to choose from. Just remember, these walls are going to make a statement about you and your style. So pick carefully.

Black & White Modern Statement Stripe Wallpaper

>> See more Smoke Black & White Modern Statement Stripe Wallpaper images


House of nature black wallpaper

A black wallpaper mural is one of the trendiest styles to use when decorating a room. The reason is not hard to find, black gives a room a dramatic and powerful statement. It adds a certain sleekness and sophistication that make it perfect for dramatic moods such as formal or classic. It also gives the room a feeling of mystery and perhaps even ancientness depending on the type used and the colors chosen.

Before you go out and purchase any black wallpaper mural, it’s important to think about the design first. How will it fit in with your existing color scheme? What type of wall art will enhance the current theme? Where will it best suit the current furniture pieces you have? Do you plan to display the black wallpaper in a room where you have white furniture?

Decorating a room with black wallpaper mural can be a lot of fun, and at the same time exciting! When you choose black as your wall color, you instantly change the look and feel of the room. You can create a romantic or elegant mood in a home by choosing a black wallpaper mural. Black looks great in every room of the house from your bathroom, dining room, living room to your bedroom.


 Black Kids Animal Nature Wallpaper

>> See more House of Nature Black Kids Animal Nature Wallpaper images


Focus black wallpaper

Black wallpaper is a great way to bring back an on trend decor theme to your bedroom. With a black and white wallpaper mural pattern, you can transform any room in your home easily. When you put black wallpaper on your walls, you are going to give it a unique look that will really pop against your coordinating black and white furnishings.

You could consider putting black wallpaper mural patterns up in different places, not just on the walls! Try putting a black wallpaper mural  up on the ceiling, above your headboard, on a door, or even on your night stand. Your black wallpaper mural is sure to create a dramatic effect and be a stunning feature in your bedroom.

Black & White Cool Abstract Designer Wallpaper

>> See more Focus Black & White Cool Abstract Designer Wallpaper images



Carpathia black wall mural

Carpathia is a stunning zen design, perfect to bring a relaxing ambiance to your home. Our wall murals can be customised to perfectly fit onto any wall in your home. This design could look stunning on the wall of your bathroom to take you away as you soak in a tub. Or use this misty wall mural on your kitchen wall and drift away as you cook. . It will look great in any room. If you want to change the look in a room, you will be able to easily do so with black wallpaper. Our stunning selection of dark wallpaper mural design means it is easy finding a black wallpaper mural that will work well for you and your family.

Grey Misty Forest Wall Mural

>> See more Carpathia Grey Misty Forest Wall Mural images


Wentworth black wallpaper mural

A black damask wall mural can be an eye-catcher. Gold on black seems to have a mysterious quality about it that makes it such a great paint choice for a bedroom or bathroom. You can create this type of effect with other colors as well, but black tends to work especially well. Once you’ve decided to hang a black damask wall mural in your bedroom, you’ll find that it is one of the most rewarding  projects you will undertake when decorating your personal space as the effect is instant wow!

When you have hung your black damask wall mural, it will create a stunning statement wall that will look beautiful in your home. It is a unique and personalized way to decorate your place.


>> See more Wentworth Black & Gold Distressed Damask Wall Mural images


Boudoir black wall mural

You have probably seen black and gold wallpaper murals in many different interiors: in homes, offices,  restaurants and bars. There are many different types of black and gold wallpaper mural designs to choose from. If you want your bedroom to be a beautiful, relaxing, luxurious bedroom, the Boudoir black and gold wallpaper mural is definitely a stunning choice to create a feature wall!

When selecting a black and gold wallpaper, be sure to choose a design and then incorporate the colors into your room’s theme. If you have a lot of black furniture, for instance, black and gold wallpaper would look gorgeous in your bedroom or bathroom. If you have black headboards and black end tables in your bedroom, a black and gold wallpaper mural on the wall in your master bathroom would bring the interior design scheme together. Make sure the design you select incorporates colors into your current decor. If you like black, but don’t really want black furniture, then draw out the gold color in the wallpaper pattern. 



>> See more Boudoir Black & Gold Romantic Pattern Wallpaper Mural images


Lake Champlain black wall mural

Wall murals are an incredible way to enhance any room in your home. There is something about black on white that just captivates the eye. A black and white  abstract wallpaper mural can turn your boring bedroom, bathroom, or even the smallest powder room into an amazing space. 

A black abstract wallpaper mural will accentuate your bedroom by introducing cool monochrome black and white ombre colours in a zen like abstract pattern.  This subtle yet abstract wallpaper mural works wonderfully for a boy’s room, the girls’ room, and even a guest room if you like. 

Decorating with black wallpaper murals is fun and you can mix and match the styles to create your own unique look.  Just remember that while black and white are bold statement colors, this pattern mutes the colors  with its feature abstract design.  


Black & White Subtle Abstract Wallpaper Mural

>> See more Lake Champlain Black & White Subtle Abstract Wallpaper Mural images




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