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Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Ideas // Get The Chinoiserie Wallpaper Look

Can you resist the lure of cherry blossom wallpaper? These blossoms give an opportunity to achieve the Chinoiserie wallpaper look with ease. If you’re new to the design and you’re thinking about redecorating a room or two at home, the Chinoiserie design is worth considering. It takes its inspiration from Chinese motifs and ideas, using relevant techniques to inspire a unique style.

We’ve put together some suggestions for you that bring the best Chinoiserie wallpaper techniques and designs into one convenient place. Which of these cherry blossom wallpapers can you imagine hanging in your home?


Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara


Kubla Khan cherry blossom wallpaper 

Could this be the perfect example of cherry blossom wallpaper? It certainly shows how a beautiful design can look just as appealing against a light or dark background. From the sand backdrop through to one as dark as night, with a misty alternative on offer as well, you can choose from various other background shades too.

The main color for each of the Kubla Khan Chinoiserie wallpaper designs shows how simple it is to take inspiration from cherry blossom wallpaper. The blossoms look different depending on the background color, sometimes appearing far more subtle than others. You may choose to continue the Chinoiserie style throughout the rest of the room or merely keep things simple if you wish. In every case, though, the Sakura wallpaper is the star here.

Green Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Takeda cherry blossom wallpaper mural

Now it is time to consider whether your cherry blossom wallpaper should have a bold background or something lighter that instead gives an alternative color for the blossoms themselves. This is a marvelous example of how the Sakura wallpaper really can inspire a color scheme for an entire room. By using the wallpaper shade as the inspiration, you can see how to transform a room into something special.

Lighter cream or silver backgrounds are ideal for introducing the color via the blossoms themselves. Meanwhile, the gold, rose, and teal backgrounds come in a washed-out style, giving an extra layer of rustic styling to introduce the Chinoiserie wallpaper into the room. Think about how you might be able to find complementary pieces of furniture or even soft furnishings to bring this alive even more.

Cream & Green Cherry Blossom Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/MaksymBondarchuk

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Hirosaki Chinoiserie wallpaper mural

Will it be gold or silver? Not the most likely background shades for cherry blossom wallpaper, and yet the subdued shades in this Hirosaki design are stunning indeed. Here, we meet peacocks and songbirds among the branches of the Chinoiserie wallpaper design. Can you spy cranes too? Yes, indeed… as this wallpaper mural is the perfect choice if you want something relaxing and less colorful than certain other designs.

It’s possible to introduce cherry blossom wallpaper that keeps the blossoms as just one part of that design. The Hirosaki mural does a wonderful job of making this reality. This is worth thinking about if you want more than mere blossoms finding their way across your walls. With the introduction of birds as well, you can move into an area that keeps the best Sakura wallpaper features and marries them with some marvellous wildlife too.

Silver Chinoiserie Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/ImageFlow

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Cherry Blossom Chinoiserie wallpaper 

Choose your preferred shade of blossoms in this classic wallpaper design, created by Joanna Charlotte and given the chance to shine on one of several background colors. One of the most surprising and delightful things about this cherry blossom wallpaper is its ability to shine regardless of the colors used.

From a gold background to a pure white one, there are many other shades in between these extremes. Can you find the ideal shade to bring new life to your room? Well suited for many spaces, you can hang this wallpaper in your bedroom or introduce it to a relaxed dining room space.

With so many colors to consider, you can find the perfect Sakura wallpaper presentation for you. We love the blossoms dangling from the ceiling in each case – quite a contrast with many other possibilities we have seen so far. And we have yet more to come…


Gold Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Matsumoto cherry blossom wallpaper 

Spot the birds nestled in the branches within this romantic take on Chinoiserie wallpaper. Created with the lightest of touches throughout the various color options, the Matsumoto wallpaper design would make the perfect choice for many homes of all sizes.

From a modern apartment to a years’ old house, you can introduce this beautiful cherry blossom wallpaper design to bring the natural world into your home. While many of the designs keep things light with shades including alabaster and porcelain, there is a teal option there too if you want something darker. And in each, the birds can be found with the most beautiful blossoms and leaves, with just enough detail to bring everything to life.


White & Blue Romantic Chinoiserie Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/ImageFlow

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Birds Birds Chinoiserie wallpaper 

To finish, we’ll introduce you to this stunning and exotic wallpaper featuring tropical birds and many vibrant colors for the blossoms within. This is a bold design, for sure, using a lighter background to make all the birds and blossoms pop out.

The design comes packed with detail. This is certainly one wallpaper you won’t be able to draw your eyes away from. If you’ve felt that other Chinoiserie wallpaper designs are a little too subtle for your needs, you can certainly catch everyone’s eye with this alternative. It shows how you can always find something to suit your desires, no matter how daring you want to be. With cherry blossoms taking a back seat here, there is room for plenty more exotic features to come to the forefront of the stunning design.


Grey & Green Exotic Tropical Bird Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Finding the right cherry blossom wallpaper for you

We all have different ideas of how the perfect cherry blossom wallpaper might look. A lot depends on the room we’re refreshing. Sakura wallpaper suits most rooms though, with so many ways to display ideas based on cherry blossoms of all shades and colors. All that remains is for you to think about which Chinoiserie wallpaper would add the perfect touch to your own home. Chances are, one of the above suggestions would be ideal.

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