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Chinoiserie Chic Wallpaper Murals – Get the Vintage Floral Look

9 February 2021


Have you heard the word chinoiserie before? If not, don’t worry. We are going to introduce you to this decorative style and supply inspiration on how you can bring it into your home.


The style dates to the 18th century, where creators developed chinoiserie art and creations using Chinese visual ideas for inspiration. It has a place in modern homes too. One of the best ways to introduce it is to opt for chinoiserie wallpaper, often using the famous and much-loved cherry blossoms to introduce a touch of nature.


Here we explore various wallpapers and chinoiserie wall murals you may be inspired by in your own home.




Hirosaki Gold chinoiserie wallpaper mural


>> See more Hirosaki Gold chinoiserie wallpaper mural images


This gold chinoiserie wallpaper mural certainly demands the attention. Gold may initially deter you, but you can see the warmth shining through this design. Could it change your mind about gold-inspired wallpaper, we wonder?

The cherry blossom wall mural takes in a columnal look, offering different exotic birds in the branches of the trees. The gentle swirl of branches, leaves, and blossoms all come together to create a beautiful look. The color palette works with modern and classic furnishings too, so you have real versatility here.

Gold Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural



Takeda Teal cherry blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda Teal cherry blossom wallpaper mural images


How about a teal cherry blossom wallpaper? The nature of this unusual design takes the eye across the room. The teal backdrop works beautifully, contrasting with the cherry blossoms speckled across the branches which go from left to right.

Ideal for a larger room where the full branch can be seen, this Takeda design is one of our favorites. The mix of colors works well in many settings, so you can use this to spark your creativity.

green cherry blossom wallpaper for walls



Birds Birds exotic wallpaper


>> See more Birds Birds exotic tropical bird wallpaper images


Usher this tropical exotic bird wallpaper into your home and feel as if you are living in the tropics. You can sit and gaze at the design for hours, spotting different birds living within… the hornbill, the parakeet, and perhaps a cockatoo or two!

The gray backdrop brings this one up to date, offering a stylish take on the cherry blossom wallpaper idea. You’ve also got stunning colors and shades, not just in the birds but in the plants and branches they sit among.

exotic tropical bird wallpaper



Takeda Snow cherry blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda Snow cream & white cherry blossom wallpaper mural images


Another take on the Takeda design, this one is calmer and more relaxed than our previous example. The cream and white cherry blossom wallpaper mural is eye-catching yet relaxing, offering the perfect counterpoint to gray furnishings.

This is the ideal match for modern furnishings, too, with a calming color palette that is relaxed enough for the bedroom or for a shared space. The hardest part about selecting this one is deciding which room would welcome it best. You’ll want to hang it everywhere.

grey cherry blossom wallpaper mural



Himeji cherry blossom wallpaper


>> See more Himeji shabby chic cherry blossom wallpaper images


Let’s switch things up a bit now with a shabby chic cherry blossom wallpaper. The light design and whitewashed background work beautifully with your chosen color for the blossoms themselves – teal, red, or blue. Whichever shade you pick, those blossoms stand out in just the right way.

The overall feel of this one is relaxed and laidback, offering the ideal backdrop behind a bed or a living area. In fact, the shabby chic look goes well in any room, so go all out and see where you could make a splash with this one.

shabby chic cherry blossom wallpaper



Takeda Rose Cherry Blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda Rose pink cherry blossom wall mural images


We will spoil you now with a beautiful rose take on the Takeda design that is taking our collection by storm. The pink cherry blossom wall mural is striking, indeed, yet it retains the relaxed feel seen throughout the Takeda range.

Perfect when paired with dusky pink furniture or any washed-out look you care to choose, this calming design supplies a stunning piece of wall art all on its own. No need to hang anything else when you choose this design.

pink cherry blossom designer wallpaper



Matsumoto chinoiserie wallpaper


>> See more Matsumoto romantic chinoiserie wallpaper images

This romantic chinoiserie wallpaper is perfect for the bedroom. It certainly offers a glorious mix of florals inspired by the chinoiserie idea. The featured style here is teal, but you can choose from several other shades instead if you are searching for something lighter.

There is something about this darker look that provides comfort and relaxation though. If you want to make a statement, you can certainly do it with this paper. The Matsumoto chinoiserie style looks superb whichever color you select.

dark cherry blossom chinoiserie wallpaper



Takeda gold cherry blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda gold cherry blossom wallpaper mural images

Cannot get that Takeda design out of your head? Haven’t quite found the shade for you yet? Don’t worry – this gold cherry blossom wallpaper mural might be the one you’ve been searching for.

The gold backdrop is far from garish – indeed, it is the exact opposite. It supplies a richness to the design while retaining the relaxed look that goes through the entire range of colors in the Takeda range. While pink blossoms against a gold background may not sound too appealing, this paper proves us all wrong.

Gold Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Mural



Kubla Khan chinoiserie wallpaper


>> See more Kubla Khan beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper images

This beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper is highlighted in the sand finish, but several other appealing shades are also available. This allows you to find something ideal for your bedroom or any other space you are thinking about hanging it.

The detail here is most impressive. Tiny birds sit within the branches, peacocks sit below, and detailed flowers speckle the entire artwork. And yes, this is a piece of art, removing the need to find anything else to make a statement in that same room.

beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper



Takeda jade cherry blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda  cream & green cherry blossom wall mural images

This cream and green cherry blossom wall mural takes the Takeda design in a new direction. Cream is always an excellent choice for a safe background in any room. It keeps the space light, yet the green blossoms stand out and supply many shades of that natural color.

Any shared space where you spend time relaxing would look superb with this wallpaper mural in place. Neutral furnishings work well here, with the green shades picked out in a few choice additions here and there.

grey green cherry blossom designer wallpaper



Hirosaki silver Chinoiserie wallpaper mural


>> See more Hirosaki  silver chinoiserie wall mural images

Does the thought of a silver chinoiserie wall mural appeal? Metallic wallpaper may not sound like something you’d go for, but the subtle nature of this Hirosaki design works so well. This is another design packed with birds of all kinds, with cherry blossoms contributing a more washed out tone along the way.

The subtlety of the silver is the magic that makes this chinoiserie design work. You might be surprised at how many rooms and spaces would welcome this one.

Silver Chinoiserie Wall Mural



Sakura in Bloom Japanese floral wallpaper mural


>> See more Sakura in Bloom  Japanese floral wall mural images

We suspect you have never seen a blue this dark before, yet it lifts the design in this Japanese floral wall mural. Available in a range of other colors as well, the design goes up close and supplies more detail in each blossom than you see in many other designs.

If you are going to go dark with your furnishings, this wallpaper might be the ideal one to go for. Yet it also works with lighter furnishings, modern or otherwise.


Japanese floral wall mural



Takeda silver cherry blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda  silver & red cherry blossom wall mural images

This splash of silver and red cherry blossom wall mural would captivate anyone who sees it when you have hung it in your home. Suitable for any room, this statement piece makes excellent use of silver as a background, yet without overdoing the look.

We love the different shades of red, from the darkest tones to the most washed out ones, speckling all over the branches in the design. And the branch reaches out from one side and leans over to the other, providing something unusual in a chinoiserie design.


silver luxury cherry blossom wallpaper



Ocean Spray Japanese wallpaper


>> See more Ocean Spray Japanese wave wallpaper images

How about some Japanese wave wallpaper to switch things up a bit? This might just be one of our favorites. Available in several shades, the teal design featured here is a lighter take on the design.

This is one of those chinoiserie wallpapers you can happily lose yourself in for hours. The more you look, the calmer those waves appear. Ideal for a reading corner, perhaps, or the backdrop to your master bedroom.


japanese wave wallpaper



Takeda sand cherry blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda cream & red cherry blossom wallpaper mural images

Sand and cherry blossoms? It may sound like an unusual mix, yet the cream and red cherry blossom wallpaper mural here works on so many levels. The natural sand tones behind the blossoms supply the ideal canvas for any interior design options you would like to go with.

If you are searching for statement wallpaper that boasts a strong design yet complements any furnishings you would like to go for, this could well be the one.


romatic cherry blossom wallpaper mural



Swan chinoiserie wallpaper mural


>> See more Swan blue chinoiserie wallpaper mural images

How about a blue chinoiserie wallpaper mural? Finding the ideal print or image to go with is a tough yet important choice. If you want more detail, and perhaps a suggestion of what could be among those trees and blossoms, this is the one for you.

Swans take to the lake here, where reflections sit in the lower portion of the wallpaper. Above, there are trees, and who knows what might be among those?


blue chinoiserie wallpaper mural



Takeda azure cherry blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda blue cherry blossom wallpaper mural images

And so we return to the Takeda paper for another take on a classic cherry blossom wallpaper. This time we look at an azure alternative, offering calming blue tones throughout the blossoms.

We love the lighter background here as well. It’s difficult to imagine a room where this wouldn’t feel at home. Relaxed, calming, and light, it works with all types of furnishings, no matter how modern or classic you go. Some may say this is a simple design, but the selection of Takeda wallpaper murals we have shown you proves how versatile it is as well.


blue deisgner cherry blossom wallpaper



Eastern Secret Japanese floral wallpaper


>> See more Eastern Secret Japanese floral tree wallpaper images

Next on our list of cherry blossom wall murals and papers is this charming Japanese floral tree wallpaper. Duck egg may not be the natural choice as a background for such blossoms, but here we can see just how well it works.

Indeed, in this case, the white blossoms work so well with the duck egg. Various tones of brown supply the branches as they snake across the paper. There are lighter and darker tones throughout, giving the Eastern Secret a lighter tone than some of the other designs we have looked at.

Japanese floral tree wallpaper



Takeda duck egg cherry blossom wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda duck egg cherry blossom wall mural images

How could we complete our article of recommendations for cherry blossom wall murals and papers without covering one last take on the Takeda design? Here we have the duck egg version, naturally transitioning from the last design we looked at above. In this case, the cherry blossom takes on the Takeda style of moving across your wall rather than up it.

Could the duck egg background be the best option of all? It certainly works well with the lighter cherry blossoms you see here. Lightening and brightening up a hallway would be ideal, although this one works equally well in a bedroom or any other space you can think of.


Image credit: Carol Yates Design @carol_yates_design
Image credit: Carol Yates Design @carol_yates_design



Get the cherry blossom wallpaper look in your home

Cherry blossoms in the garden are stunning, but if you cannot make that happen, the next best thing is to introduce a chinoiserie wallpaper into your home. You can see there are designs here to suit every room, too.

Create the space you desire with an Oriental touch, letting blossoms of all shades into your bedroom, lounge, or other space. Where will you let them take you today? We have papers and murals for all rooms, all preferences, all styles, and all other choices and preferences. The chinoiserie look may have peaked in the 18th century, but as you can see, it is making a comeback in the 21st century.

And we think it is about time that happened. Welcome back, chinoiserie designs.

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