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Contemporary cream wallpaper /// 10 Best

4 September 2017


Cream wallpaper used to be the go-to choice for anyone looking for background wallpaper in a room However, contemporary cream wallpapers feature unusual faux surfaces, distressed techniques and textures. Old-school elegance makes way for understated cool in this round up of 10 of the best cream designer wallpapers. Check out the cream of the crop below..


Plywood Wallpaper // Piet Hein Eek for NLXL

Plywood wallpaper by NLXL

An iconic design created by legendary designer Piet Hein Eek, this stunning wallpaper looks just like real plywood. A great backdrop to a Scandinavian style living room.

Porden Pearl Wallpaper // Designer’s Guild

Cream wallpaper by designers guild

This elegant graphic wallpaper is reminiscent of art deco designs. The simple pattern comes in two colour variants, so you can make the wallpaper as bold or subtle as you like.

Cream Chesterfield Button Back Wallpaper // Mineheart

Cream chesterfield wallpaper by mineheart

An iconic item of furniture, the luxurious padding of the chesterfield sofa is now making its way onto walls. Give your own walls the luxury treatment with this contemporary cream wallpaper.

Jaspe Stripe Wallpaper // Cole & sons

Cream wallpaper by cole and sons
This striped cream wallpaper was originally produced by hand with a random brush effect. The design has now been modernised and turned into a wide stripe design.

Misty Beach Wallpaper // Reeta Ek for FEATHR

Misty beach cream wallpaper by Reeta Ek for FEATHR

Autumn. The Baltic coast.  The sound of waves breaking on shingles drifts through a thick fog.  With a few expressive brushstrokes, artist Reeta Ek perfectly conjures up this scene in this beautiful cream wallpaper.

Tres Tintas, Mayolica Wallpaper // Rebel Walls

Cream wallpaper by rebel walls

This beautiful cream wallpaper is the result of a collaboration between the Barcelona based brand Tres Tintas and Rebel Walls. The subtle pattern and soft texture has a faded glamour to it.

X-Ray Botanics 01 Wallpaper // Hugh Turvey for FEATHR

Cream wallpaper FEATHR

A minimalistic design that examines the beauty of flowers once x-rayed. Artist Hugh Turvey’s novel approach to a floral cream wallpaper has a timeless appeal.

Beige Marble Wallpaper // Piet Hein Eek for NLXL

Marble cream wallpaper by NLXL

This stunning marble wallpaper is both luxurious and contemporary at the same time. Team with a crisp white painted room and this feature wall will be all the art you need.

Cream & Pale Gold Cork Wallpaper // Graham & Brown

cream wallpaper by graham and brown

This shimmering cream wallpaper was created from images of cork bark. The neutral colour palette is dotted with metallic highlights, just enough detail to catch the eye.

Marianas Wallpaper // Carmine Lake

Cream wallpaper by carmine lake

This contemporary wallpaper combines depth, fluidity and texture, to unusual effect. This striking design definitely challenges the notion of cream background wallpaper.

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