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Copenhagen’s 3 Days of Design: the best of Nordic Design

We’ve had a busy spring and summer of trade shows here at FEATHR.  Since April, we’ve shown our wallpaper and fabric in Seoul, New York, Los Angeles and London.  It’s always a pleasure to meet interior designers and architects face to face – there’s no better way to understand their needs (and of course to enjoy the positive vibes about our artists’ work).

But an often-overlooked benefit of trade shows is meeting other design brands – making connections and learning from their experiences.  Our top show for that so far this year was 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen.  We took part with a group of brands from Finland, ranging from furniture makers to organic farmers.

The three day event was held at the awesome Design Werck – if you’re ever in Copenhagen, we recommend getting down there.  Birgette and her team have curated a wonderful selection of Scandinavian design – and all in an idyllic location near the legendary area of Christiania.

We showed alongside some awesome Finnish design brands – both new and established – so here’s our pick of the best.



Grey Beautiful Watercolour Abstract Wallpaper hero image

Started by husband and wife team, Sanna & Tuomo, LumoKids create beautiful and cleverly conceived modern kids furniture.  All their furniture is made from natural materials, but the cool bit is the clever way they’ve created furniture that grows with your family.  Low single beds can be flipped to high beds once a child is old enough, whilst the beds are also modular – meaning you can add to them as you add to your family.



Green & White Abstract Forest Wall Mural hero image

Founded by Kati Hienonen, the Bonden collections feature beautiful fabrics and soft furnishings created around the principles of sustainability and flexibility. All materials are sourced from Finland – for instance, their leather is from Finnish elks, whilst wool comes from Finnish lambs.



Green & Cream Stag Forest Wall Mural hero image

Keep calm and garden on – that’s Plantui’s charming philosophy.  Starting with the idea that everyone deserves a garden, Plantui have created miniature Smart Gardens that can fit into every home – so everyone can have an indoor garden. With integrated lighting and feeding systems, along with slick design, Plantui looks good and does good.



Green Monet Tree Wall Mural hero image

The team at Magisso have dedicated themselves to finding smart solutions to everyday problems – and they do it with such stylish Nordic design.  Clever kitchenware is their sweet spot: cups that brew the perfect tea, cake slices that deliver a perfect slice each time, a solution for where to put the dishcloth.  Once you see a Magisso product, you always have the same reaction: “genius! Why did no one think of that before?”



Grey Vintage Rose Wall Mural hero image

Based in Northern Finland, Lovi’s products are intricately linked to the Finnish forests.  Created from Finnish birch, their 3D wooden models come flat-packed – but when slotted cleverly together, they create intricate, charming and playful pieces.



Brown Embroidered Flower Wall Mural hero image

Started as a family business almost 30 years ago, Finarte rugs combine Finnish weaving heritage with local design talent.  Using natural and upcycled materials, each piece is a hand-woven creation that brings warmth, texture and imagination to floors.


Pelago Bicycles

Cream & Pink Vintage Paris Map Wall Mural hero image

Born in Helsinki, Pelago Bicycles bring together a philosophy of alternative travel, exacting engineering standards and urban style.  Designed to be ridden in the heat of the Nordic summer as well as the ice of the winter, Pelago Bicycles are beautiful constructions designed to last: they make bikes that will still ride in 2050.  Firmitas utilitas venustas, as they say.



Cream & White Abstract Mountain Wall Mural hero image

You know that life you dream about?  The one with the farmhouse, the animals, the open air, surfing, the design products – well at Myssyfarmi, they’re doing it.  As well as running an award-winning organic farm, picking up the occasional European windsurfing championship, the Myssyfarmi team also use 100% organic Finnish wool to create a range of knitwear, from ties to scarves to awesome wool hats.


Pisa Design

Feathr Grey Abstract Cloud Wallpaper Mural design image

Founded by Satu Somero in 2003, Pisa Design combines traditional crafting methods and materials – like linen textiles  – with modern aesthetics and creative concepts (like her recycled bags).  Each piece is designed by Satu, then manufactured in Finland or the Baltic states, using natural materials like linen and flax.


Lango Home

Grey Ombre Cloud Wallpaper Mural hero image

Lango fabrics and soft furnishings – including wool blankets, linen bed linen – are inspired by the seasons of the Nordic archipelago – from the ice of the winter to the endless daylight of the summer.    Using natural materials like wool and linen, Lango products are designed to be beautiful, timeless, practical and hard-wearing: perfect for a Nordic lifestyle.


Nord T

Cream Abstract Wallpaper Mural hero image

Finland might be known as the world capital of coffee drinking, but childhood friends Nina and Mirka grew up with the love of a good brew.  With Nord T, they’ve brought this love together with a Finnish approach to ingredients and presentation.  Nord T are craft tea blends that feature natural ingredients from the Finnish forests (like Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn), funky names (Moose on the Loose, anyone) and beautifully presented packaging.


Secto Design

Blue & White Romantic Floral Blossom Wall Mural hero image

Secto lamps are stunning centerpieces: an iconic wooden lighting collection with a clear and timeless Scandinavian feel.  But underneath the beautiful form lies a story of product innovation.  First created in 1995, the classic Secto pendant light was the first wooden lampshade to appear on the market.  Using glue-laminated woods, the Secto team were able to create the unique, subtle and textured nature of Secto lamps.


Teemu Jarvi Illustrations

Grey Vintage Summer Flower Wall Mural hero image

Teemu Järvi’s award-winning illustrations and wilderness prints come from a lifelong love of nature.  Working with traditional tools such as the reed pen, he creates pieces that transport the viewer from a hectic urban lifestyle to a calmer, more natural experience.



Pink Beautiful Abstract Wallpaper hero image

Nikari are just passing their 50th birthday, but their approach to wooden design furniture is as fresh and relevant as ever.  Located in the idyllic Fiskars village, their Scandinavian pieces are made with local wood – built from a design heritage that goes back to Alvar Aalto and Kaj Franck.



Blue & Cream Shabby Chic Watercolor Wall Mural hero image

Kasperi create classic leather bags and satchels: beautifully styled, but designed to stand up to the Finnish weather.  Made only with Scandinavian leather, each back has a natural finish giving a unique and timeless texture.



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