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8 Designer Wallpaper Ideas That Look Amazing With Rattan Furniture

Are you searching for the perfect designer wallpaper that looks fabulous with rattan furniture? 

The rattan look is this year’s hottest interior design trend. Rattan is no longer considered outdated – it has once again become a firm favourite when creating a modern interior. 

As we become more aware of our environment, it’s not surprising that we are starting to look again at the natural, organic benefits of rattan furniture.  Combine this with its versatility – rattan can be stylishly incorporated into any room within your home – and it’s clear this trend is here to stay. 

Want to style your home with rattan furniture? Here’s how to match your designer wallpaper with rattan  for a fabulous interior.


Styling your home with designer wallpaper and rattan.

Rattan furniture is incredibly versatile meaning you can create a range of luxury interior design looks by simply incorporating a touch of rattan decor into your space. From an organic natural interior scheme all the way through to a glamorous statement interior, rattan can create your fashionable interior decor look for years to come. 

If you are creating a maximalist rattan look, why not style your home with an eclectic Bohemian decor by mixing a  designer wallpaper with a bold pattern, different textured fabrics and statement rattan elements.  Incorporate  wicker hanging baskets filled with trailing green plants and a rattan chair with a patterned cushion to complete the quirky Boho look. 

Or use rattan to introduce a fresh coastal vibe into your home.  The natural composition of rattan lends itself to creating the coastal look –  imagine smooth and sun bleached driftwood washed up in the beach and the long coastal grasses swaying in the breeze. Take yourself there with this stunning beach wallpaper mural complemented with an accent rattan chair –  you can almost feel that warm sea breeze on your face and the sand between your toes.

ocean beach wallpaper with rattan bed


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Rattan furniture, say hi to cherry blossom wallpaper

Rattan furniture is a return to nature.  Made from natural palm strands , the classic rattan woven look is instantly recognizable.  Often left in its natural state, the warm, earthy rattan colour palette means it can be paired beautifully with many designer wallpapers. 

Go as big or small as you feel comfortable with the rattan trend. As rattan is a natural element, you can introduce large key pieces into a room, such as a rattan chair, without it overpowering a space. Or introduce the rattan feel with small decorative elements such as a rattan planter or rattan basket as a stylish storage solution. 

 Cherry blossom wallpaper is the perfect wallpaper choice to combine with a statement rattan chair.  The earth tones of the sakura wallpaper are a stunning backdrop for the rattan furniture as the natural earth tones meld together beautifully.


green cherry blossom wallpaper with rattan sideboard
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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The key decor look – Chinoiserie wallpaper and the rattan chair

Rattan furniture comes in many forms but the key piece is the rattan chair. A rattan chair is fortunately both comfortable and stylish! But you can choose from a wide choice of rattan chair shapes.  When looking to incorporate a chair into your interior, think of its scale. Perhaps you are looking for a small backless wicker stool to use at a dressing table, that can be tucked away after use. Or rattan chairs can work perfectly in a kitchen setting as a set of high backed bar stools at a kitchen island.  

Why not choose an oversize rattan chair for the bedroom? Our stunning Chinoiserie wallpaper with its delicate tree and blossom pattern works beautifully with this statement rattan chair. The distressed wallpaper background and Chinoiserie motifs complement the rattan chair’s colour tones. Rattan furniture can combine well with neutral colours palettes, but don’t be afraid to use an accent wallpaper and add contrast detail to your bedroom.


Cream Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

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Combine trends – mix rattan with shabby chic wallpaper

We love rattan furniture for its natural feel. But why not take it to the next level with a distressed designer wallpaper to complete the organic look. Take inspiration from the rattan itself and colour match your interior to your rattan furniture. 

The textural, layered look of a shabby chic wallpaper lends itself to the rattan look – the cream and brown shabby chic wallpaper tones work perfectly with a dark rattan chair.


Cream Distressed Shabby Chic Wall Mural hero image

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Choose bamboo wallpaper and rattan to get the indoor/outdoor look

It’s true, rattan furniture is a stylish and practical choice for your garden.  But what about bringing the outdoors in with the rattan look? Choose a nature wallpaper to mimic the feel of the outdoors – why not go for bamboo leaves and oversize floral motifs – and tie the look together with rattan furniture. 

This bamboo wallpaper mural features oversize abstract bamboo leaves. Styling this mural with a rattan chair and lamp shade will create a relaxing outdoor feel in the comfort of your home.


bamboo wallpaper with rattan bed

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Style an abstract wallpaper with rattan for a statement bedroom 

Rattan furniture is not as heavy as classic hardwood furniture so naturally lends itself to a relaxing sleep space. Here you can opt for a large rattan statement piece without it dominating your room.

A rattan headboard creates a dramatic focal point against an abstract wallpaper without being too overbearing. Tie-in the bedroom look with other rattan elements  such as a small wicker basket or a rattan chair for a coordinated look. Why not complete your dreamy rattan bedroom vibe with this stunning cloud wall mural to guarantee a fantastic night’s sleep.


Pastel Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Accent your bathroom with designer wallpaper and rattan accessories

When creating a modern bathroom, introduce a few key rattan accessories rather than rattan furniture to complete the look. We can never have enough storage  – the bathroom lends itself naturally to small wicker storage elements.  Use a rattan basket to stylishly store laundry or small wicker baskets to gather together beauty products.

This stunning tropical bird wallpaper design  is perfect luxury wallpaper for a bathroom with rattan styling.  The green wallpaper background teams together with the rattan baskets to create a natural yet statement bathroom decor.


Grey & Green Exotic Tropical Bird Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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A floral meadow wallpaper matches perfectly to rattan.

With rattan furniture giving a natural look, what better way to match it to a wallpaper than by using a natural floral meadow wallpaper: such as this design by Jessica Wilde.   Titled Floral Meadow, it features cowslip and grasses set against a taupe background.  The perfect marriage of natural materials and natural aesthetics.

floral neadow wallpaper with rattan bed

Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Bringing together the rattan interior trend with designer wallpaper

Rattan furniture is making a comeback as the latest interior design trend. So whether you choose to go minimal or maximal with your rattan decor, choose a designer wallpaper to complement your rattan look and bring the wow factor into your home. Check out more of our rustic interior design ideas to go with rattan decor here.



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