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Dive into a stunning new sea-themed wallpaper collection

We are delighted to present our breathtaking new collaboration with Melissa Renee whose art manages to completely throw us in at the deep end! Leaving terra firma and taking to the water is a recurring theme for California-based artist Melissa. By using the unique technique of layering resin and pigments together she creates beautiful and evocative seascape artworks, now reimagined in a new collection of sea and ocean wallpapers.

Growing up between two worlds, she was shaped by country living in the South, and sunny days spent at the beach in Southern California.  The ocean captivated her heart, inspiring the name ‘fiery for deep blue’. Such profound work comes from her deep seated emotions – “when I think of the ocean it takes me back to childhood and some of my best memories”.

Discover the FEATHR x Melissa Renee  wallpaper collection – and read on for the artistic story behind each piece.


‘Waiting to Surface’ wallpaper mural

For Melisssa, choosing the colours of each piece is the fun part ! “I always plan out the colors I’ll use before I get started.   I pick a variety of pigments since each one reacts differently in the resin and adds their own visual flair… epoxy paste, acrylic ink, mica powder, high flow acrylic, spray paint, and at times, glitter”.  Waiting to Surface perfectly demonstrates this technique with its stunning shades of deep indigo and shimmering blue inks layered together to create a contemporary sea wallpaper mural. Hints of iridescent violet peak gives the waters extra depth.

Shop >>Waiting to Surface contemporary blue ocean wallpaper mural 


contemporary blue ocean wallpaper mural

Contemporary blue ocean wallpaper mural



‘Shadows of the Deep’ wallpaper mural

Shadows of the Deep is a breathtaking multi-layered, dimensional sea wallpaper mural.   Mellissa has created this incredibly realistic artwork using navy blue ink along with soft iridescent mica powder and white frothy pigment to capture the energy of the sea. “I’ve been asked if my works are photographs because often the images are extremely realistic looking.  To me, that’s such a compliment”.

The observer’s reaction to her art is important to Melissa – “the thing that has moved me the most is when people place their hand over their hearts, and  gasp with awe.  In that moment, I know that they’ve connected on a deep personal level”.

Shop >> Shadows of the Deep blue sea wallpaper mural 


deep blue sea wallpaper mural

Deep blue sea wallpaper mural




‘Island Life’ wallpaper mural

Melissa’s unique style and medium of resin are perfectly encapsulated in Island Life. This seascape wallpaper mural is layered with soft hues of aqua and white pigments creating a  cool-toned color palette with a hint of sparkle in the white foamy waves.

When creating a painting, she begins her process by marking out the flow she wants to emphasize onto a board.  Working with a two-part epoxy, her color palette is created by mixing various inks, pastes, micas, and powdered pigments. The varying weights of the pigments interact differently causing some to sink to the bottom and others to float to the top. A torch and heat gun are used to manipulate and move the resin around the board.  Each piece requires multiple layers of resin to achieve such depth and dimension.

Shop >> Island Life  ocean beach wallpaper mural 


Ocean beach wallpaper mural




‘Catch me in the Caymans’ wallpaper mural

Melissa’s artist style has evolved with time. Originally more driven by the technical aspects of working in resin, her focus has now shifted to  allow the creative force behind each piece develop. “I’m exploring different types of pigments, mica powders, and inks, and how they can be manipulated to create different effects.

I’m also adding more depth and dimension by applying multiple layers of resin”. This is beautifully demonstrated in Catch me in the Caymans – caribbean blue and  silver metallic pigments layered with  turquoise and Aruba blue mica powders come together to create soft washes of translucent waves.

Shop >> Catch me in the Caymans  abstract sea wallpaper mural 


Abstract sea wallpaper mural


Abstract sea wallpaper mural


‘Blue Lagoon’ wallpaper mural

How can an artist that works with resin – a notoriously  messy medium and produce such serene, flawless art?  Melissa says “it all starts with a clean, well-organized, well-ventilated work space and an environment with minimal dust in the air.  Resin can be super messy if not careful!”  Once you have your work environment sorted, the creative process can begin and piece like the modern, glossy Blue Lagoon emerges.

Music helps Melissa’s creative process too – “I love to listen to music while creating. Whether it’s Electronic Dance Music or Spanish guitar, it helps to set the mood. I love EDM… Calvin Harris is where it’s at!!  I find myself listening to The Gipsy Kings a lot too. Their music gets me fired up”

Shop >> Blue Lagoon  contemporary blue sea wallpaper mural


Contemporary blue sea wallpaper mural

Contemporary blue sea wallpaper mural


‘Blue Hawaiian’ wallpaper mural

Every artist has their must-have tool.  For Melissa that one-thing-I-can’t-live-without is her heat gun. “It’s what I use to paint with.  It helps warm up the resin making it more malleable which gives me the ability to manipulate it around on the wood panel”.

Blue Hawaiian was painted onto such a wood panel and then  layered with turquoise mica, jewel toned inks, and deep green pigments.  The end result is this fabulous contemporary, ocean inspired wallpaper.

Shop >> Blue Hawaiian modern ocean wallpaper mural wallpaper



Modern ocean wallpaper mural

Modern ocean wallpaper mural



‘Arctic Adventure’ wallpaper mural

Having created such a deeply personal collection, does Melissa see herself directly represented in her art? “Yes, my bold, vibrant, colorful personality is expressed in my work.” This is perfectly illustrated in Arctic Adventure with its richly pigmented seascape wallpaper mural  layered with hues of indigo and aquamarine pigments. The depth and movement created to draw us deeper into the waves.

Shop >> Arctic Adventure blue arctic wallpaper mural


Beautiful blue arctic wallpaper mural

Beautiful blue arctic wallpaper mural


And probably the hardest question an artist has to answer? How do you know when a painting is done? For Melissa it is a totally intuitive decision.  “I find myself stepping back and looking at each piece from different perspectives before I decide.  Sometimes what was intended to be the top of a painting ends up being the bottom.  This happens quite a bit and I’ve often referred to myself as the “upside down” artist!”.

Team Feathr thinks whichever way round Melissa Renee decided her art should go , we are going to just love it!  This captivating collection of seascapes brings a fantastic fresh perspective to the Feathr collective.

Click to view this stunning new collection of beach and  sea wallpaper murals.

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