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New! Exotic wallpapers from artist Karina Eibatova

Introducing our latest Feathr collaboration with internationally renowned watercolor painter, illustrator and  muralist Karina Eibatova. We are thrilled to be working with Karina whose artwork brings an exciting and fresh new take on the natural world with designs ranging from stunning abstract pieces to exotic tropical wallpapers. Born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, she received her education from various respected art institutions. Describing herself as a nomad, her travels have inspired her art.

Her work frequently portrays natural objects and phenomena, such as minerals and animals, as well as scenes depicting the universe. Her versatility as an artist is demonstrated in her skillful depictions of both surrealist explorations alongside more traditional ideas.  Combined with the many different mediums used to express her work, including calligraphy and typography, she has created for us eight fabulous designs which encapsulate her aesthetic perfectly .

Discover the FEATHR x Karina Eibatova exotic wallpaper collection – and read on for the artistic story behind each piece.


‘Warm Jungle World’ wallpaper

Jungles are the most popular theme in Karina’s work as she draws inspiration from her surroundings “ at the moment I am based on a beautiful island, so it is my habitat: sea, jungles and flowers”.

This exotic mural, filled with rich tropical flora and fauna, was created by Karina using mixed media techniques to create this a lushlandscape. “I believe people based in the cities enjoy these themes too, so I feel honored to deliver some part of the tropical island life into apartments, houses and public spaces.

Shop >> Warm Jungle World fun animal wallpaper mural


Fun jungle animal wallpaper mural

Warm Jungle World wallpaper

Fun jungle animal wallpaper mural

Warm Jungle World wallpaper (detail)

‘Flower Obsession’ wallpaper

Wow, flower power! Karina has created an exotic, lush world with this luscious large scale floral wallpaper design. Karina loves to deliver elements of nature in her work.  The oversize flowers create a dramatic, heady energy and are a perfect representation of her design aesthetic.  Combined with the romantic colour scheme this wallpaper provides maximum impact for a feature wall.

Karina sees her art a true reflection of her – “I believe art always does say something about the creator. My art says at least three things about me: I am a nature lover, attentive to details and have a sensitive personality”.

Shop >> Flower Obsession romantic pink flower wallpaper


Romantic pink flower wallpaper

Flower Obsession wallpaper

Romantic pink flower wallpaper

Flower Obsession wallpaper (detail)


‘Birds Birds’ wallpaper

A different slant on the tropical world now – if you’re a lover of exotic tropical birds then this is the wallpaper for you. Amongst the winding jungle foliage, Karina has designed hornbills, cockatoos and parakeets set amongst beautifully detailed floral illustrations.

Animals have always been a source of inspiration for Karina “I have been into drawing since my childhood and I was always drawing lots of animals”.

We love this fresh take on a jungle scene to give an exotic touch of style and luxury.

Shop >> Birds Birds exotic tropical bird wallpaper


tropical bird wallpaper

Birds Birds wallpaper

Exotic tropical bird wallpaper

Birds Birds wallpaper (detail)


‘Sparkling Sea’ wallpaper

Water is one of the most important themes for Karina.

Once, when swimming in the ocean, Karina was so inspired by the blue and turquoise colours and the sparks on the waves that she decided to capture this sensation in the painting.

Originally created with watercolours, this sparkling sea wallpaper mural reminds us of the magic when the sunlight meets the ocean. She really has captured that beautiful moment.

Shop >> Sparkling Sea Sparkling blue sea wallpaper mural


Sparkling blue sea wallpaper mural

Sparkling Sea  wallpaper

Sparkling blue sea wallpaper mural

Sparkling Sea wallpaper (detail)


‘Monkey with Birds’ wallpaper

Karina has created a touch of the exotic with this luscious tropical wallpaper mural.  Amongst the palm fronds and exotics flowers we find delightfully detailed illustrations of hornbill birds, monkeys, flamingos and all manner of exotic flora and fauna. So as an artist, when does Karina know when a piece is finished?

“I just continue until I see the balance in color and shape compositions. I can move objects around for days in order to get the most balanced composition possible”.

Shop >> Monkey with Birds exotic bird monkey jungle mural


Red stripe floral wallpaper in a designer hallway

Monkey with Birds wallpaper

Exotic bird monkey jungle mural

Monkey with Birds wallpaper (detail)


‘SeaView’ wallpaper

Calming seaside vibes are probably your first reaction when observing this ombre wallpaper. But dive deeper in and you’ll find warm teals, sea foam blues and ochre sand shades. This relaxing tonal wallpaper takes us from the beach, to the sea, to the sky and beyond.

How does Karina’s creative process flow? “ I start with the color composition, I pick colors very accurately, and try to limit myself to 5 colors. When painting I relax and explore shapes and colors without thinking, it is one of my favorite things to do in the world. I draw slowly and paint fast!

Shop >> SeaView ombre sea beach wallpaper


ombre sea wallpaper

SeaView wallpaper

Ombre sea beach wallpaper

SeaView wallpaper (detail)


‘Persian Leopard’ wallpaper

Continuing with her exotic jungle theme, Karina has created this gorgeous Persian Leopard wallpaper. Featuring lush palm fronds and a stunningly detailed hand-drawn leopard, it all coordinates into a motif reminiscent of art deco wallpapers.

When creating such detailed work Karina relies on a very simple artistic kit –  “I have two most important tools: a  simple pencil and a watercolor set. With these tools I can draw detailed figurative works and paint abstract artwork”. The rich dark blue colours of the background provide the perfect backdrop for this exotic animal .

Shop >> Persian Leopard dark blue leopard wallpaper


Dark blue leopard wallpaper


Persian Leopard wallpaper
Dark blue leopard wallpaper
Persian Leopard wallpaper (detail)


‘Jungle Kingdom’ wallpaper

A final foray into the wonderful jungle world with Karina’s wallpaper mural featuring beautifully detailed illustrations of elephants, pangolins, lemurs and much more beside. This is a mural that sparks, joy, discovery and imagination. The level of detail creates a real sense of depth to the jungle scene.

Although Karina’s inspiration for her art work comes from admiring the planet we live in and love of the natural world she skillfully manages to embed a sense of her in each of her creations. “My art represents me and people recognize me in my artwork”.

Shop >> Jungle Kingdom tropical elephant wallpaper mural


Tropical jungle elephant wallpaper mural

Jungle Kingdom wallpaper

Tropical jungle elephant wallpaper mural

Jungle Kingdom wallpaper (detail)
We are massive fans of Karina’s work.  We think her observations on the natural world are so clever and she has skillfully channeled this style into wallpaper can fit into any interior design project.

We look forward to seeing her work in homes and projects from our customers around the world!

Click to view the full Karina Eibatova x Feathr wallpaper collection

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