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Feel the Love with Contemporary Romantic Wallcovering Ideas from FEATHR

Fill any room with amour with a seductive wallcovering from FEATHR. A  romance can come in varied guises. But look beyond the time honored traditional emblems of passion and find emotion in the unobvious. Make love into a modern day affair and be enticed by contemporary patterns and textures to stimulate your senses.


Get in the mood with FEATHR and be inspired with an abstract look at love. Create your dream modern living room or industrial bedroom with these wallpapers.


TAKEDA in TEAL wallpaper mural


>> See more Takeda teal cherry blossom wallpaper mural images

Plunge into the warm depths of the Takeda wall mural. The scene is set by the  breathtaking  backdrop in stunning teal, both hypnotic and exhilarating. Once drawn in, we see the juxtaposition of the myriad of delicate cherry blossoms in rich red and vibrant pink that punctuate the scene.

The tree branches lace their way delicately across the mural, evoking suggestions of the delicate touch of fingers tracing across skin.  Bold yet yielding, Takeda cannot help but provoke an emotive response to its stunning design. Choose from 9 stunning colours and welcome Takeda into your bedroom.


teal Cherry blossom wallpaper mural



KUBLA KHAN wallpaper 


>> See more Kuble Khan  beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper  images

Be drawn into the hypnotic exotic world of Kubla Khan. Its delicate vintage Chinoiserie accents conjure up a modern brocade pattern that exudes romance.  The brooding navy grey background pushes forward the classic Chinoiserie motifs embodied by the elegant peacocks languishing on the delicate branches.

Elegant cherry blossoms interspersed on the lissom tendrils wind their way sinuously upwards. Choose from 6 stunning colours to create the perfect ambience for amour.


beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper



OH LA LA wallpaper mural


>> See more Oh La La distressed shabby chic wallpaper  images

The Oh La La wallpaper mural is the perfect abstract look of love.  If romance can be enhanced and encouraged by its milieu, Oh La La creates such an aura.  The vintage shabby chic patina of colours softly melding together create an intimate cocoon.

Earthen hues of sepia brown and oyster grey accented with flecks of jadestone are gently dappled together to create a rustic look. Textural details to make you want to touch and experience its surface. Be enticed by this visual and sensory encounter.  Available as both a mural and wallpaper, Oh La La comes in a range of 5 stunning colourways.


distressed shabby chic wallpaper



ENGLISH ROSE wallpaper 


>> See more English Rose beautiful abstract flower wallpaper​  images

The English Rose wallpaper evokes intrigue and raw emotion with its powerful statement florals.  Nothing typifies romance more than the flower but the brash painterly brushstrokes are dramatic and potent creating blooms that leave the viewer breathless.

The midnight blue backdrop accentuates and pushes forward each luscious flower. Daubs of blue-grey and vibrant peach tones layer together to draw the eye deep into each enticing bloom.

Be seduced by 6 stunning colour variants of English Rose, perfect to set the scene in any boudoir.


beautiful abstract flower wallpaper​



LOVE TRAIN wallpaper mural


>> See more Love Train funky modern graffiti wall mural  images

The Love Train Wallpaper Mural let’s you wear your heart on your sleeve by declaring love on your wall. Painted by Los Angeles artist Amber Goldhammer, Love Train is a vibrant graffiti street art wall mural,  featuring Amber’s trademark positive messages of love and hope. The juxtaposition of street art and romance is a fresh look at modern day love. Flamboyant griffonnage text in commanding colours of neon cyclamen pink and sherbet orange fill the mural with a flamboyance and energy .

The detail created by the daubing artistic approach creates texture and authenticity, whilst the authentic bleed of paint bears testament of its uber cool urban art roots. Love Train transforms a love affair into a modern day romance.


funky modern graffiti wall mural



FALLING FOR YOU wallpaper 


>> See more Falling for You  romantic stripe designer wallpaper  images

The Falling for You wallpaper is a visual commentary on love in both a literal and figurative sense. Designed by artist JordanaG, her work is a fresh and modern take on traditional striped and damask wallpaper themes.  Whilst both evocative and thought provoking, Falling For You is also passionate.

The soft moss green  background tones in such a restainted and muted palette emphasize the leading lady’s ethereal descent.  The arms symbolize different Lovers, catching and supporting her as she falls through time. We reflect on the many loves in one’s life – friends, partners, family and even the one-night stands.

Available in 5 gorgeous colourways to suit any interior design scheme.


romantic stripe designer wallpaper





>> See more Delta (The Great Reflection)  beautiful forest lake wall mural  images

The Delta (The Great Reflection) wall mural is both mysterious and beguiling. Feel yourself being drawn into its depths by this heady scene. Bold brushstrokes lure us into the lair.  Nature at its most verdant and fecund is duplicated by the reflection and thereby rendered more potent.

The dark tones of inky black combined with the draw of the deep water create an electrifying frisson that contrasts with the exuberant pink and red floral tones.  The emotions evoked by this mural replicate the excitement and anticipation of a love affair with its myriad of emotions.

Be seduced by Delta.


beautiful forest lake wall mural



ALBUS III wallpaper mural


>> See more Albus III elegant nature floral wall mural  images

Be entranced by the paradox of Albus II wall mural.  Pronounced, yet delicate; imposing but serene. This wall mural screams for attention but whispers quietly its story.

Size is everything here –  large floral blooms dominate yet are juxtaposed by the calming hues of soft grey and delicate dusky pink. Each petal is depicted in such intricate detail, yet the oversize scale leaves the viewer in submission.

These sensations are offset by its very theme. What speaks of love more than a flower…


elegant nature floral wall mural



CITY OF LOVE wallpaper mural


>> See more City of Love  vintage Paris map wall mural  images

The City of Love Wallpaper Mural takes us to Paris, where amour and romance are imbibed on every boulevard. This vintage map leads us through the intricate maze of streets as the city envelops us.  It evokes soft focus memories of strolling hand in hand along the Seine and romantic candle lit dinners so captivated by your beau, the city buzzes around you unnoticed.

The graceful pastel palette of dusky pink and duck-egg blue adds to the vintage nostalgia evoked by this mural.  So suggestive you will be convinced that you can hear accordion music playing softly in the distance. Return to the heady Parisian days with City of Love.


vintage Paris map wall mural







>> See more Enlightened Love  cool graffiti wallpaper images

Make a statement with Enlightened Love wallpaper. For when you need to shout it from the rooftops, the modern graffiti script recits ‘I love you’ repeatedly. Artist Amber Goldhammer takes a fresh perspective on love by infusing romance with an urban vibe. The graffiti text dominates, but is softened by the paint trickle oozing downwards creating a stunning linear depth.

The pastel toned background softens the feel by calming the recurrent text, rendering it warm and inviting. For when you can’t find  the words, let Enlightened Love say it for you.


cool graffiti wallpaper



Feel the Love with Feathr  

Get in the mood with these seductive wallcovering ideas and choose your perfect look of love.


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