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Floral Wallpaper & Murals – 30+ Original Ideas You’ll Love

Fancy a fresh floral take on your next choice of wallpaper? We’ve got plenty of original ideas on floral wallpaper that could change the way you think about this design. There’s nothing predictable in this collection of delights. Which one would best suit your desire for something different in your home?


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>> See more Zarafa black floral wallpaper mural images 

black floral wallpaper mural

The dark tones in this subdued design are irresistible. That moody background works well as a contrast to the lighter and calmer blooms, shown in various tones to add depth to the design. The more you look at it, the more you see… offering the perfect backdrop to any room.



>> See more Windermere Bloom green floral wallpaper mural images

green floral wallpaper mural

Lake Windermere in the lake district could hardly provide better inspiration for a wallpaper mural. With a palette of colors inspired by the change from summer to autumn, this is a more relaxed take on a floral wallpaper design. The feel of the lake lies beyond the delicate blooms included across the design.



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>> See more Lustrous Rose romantic silver floral wall mural images

silver floral wall mural

This design appears to offer far more depth than might be possible from a mural. It almost feels as if you could step into it, with those metallic silver and grey tones lending an otherworldly feel you cannot deny. This design offers a touch of romance and a touch of inspiration that would suit any communal room too.



>> See more A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect bohemian floral skull wallpaper images

bohemian floral skull wallpaper

What can you see in this much darker take on a floral design? It could take a moment to spot the skull hidden within, yet the presence of flowers winding their way around the form makes the journey from skull to background seamless. Unusual, yes, but this is a design that works in so many ways.



>> See more No Use Crying For Roses When Forests Are Burning maximalist floral wallpaper images

maximalist floral wallpaper

If you desire something more striking, this design cannot fail to impress. The columns provide an eye-catching design that demands attention. Looking further, there is incredible detail in the blooms and leaves within, with alternate panels offering a more two-tone feel in between the lush and deep color scheme. A bold take for an entry hall, perhaps?


free wallpaper mural mock up




>> See more Victory over Ignorance floral stripe wallpaper images

Bold red columns punctuate this stunning floral wallpaper design. They seem to stand proud of the floral background, which stays with a monochrome palette. It feels as if it should be the other way around, which gives this unusual design more power. The details of the floral elements are in stark contrast to the simplicity of the columns.


>> See more Flower Bomb stripe flower wallpaper images

stripe flower wallpaper

This Georgian-style wallpaper design brings a formal touch to any hallway or communal area of the home. It may take a moment to spot the floral panels use a bomb design to provide an unusual appearance. If something different is what you desire, the flower wallpaper here is perhaps the most unusual of all. It certainly mixes two unusual elements together.


>> See more English Rose abstract flower wallpaper images

abstract flower wallpaper

If you desire a centerpiece for your home, this design certainly ticks that box. For a chimney breast, for a bedroom wall, for anywhere you desire… the english rose is a famous flower and is mixed here with some darker blues and greens to provide a fascinating take on the traditional idea of an english rose.


>> See more Enchanted Garden exotic floral wallpaper images

Black & Blue Jungle Bird Wallpaper hero image

Spot the peacocks nestling among the exotic background here. They seem to flow throughout, standing out among the darker background and making those pink flowers appear even more striking as they do so. It’s an appealing mix of exotic birds and smart floral touches.

wallpaper as seen in



>> See more Summer Fields vintage summer floral wall mural images

vintage summer floral wall mural

If you’d prefer a floral wall mural, we’ve got just the thing. You don’t need to be striking with those flowers – something like this provides a vintage appearance that is subtle and relaxed. It gives you the perfect pick for a bedroom to relax and melt into each night.


>> See more XinSong01 pretty floral wallpaper images

pretty floral wallpaper

This sparkling design uses the tones of black, white, and grey to provide something unusual. With repeating panels offering stunning detail throughout, the collage effect is powerfully used here. Ideal for any room in the home where making a statement is your aim.


>> See more Sakura in Bloom japanese floral wall mural images

Cherry blossoms are a famous part of japanese culture. Here, instead of focusing on thousands of blooms, we focus on just a handful, offering a close-up take on the idea with a vintage touch you’ll love. Dark yet appealing, this flower wall mural packs in tons of appeal.



watercolor flower wallpaper

If you’re not keen on tons of color, perhaps this watercolor with a touch of provence will help you seek inspiration. Perfect for a reading nook, a room for relaxation, or anywhere you wish to make a statement, the wallpaper is at once calming and inspiring.



>> See more La Cueillette wallpaper beautiful flower wallpaper images

beautiful flower wallpaper

This wallpaper is one you could look at for hours… and still not see everything hidden there. While tones of grey are used throughout, there are regular splashes of understated color, popping out and daring to be noticed. Are there blooms there? Can you see other things in this unusual design?



>> See more Le Papillon floral stripe wallpaper images

floral stripe wallpaper


We’ve seen flowers and stripes in our collection before, but here we’ve got another take on it. There are firm black columns providing structure, while assorted detailed blooms and flowers appear between and over the top of them. Spot the occasional butterfly flitting between them too – perhaps more than you initially think are there.



>> See more Lost Garden romantic floral blossom wall mural images

romantic floral blossom wall mural

If you’re after a splash of romance, sink into this lost garden… complete with huge blooms that are superb for any space you want to rest and relax in. If you dislike obvious floral designs, this could be just what you are searching for. Discover the finest tones of pink throughout.



>> See more Eastern Secret japanese floral wallpaper images

japanese floral wallpaper

Smaller flowers repeated through a darker background – that is the idea behind this wallpaper that spirits you away to the east. Cherry blossoms have inspired many a wallpaper design, but this one uses repeating motifs to ensure the result is both dramatic and attractive.


>> See more Woven Blossoms embroidered floral wall mural images

embroidered floral wall mural

Glorious flowers spring out from a black background, making this wall mural more stunning than most. Take in the green tones of the leaves and the assorted pinks discovered throughout the design, while the background is given equal billing. It works on any wall you want to make a statement out of.


>> See more Botanics IV floral bouquet wall mural images

floral bouquet wall mural

No need for wall art when you opt for this floral bouquet to take center stage instead. Making the most out of the wall mural idea, this botanics iv design gives you the best detail from above, looking down on a bouquet and creating a design you’ve never seen – not with this detail.


>> See more Romeo vintage rose wall mural images

vintage rose wall mural
From the striking to the classic – a close-up of a classic romantic rose… just one… used here as the centerpiece of a vintage design that would suit any wall. Imagine this in your bedroom or as the backdrop for a relaxed dining room or lounge. There are many things to appreciate in a design as calm as this.  A great backdrop to reading the Shakespeare classic, Romeo & Juliet.


>> See more Paper Peonies kids flower wall mural images

kids flower wall mural

Unusual, simple, and demanding your attention – can you imagine another floral wall mural as stunning as this? It doesn’t need to be all about detail when choosing a flower mural, as you can see here. The simplicity of the design is what makes everything work in this case.


>> See more Full Bloom contemporary flower wallpaper images

contemporary flower design wallpaper

There is an almost photographic nature to this take on flower wallpaper. The spotty background is overlaid with pop art style flowers, adding a quirky touch to a traditional design. This is a thoroughly modern take on flowers, sparking a pleasing touch to any redecorated room.


>> See more Moody Bloom elegant rose flower wallpaper images

elegant rose flower wallpaper

Head back to the 19th century for a fresh take on moody floral designs. This wallpaper would look superb with classic furniture, or with modern furniture built with the past in mind. It seems formal yet adds a touch of relaxed classiness to the room.


>> See more Albus II modern large flower wall mural images

modern large flower wall mural

If you know your flowers, you may be able to identify some of the blooms included here. This is a lighter, more relaxed, calmer floral wall mural, offering white and grey shades of many kinds along with detail and a touch of reality that is hard to deny. Beautiful… and memorable in equal measure.


>> See more Crepusculum statement floral wall mural images

statement floral wall mural
Could those droplets of water be real? They almost seem so, with a bold take on a floral close-up you won’t be able to take your eyes off. This reality is achieved through photography and artwork by artist Claire Luxton, creating something unique that demands to be seen as a mural.




>> See more Albus III elegant nature floral wall mural images

A third take on those signature florals? Yes, and another example of how diverse the designs can be even when focusing on the same flowers. Here, there is an unmistakable splash of pink involved, almost imperceptible yet providing a vintage look you’ll love.

elegant nature floral wall mural


>> See more Origami Wall Scandinavian flower wallpaper images

Flowers used in an origami-style design… now, that is something different again. The Scandi look and style is hard to miss in this one, with small flowers repeated throughout the wallpaper, providing an understated look that is ideal for almost any room you can think of. Where would you hang this one?


>> See more Porcelain Roses romantic floral rose wallpaper images

romantic floral rose wallpaper

Porcelain is delicate, and that word describes the design of this romantic floral wallpaper too. Each line has been drawn by hand, with all the lines coming together to give you a beautiful mix of flowers in one color on a white background. It is at once simple yet imbued with sublime detail.


>> See more Flo contemporary flower stripe wallpaper images

The Asian influences are hard to miss here, a single bloom inspiring a repeating design with minimal colors used in multiple shades. This design provides something different depending on how you view it – up close or from a distance. It is equally striking and calming, making it suitable for many locations in your home.

Contemporary flower stripe wallpaper



Detail does not need to be overwhelming, as we can see quite clearly with this striking design from Grace Hamann. There are many flowers contained within the design, each offering its own look, yet combining beautifully with the others nearby. This could be a busy choice, yet the design is balanced to a degree that makes it relaxed, both to look at and appreciate. Quite the task.

Elegant romantic floral wallpaper




That’s quite the collection of floral wallpaper designs and wall murals. You need just one to transform your room or home. Which one hits the top spot for you? Your choice may vary depending on where you are going to hang it. Do you want a statement piece for one wall? Do you want to bring a floral print into an entire room? Are you inspired by striking colors or pastels? Whatever your preferences, you’re bound to find the ideal option within our suggestions. The process of choosing is going to be great fun!


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