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Dramatic, large-scale flowers are making an impact on interiors. The new floral wallpaper and flower wall murals are larger than life and pop from the room. Beautiful, oversized blooms emerge from shadowy backgrounds and are dotted along branches. Create your own flower arrangements with our diverse collection of floral wallpapers.


Crepusculum pink flower wallpaper mural


Part of her new Botanica collection, the stunning Crepusculum wall mural is by multi-disciplinary artist Claire Luxton and features Rosa and Proteaceae flowers in moody, dramatic compositions.


Crepusculum wall mural by Claire Luxton for FEATHR

Crepusculum wall mural by Claire Luxton


Woven Blossoms floral wallpaper mural


This oversized floral wall mural features intricate embroidery detailing. The flowers weave and creep across the wall against a shadowy black background in a mysterious way that invites a second glance.


Embroidered Flower Wall Mural by La Feature

Embroidered Flower Wall Mural by La Feature


Albus II flower wallpaper mural


Striking, large-scale flowers are arranged artfully in the Albus II wall mural by multi-disciplinary artist Claire Luxton.  The original floral artwork was created using photography, mounted on aluminium and acrylic and hand-finished with overlying resin.


Albus II wall mural by Claire Luxton for FEATHR

Albus II wall mural by Claire Luxton


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English Rose floral wallpaper


This beautiful, abstract floral wallpaper was created by artist Reeta Ek. With five different colour variants to choose from, you can decide to create a bold look for your bedroom with English Rose Midnight, or hang a softer, romantic flower wallpaper in your living room with English Rose Pastel.


English Rose wallpaper by Reeta Ek for FEATHR

English Rose wallpaper by Reeta Ek for FEATHR


Sakura in Bloom flower wallpaper mural


Sakura, or cherry blossom, is a species of flower that has long been the source of inspiration for many a floral design, including this Japanese Flower wall mural. The symbolism is commonly used to remind people that life is short and beautiful, just like the cherry blossom that falls from the tree after just a few days.


Japanese Flower Wall Mural by La Feature

Japanese Flower Wall Mural by La Feature


Albus III floral wallpaper mural


Unashamedly romantic, the Albus III floral wall mural is part of artist Claire Luxton’s new Botanica collection.  The striking large-scale design is impressive in its composition, offset by the delicate nature of the flowers in the image.


Albus III wall mural by Claire Luxton for FEATHR

Albus III wall mural by Claire Luxton for FEATHR


Albus I flower wallpaper mural

Featuring stunning Rosa, Gypsophila, Gerbera Jamesonii and Chrysanthemum flowers, the Albus I wall mural is part of the new Botanica collection by multi-disciplinary artist Claire Luxton. A beautiful, original alternative to classic floral wallpaper.


White Modern Large Flower Wall Mural hero image

Albus I wall mural by Claire Luxton for FEATHR


La Cueillette flower wallpaper


Conjuring wistful daydreams of past summers spent lazing in the garden, this watercolour, floral wallpaper by French artist Claire de Quénetain explores the romance and richness of nature. Available in an array of pastel colours and tropical brights, this painterly design evokes the spirit of an endless summer.


Grey & Blue Beautiful Romantic French Wallpaper hero image

La Cueillette wallpaper by Claire de Quénetain for FEATHR


X-ray Botanics 02 flower wallpaper


A contemporary floral wallpaper featuring x-rayed and deconstructed flora and fauna. Influenced by Russian constructivist concepts, artist Hugh Turvey’s work finds order within chaos, complemented by a serene and soothing colour palette.


Cream Contemporary Flower Pattern Wallpaper hero image

X-ray Botanics 02 wallpaper by Hugh Turvey for FEATHR


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The Appeal of Floral Wallpaper


If someone mentions floral wallpaper to you, what comes to mind? A floral design can be anything from delicate and subtle to striking and bright. That’s the good news, as it means you can always find the best wallpaper design for any room in your home.


Red & White Shabby Chic Cherry Blossom Wallpaper hero image

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Whatever the reason, there is little doubt that floral wallpaper murals and papers are hugely attractive. One of the easiest ways to choose the best paper for you is to think about your character and the character of the room you wish to decorate. Using this as a starting point, you can remain open minded and prepare to be surprised by some of the more appealing designs.

Let’s look at some of the variations you can choose from.


 Are you looking for a subtle floral wallpaper?


Imagine being able to wander through a beautiful floral meadow. It doesn’t need to be a dream – you can introduce the reality into your home with the Floral Meadow floral wallpaper mural.


Cream Floral Meadow Wall Mural Hero Image


One of the most charming things about this design is its understated appeal. The relaxing approach to the color scheme and the detail of the flowers is superb. If you cannot find time to get out among nature, you can rest easy indoors and feel surrounded by it all the same.


Cream Floral Meadow Wall Mural detail Image

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That calming approach makes this wallpaper ideal for a bedroom, perhaps on a feature wall behind the bed. Alternatively, you could add it to every wall in your living room or similar area designed for downtime.


A floral wallpaper design with plenty of detail and warmth


Oh, and peacocks if you’d like them. If understated isn’t your thing, or you’re simply looking for a bolder take on outdoors, the Kubla Khan floral wallpaper ticks all those boxes with ease.


green chinoiserie wallpaper in bathroom


The distressed backdrop acts as the perfect background for the peacocks and the cherry blossoms. They’ll all make you feel right at home, while the depth of detail on the branches and trunk really brings this out towards you. It is the perfect wallpaper to create a vintage look to your home.


Pink Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper pattern image


Some floral wallpaper designs have far more detail than others. This one seems to add more every time we look at it. We can almost imagine the peacocks strutting around when we’re not there… or is that just us? If you want a sense of realism, this is the wallpaper that can give it to you.


Yellow Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

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And now for a striking floral wallpaper 


Is it possible to find a floral wallpaper mural that is at once striking and yet calming? The Takeda  floral wallpaper mural proves it. The gorgeous richness of the teal background is the ideal starting point for this design. The contrasting cherry blossoms really make this one pop, without sacrificing the natural and relaxing look you’re searching for.


green cherry blossom wallpaper for walls


In many instances, people assume floral wallpaper must have small blooms spread all over the paper. This is a stunning example of a design that goes against that belief. Larger branches bearing generous blooms reach out across the wall. This also shows how you can remove the need for hanging pictures simply by choosing a floral wallpaper mural that does the job for you.


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How to find your ideal floral wallpaper 


The best tip we can give you here is to be open minded. You may have an idea of what you’re looking for, but flowers can surprise you. Floral wallpaper designs are no longer indicative of a certain approach. As we’ve seen here, these three designs show how diverse this design can be. From bold blooms to subtle shades – and peacocks in between – there are so many ways you can introduce floral wallpaper into your home.


Purple Tropical Flamingo Wallpaper hero image

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The bolder floral designs often look better on one wall. A chimney breast, a feature wall, or simply the wall you see first when entering a room. Be brave enough to make an impact with a bolder wallpaper than you’ve ever used before!


Brown & Red Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image

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Alternatively, something more subtle wallpapers such as the Floral Meadow design we touched on above would be perfect for any room you wish to feel relaxed and cozy in. In truth, even if you think you know what you’d like to go for in the floral theme, there are many beautiful floral wallpapers out there that are ready to surprise you.



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Floral wallpaper & wall murals to add romance to your room


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