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Flower Wallpaper | Floral And Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Are you a fan of flower wallpaper? When that phrase pops up in conversation, it divides opinion. Some think of Seventies wallpaper – garish and overly dramatic. Yet others know about modern floral designs that use modern techniques. These are far removed from anything we may have seen in the past.

Think of cherry blossom wallpaper for example – a design that is hard to resist. At least, we believe so, and we think you may agree when you see some of the following flower wallpaper designs. Imagine how these suggestions may look in your home…


Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara


Eastern Secret cherry blossom wallpaper 

Allow us to share this secret with you… an Eastern secret shines light on how versatile and attractive flower wallpaper can be. Whether you wish for a light or dark background on which your flowers can grow, the Eastern Secret wallpaper design offers it all. From cream to duck egg and through to a lush and dark shade of green, each colorway gives you the chance to discover the best way to present this cherry blossom wallpaper in your home.


Blue & Grey Japanese Floral Tree Wallpaper hero image

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With so many colors to choose from, this flower wallpaper does support you with any interior décor you wish to go with. Smaller rooms cope well with lighter shades, while you can always be bolder in a larger space. Of course, you can always wallpaper just one wall rather than the whole room if you wish. Plenty to think about if this Eastern Secret is one you wish to keep to yourself…


Green Japanese Floral Tree Wallpaper hero image

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Kubla Khan flower wallpaper 

Do you still believe that flowers offer a relaxed and natural setting in your home when used as a wallpaper design? Indeed, they can… but they can also provide a striking backdrop to any color scheme or ideas you have floating around in your head.


green chinoiserie wallpaper in bathroom
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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The Kubla Khan wallpaper design comes in a myriad of beautiful shades, perfect to create a vintage look to your home. Our favorite is surely saffron, giving a rich yet subdued take on the shade. Everything from a sand backdrop to a dark blue ‘night’ backdrop is possible here. Yet the most striking thing about the design is the size of the flowers climbing from the bottom to the top. Watch for the birds finding a home within the branches, leaves, and flowers. It’s quite the relaxing place to be.


Yellow Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

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Himeji flower wallpaper 

Cherry blossom wallpaper takes a fresh turn with this fine example of how attractive and calming such a design can be. In each case, the shabby chic approach gives us a light and white background, so it is the ideal floral wallpaper solution for rooms that need brightening.


Red & White Shabby Chic Cherry Blossom Wallpaper hero image

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The only decision is whether to go for blue, teal, or red as the accent shade for all those delightful cherry blossoms speckled across the paper. The distressed approach to the background gives the blossoms room to shine, without the selected color being too striking. You can achieve the perfect balance with this shabby chic design, offering a cherry blossom wallpaper that is hard to resist.


Teal & White Shabby Chic Cherry Blossom Wallpaper hero image

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Takeda cherry blossom wall mural 

How about delicate cherry blossom wallpaper highlighting this most beautiful of flowers? Can you imagine seeing the finest blossoms spreading from one side of your wall to the other? If you’re not keen on committing to floral wallpaper around an entire room, the flower wall mural alternative is the ideal solution. In fact, it really does give this cherry blossom wallpaper, the Takeda wallpaper mural design, room to shine.


Pink Cherry Blossom Wall Mural

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It is available in several colors, with a choice of backgrounds and cherry blossoms. This means you can find the right cherry blossom wallpaper for your needs and for whichever furnishings you intend to use.

Think about painting the other walls with a complementary shade too, depending on which Takeda floral wallpaper shade you choose. Turn the cherry blossom wallpaper into a real work of art.


Gold Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Mural

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Hirosaki flower wallpaper mural

Another wallpaper mural to consider here, this time a Chinoiserie design called Hirosaki. While the cherry blossom design mentioned above saw the blossoms reaching out from the side of the paper, this one is more traditional. Branches reach to the sky from the bottom of the flower wallpaper, bringing many places for birds to rest and roost.


Silver Chinoiserie Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/ImageFlow

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The Hirosaki wall mural design gives you an appealing and unusual choice of background shades too. Will it be gold or silver for you? Neither are overbearing, instead giving this flower wallpaper mural the perfect backdrop for peacocks and blossoms. Gold or silver, each has a slightly washed-out look that calms what would otherwise be too striking for some. Instead, it gives an irresistible and very modern flower wallpaper to enjoy.


Gold Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural

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Cherry Blossom flower wallpaper 

We’ve had blossoms from the side and the bottom… so let’s finish with blossoms falling from above. This beautiful cherry blossom wallpaper comes in several shades, offering the perfect dreamlike background for any room of your home. Relaxing and eye-catching, it captures the beauty of the blossoms and yet doesn’t overdo the detail.


Pink Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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For something understated that gives you a fresh look at flower wallpaper, this could be the one you fall in love with. Can you imagine this cherry blossom wallpaper in your bedroom or living room?


Green Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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Choosing the right flower wallpaper for your home. 

We’ve seen how many diverse and striking designs there are when it comes to exploring the world of flower wallpaper. Floral designs come in both dark and light shades, with everything in between those extremes covered too. So, it makes sense to consider which room you intend to decorate. Do you desire a darker and cozier feel for a bigger room? If you need something for a small room, think about a lighter floral wallpaper design.

The main thing to remember is that cherry blossom wallpaper can make a hearty splash in any room you wish. It can surprise, it can delight, and it can certainly give visitors something to think about when they’re looking to freshen their own home. Yes, floral wallpaper catches the eye and supplies inspiration – what more could you want for your home today?

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