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Holy Cow! The making of Neural

What did you do at work today?

That’s a question that mostly gets this reply: “Nothing much.” Generally because that’s true.  That’s unless you’re Luke Evans: photographer, intellectual, sometimes lecturer, cow organ dissector and one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet.

When we asked Luke that question – specifically about Neural, his design for Feathr.com – his answer was about as far from , “nothing much” as you could get.

This was his response:

“Scale plays a huge part in my work. I knew from the beginning that I wanted my wallpaper to take something very small and enlarge it to an architectural scale, completely abstracting it. The idea for Neural came after looking at natural patterns in the microscopic world. I spent hours flipping through textbooks trying to find the right kind of patterns to explore, and narrowed it down to a few small choices.

The process of getting the final repeating pattern was as disgusting as it was tedious. The base pattern came from using a cow’s brain obtained through a local butchers. The brain was sliced incredibly thinly, stained, and then placed under a microscope and imaged using the darkfield technique. The final scan was then digitised an distorted into a half drop repeating pattern.”

We love Luke’s work not just because he works with us, but because he’s an explorer.  He has a child-like curiosity that results in stunning conceptual ideas that are realized beautifully.

So ask us what we did at work today and we’ll tell you that we spent it with guys like Mr Luke Evans and his big beautiful, productive brain.

Click here to shop Luke Evans’ work.

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