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Infographic /// The 9 Types of Interior Designer

With over 60,000 interior designers working in the USA & UK alone, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to specifying your home renovation project.  But who should you choose?  Whether you’re looking just to hang wallpaper, for a homely refit or design that’s dashed through with magic, our infographic guide to the 9 types of interior designer will help you along.


interior design infographic

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The Explorer

The Explorer creates homes that are a journey, for their clients and for themselves.  Always searching for authenticity and individuality, the Explorer will never allow their style to become repetitive or conformist.

Hire them: for creating eclectic, intelligent and individual interior design.

Who to hire: Suzy Hoodless, Maddux Creative, Faye Toogood


The Rebel

This is interior design as a punk performance.  And like Billy Idol sang, the rebel yell is always more, more, more.  So expect maximalist in-your-face living, full of neon colours  – and maybe the occasional flat mirrored surface.

Hire them: for interior design that looks best crammed with party people at 4am.

Who to hire: Denis Kosutic, Peter Marino, Bobby Trendy


The Lover

It is a short journey from living to loving for the owners of these homes.  The Lover creates interiors that are charismatic, tempting, luxurious and lascivious.  Full of curves and textures, every corner and detail is utterly consumable.

Hire them: for interior design you’ll secretly want to keep all for yourself.

Who to hire: Drake Anderson, Marcel wanders, Dimore Studio


The Traditionalist

The rarified world of the Traditionalist is full of ornate detailing and classical proportions.  This is interior design as an act of preservation, as well one of creation.

Hire them: if your home is an heirloom you’re preserving for the next generation.

Who to hire: Guy Goodfellow, Henrietta Spencer Churchill, Robert Kime


The Maker

The Maker lives in a world between design and craft.  Natural materials abound in their interiors, and you’re as likely to find your designer at a workbench as at a Macbook.

Hire them: for classic masculine interiors.

Who to hire: Brad Ford, Darryl Carter, Retrouvius


The Nester

If you’re the kind of person who secretly spends summer yearning for knitwear, then the Nester is your kind of interior designer.  Specialising in warm homely interiors, expect their work to be liveable and loveable.

Hire them: for creating the perfect family home.

Who to hire: Ben Pentreath, Nina Campbell, Carolyn Parker


The Magician

Seemingly boundless in their creative talents, Magicians are polymaths who create jaw-dropping interiors that can create or redefine trends.

Hire them: if you want to create an interior that’ll be remembered generations from now.

Who to hire: Karim Rashid, Philippe Stark, SHH London


The Philosopher

Calm.  Cool.  Collected.  ThePphilosopher makes interiors full of details and aspects that’ll make you pause and ponder and ruminate upon the deeper meanings of life.

Hire them: for minimalist, architectural interior design with added intelligence.

Who to hire: Jonathan Tucker, Marmol Radzine,  1508 London


The Ruler

For interior design that reverberates with the sound of success, the Ruler is the designer to hire.  This is interior design as a pure expression of wealth and power.

Hire them: if you’ve made your millions, and you want everyone to know it.

Who to hire: Tara Bernard, Alidad, Kelly Wearstler

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