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Into the Deep: 22 Wallpapers Inspired by the Beach and Ocean

Bringing the outdoors inside is a trick we’re all familiar with. You may not think of introducing the beach and ocean into your home though. If this is a new idea for you, you might be surprised at how many wallpapers and murals you can use to reflect this portion of the world around us.

If the idea appeals, we have the perfect beach wallpaper list for you here. Filled with inspiring prints and designs, including beach wall murals and ocean wallpaper, your journey into nature starts right inside your home.




>> See more contemporary blue ocean wallpaper mural images

Here we go into the deep with artist Melissa Renee. This stunning ocean wall mural takes you into the depths of the sea, going through foamy shades of white and cream and into the darker indigo and blue shades below.

If you want to make a stand-out statement in a room, this mural helps you achieve that aim. It does bring the deep indoors in a design using resin for a striking finish.

contemporary blue ocean wallpaper mural





>> See more deep blue sea wallpaper mural images

If the above mural caught your eye but didn’t quite hit the spot, Shadows of the Deep may do it. Created by the same artist, it uses navy blue ink combined with mica powder, bringing in an iridescent effect that truly brings the ocean flooding into your home.

Many believe blue is a cold color, but you can see that’s not always the case here. This mural brings power and vibrancy into your home.

deep blue sea wallpaper mural





>> See more ocean beach wallpaper mural images

Take yourself to a desert island setting with this ocean wallpaper design. The mural brings thoughts of light waves lapping at pale sands, the perfect setting for a relaxing time.

No need to escape abroad when you hang this stunning mural in a lounge or bedroom. You can sit back and relax and let your mind wander, as the light colors of the mural take you away. Add a book and a cocktail and you’re all set.

ocean beach wallpaper mural





>> See more abstract sea wallpaper mural images

Head out to the Caymans with this beautiful abstract design, another winner from Melissa Renee. Taken from an original artwork using mica powder, metallic pigment, and even the occasional sparkle, the ocean wall mural takes you to another setting.

Moving from light near the top to darker tones of turquoise at the bottom, this beautiful design calms the mind. Perfect for a contemporary home, from the hallway to the dining room.

abstract sea wallpaper mural





>> See more contemporary blue sea wallpaper mural images

If you’re searching for something created with metallic tones and unusual media, the Blue Lagoon design from Melissa Renee hits the spot.

She has blended many different shades into the final artwork. The ocean wall mural brings a sense of depth and calmness to any room. Perfect for anywhere you want to rest and relax, it makes the perfect backdrop for a feature wall. You could drift off to sleep with it in the bedroom.

contemporary blue sea wallpaper mural





>> See more modern ocean wallpaper mural images

Are you seeking a touch of drama and power to your ocean wallpaper? If so, this Blue Hawaiian option brings all that and more.

The artist created the original on a wood panel, using a mix of ink, pigment, and mica to create an unusual yet striking finish. With the foamy waves and activity near the top of the mural, there is still plenty of space for the darker tones near the bottom.

modern ocean wallpaper mural





>> See more beautiful blue arctic wallpaper mural images

Tones of blue both light and dark feature in this Arctic-inspired ocean wall mural. Perfect for making a feature wall stand out and supply a talking point, the sense of movement and coolness cannot be missed.

Ideal for a stand-out entryway or to use for a large wall where nothing else makes a statement, Arctic Adventure takes you on a real adventure inside your own home. The darker colors are reserved for the lower portion of the design, so it feels anchored in place.

beautiful blue arctic wallpaper mural





>> See more sparkling blue sea wallpaper mural images

Karina Eibatova has given us her take on the sparkling effect caused by light bouncing off the waves in the sea. This beautiful imagery permeates throughout the sea wall mural, using a collection of blues and light tones to replicate the effect seen in nature.

You’ll feel as though you’re in the heart of the ocean whenever you see this. Perfect for a large or small room where you’re longing to make a statement.

sparkling blue sea wallpaper mural





>> See more ombre sea beach wallpaper images

If you want something simple where your imagination can run riot, this Seaview print should do the trick. Using the popular ombre technique to run light pink into light blue, the tonal design also goes through subtler shades as it journeys from one to the other.

The relaxed and deceptively complex design is perfect for any room, particularly bedrooms and relaxing spaces.

ombre sea beach wallpaper





>> See more abstract watercolor beach wall mural images

Would you like to spend a day at Venice Beach? Hang this abstract beach wall mural in your home and you won’t need to take a trip to reach it.

Light, airy, and reminiscent of the popular Los Angeles-based beach, the abstract design provides a lighter alternative to the darker, more dramatic options given above. It suggests the meeting of sand and sea to create the famous setting known by millions. And now you can introduce it into your home.

the beach wallpaper





>> See more beautiful watercolor abstract wallpaper images

This Baltic-inspired design tempers the chilly appearance with giant prints and plenty of drama. If you’re hunting for an abstract design inspired by the ocean, this is the one with bags to offer and more.

Perfect for many color schemes and capable of supporting both modern and traditional settings, this print by Teija Vartiainen is taken from artwork using aquerelles and wet paper. Romantic yet strong and powerful, it hits the spot you’re looking for.

blue sea bathroom wallpaper





>> See more vintage sea bird wallpaper images

Think of the beach and seagulls soon come to mind. Now you can add them to your home with this unusual Portuguese Seagulls print.

As such, this beach wallpaper doesn’t focus on the beach – it focuses on what is above it. The result is a beautiful and inspiring print with real vintage tones. You can easily imagine relaxing on the beach watching the birds wheeling around in the sky above.

vintage sea bird wallpaper





>> See more blue watercolor cloud wallpaper mural images

Tones of the riviera permeate throughout this eye-catching beach wall mural. Here, we focus on the sky above once more. However, instead of birds as the attraction, we imagine clouds, blue skies, and a light and dreamy setting for a break.

Now, you can bring that into your home, transforming a wall or room with a wall mural that takes you away whenever you see it. The perfect backdrop to fall asleep to, don’t you think?

blue cloud sea wallpaper





>> See more modern abstract watercolor wall mural images

Clara Berta calls the ocean a “favorite inspiration” and here we see the results of that. At once striking and relaxing, the element of contrast in both color and presentation is powerful here.

An abstract design always leaves room for the mind to fill in the gaps. You can look up at the modern dreamy design each night if you wish, as this is the perfect ocean wall mural to send you into a dream-filled sleep.

modern abstract watercolor wall mural





>> See more blue grey abstract wallpaper mural images

Reminiscent of storm clouds gathering over the ocean, the wallpaper takes its inspiration from the base of a waterfall, introducing yet another water source into the mix.

Whatever you see in this wallpaper, a selection of dark and moody blues is introduced to a big and bold design. Best viewed when displayed on a feature wall, this mural is memorable in many ways.

blue grey abstract wallpaper mural





>> See more smoky blue watercolor wall mural images

The name may be smoky in nature, but the design always makes us think of water. If you have a wall that you’re unsure what to do with or cannot find a piece of art to hang there, Sacred Smoke is sure to hit the spot.

Artist Stacy Solodkin has designed this as a centerpiece – something to mark out a spot as a piece of art itself.

smoky blue watercolor wall mural





>> See more teal grey abstract wallpaper mural images

Jen Merli gives us a mix of teals and grays that suggest rushing water. You’ll spot the striking golden thread running through the middle of the image too. A Mystic design that takes us to the beach and the ocean whenever we see it, we’d be delighted to have this in any room.

Use it to entertain, inspire, and provide something to talk about.

teal grey abstract wallpaper mural





>> See more blue watercolor wall mural images

This ocean wall mural recalls the idea of floating on your back in the sea. The large and bold imagery with many tones of blue included still gives a sense of calm, though.

Ideal for bedrooms where the backdrop to the bed needs something bold, this wall mural also works well in many living spaces.

blue watercolor wall mural





>> See more blue watercolor wallpaper mural images

A storm clears over the ocean, leaving us with this image of scudding clouds gradually clearing, leaving behind lighter skies.

The abstract design uses blues and areas of white to suggest the storm has ended. Perhaps also you see suggestions of the ocean beneath. Calm enough to hang in a bedroom and robust enough to suit a dining room or lounge area, this is a versatile paper.

blue sea cloud wallpaper for walls





>> See more modern abstract wall mural images

While this is not strictly an ocean wall mural, it still evokes a sense of calmness on a quiet and peaceful day. Inspired by Lake Champlain, it is abstract enough to recall memories of any day spent at the beach.

Project your memories onto this wall mural and use it to inspire the decoration in any room of your home. The calmest space would benefit from this, as would the most active.


modern abstract wall mural





>> See more jade green abstract wall mural images

Many of the beach wallpaper and ocean wallpaper designs we have featured focus on the sea or the beach. Many also come in shades of blue. This one, though, takes a turn toward green for inspiration.

Providing infinite possibilities for interior design, the versatility of this mural fits nicely with both modern and traditional décor. How are you going to use it?

jade green abstract wall mural






>> See more abstract forest wall mural images

Are you inspired by an early morning visit to the beach or ocean? If so, consider this morning dew design. While it suggests an abstract take on a forest, we get a sense of coming through a forest to reach the sand dunes and the ocean beyond.

The vague nature of this beach wall mural makes it perfect for recalling memories from days at the beach gone by.


abstract forest wall mural




With so many different beach and sea wallpapers, and more, it’s no surprise to learn how easy it is to bring this setting into your home. Whether you prefer darker colors or pastels, there is something for you here. You can find a mural to make one wall stand out or go for a subtler wallpaper for an entire room.

Many artists take inspiration from the ocean, the sky, and the beach and everything those elements represent. You can, too. Our collection of 22 ideas for beach and ocean settings should give you plenty of suggestions to go on.

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