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Kitchen Wallpaper Goes Floral // Cherry Blossom Wallpapers For A Statement Kitchen

Want to know how kitchen wallpaper can make this space feel like the heart of the home?  This is the place everyone congregates – to eat, to drink, to socialize, to catch up on their day and the events in their lives. It’s no wonder so many of us spend time thinking about how best to decorate our kitchen when it carries so much importance within the home.

When you think about it, we begin our day there once we’re up and about. We end it there too, perhaps with a pre-bedtime drink or simply to wind down and tidy up before going to bed. The kitchen is a key area of the home, and that makes the décor even more important. 

Fortunately, a well-chosen cherry blossom wallpaper design is ideal for helping us create the setting we are looking for. While you may not have thought about floral designs, the following examples show how striking and comfortable they can be to have around.



Hirosaki cherry blossom wallpaper mural 

Will it be gold or silver for you if you go for this Hirosaki kitchen wallpaper mural? While you could use this for a feature floral wall between wall and floor cabinets, it would come into its own if you used it on one large feature wall elsewhere in the kitchen.

Silver Chinoiserie Wall Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/ImageFlow

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An excellent choice for a kitchen diner, you can let the branches wind their way up your walls, watching as the birds settle into their homes there as you eat breakfast. It is the depth of detail in this wallpaper that makes it perfect for any size kitchen. It also illustrates that cherry blossom wallpaper can introduce many other features as well.

Certainly, the cherry blossoms are there, as you would want them to be, but you can make a statement in style by choosing the Hirosaki wallpaper design. It brings peacocks and songbirds into your kitchen… and who can resist looking at and talking about those?


Gold Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural

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Cherry Blossom kitchen wallpaper 

Our collection of recommendations for kitchen wallpaper featuring cherry blossoms would not be complete without adding this stylish and contemporary design from Joanna Charlotte. It takes on a different look, allowing the cherry blossoms to hang from the top of the wall. This is one for kitchen walls without wall cabinets, or for a wall with open shelves or similar items that do not get in the way of the design.


Brown Cherry Blossom Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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It’s perfect for every kitchen too, as you can choose from many background shades. Even the darker ones are muted, so nothing is too overpowering for a small space. For larger spaces, you can look forward to seeing brighter cherry blossoms falling from the walls – as in the cerise colorway or the teal and cherry combo.

 This one is perfect for kitchens of all types, as the cherry blossom design is at the top of the wallpaper. Imagine walking into your kitchen every morning and seeing the cherry blossom wallpaper with its fine flowers tumbling down the walls. Quite the impact, we think you’ll agree.


Brown & Red Cherry Blossom Wallpaper detail Image

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Kubla Khan cherry blossom wallpaper 

You can go light, dark, and anywhere between those extremes when you choose the Kubla Khan kitchen wallpaper design. From mist to mint, there are six colorways to choose for the background to this stunning peacock-filled design.

 This example of cherry blossom wallpaper uses the Chinoiserie style to create something memorable, offering a slightly aged feel throughout. While it gives a classic appearance, it also gives you a sense of modern styling. This makes it the perfect choice for a stark white modern kitchen… or something more classical in nature.


Green Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper
Image credit: Shutterstock/Jafara

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As with the previous style, the Kubla Khan wallpaper design gives you a chance to have exotic animals climbing around your kitchen rather than merely cherry blossoms. Of course, with everything in full bloom here, you can walk into your kitchen and appreciate the style every day of the year – even in the depths of winter.


Cream Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper

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Takeda kitchen wallpaper mural 

Some people like to keep things light and airy in their kitchen, often because of its small size. Others prefer to make this the room where they make a huge splash. Making a statement in your kitchen is far easier to do than elsewhere, especially when you consider the many cabinets that reduce the wall space you are working with.

 So, if you want to be bold with your kitchen wallpaper, try the Takeda cherry blossom wallpaper design. This comes in many finishes, so you can choose a bolder background such as a striking yellow gold or a rose pink, for example. The rich teal color is another possibility.


Cream & White Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Mural
Image credit: Shutterstock/ImageFlow

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Of course, if you’re someone who prefers to keep things light and simple, you can still introduce this smart cherry blossom wallpaper design into your kitchen. With a much lighter and faded background, the cherry blossoms pop out no matter which color you choose to display them in. Let them wind their way across your kitchen walls as they greet you each morning.


Cream & Green Cherry Blossom Wall Mural

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How can your space come alive with kitchen wallpaper?

You can see that kitchen wallpaper can be anything from eye-catching to muted in appearance. You can go for just the flowers or introduce wildlife into the mix as well. And there are many colors to choose from too, with everything from vibrant blossoms to lighter whiter ones available. You can even choose how you want those blossoms to grow and find their path across your kitchen walls.

Making an impact in the kitchen is often done with cabinet designs rather than decorating the walls. But here we can see that livening up a standard kitchen is best done with beautiful and well-chosen cherry blossom wallpaper. It’s easy to maintain, tough enough to last in the kitchen setting, and yet displays elegant and delicate floral touches throughout. Design a bespoke kitchen, tailored to your needs and style, and you will enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties even more. 

Making a statement in your kitchen is within easy reach. With so many options within the above four cherry blossom wallpaper designs, all you need to decide is which one would best suit your kitchen space.


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