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Luxury Modern Eco Homes /// 15 of the Best

The first Eco homes weren’t neccessarily the last word in luxury. However, the times they are a’changing and our selection of 15 modern Eco homes from around the world is a stunning showcase of forward-thinking architecture and innovative design.  Scroll for more.

1. M-House /// United States

Green & Gold Honeycomb Geometric Wall Mural Hero Image

This magnificient M-House designed by architect Michael Jantzen is both functional and decorative, a stylish modular system that can be adapted and transformed into multiple different structures.


2. Suoi Re Village Community House /// Vietnam

Blue Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image

This modern multi-functional community home designed by 1+1>2 Architects has good Feng Shui, is set within the mountains, avoids storms and flash floods, and faces towards the valley. It was built to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas and foster education, cultural and spiritual developments within the community.


3. Binishells /// Italy

cream & brown beautiful floral wallpaper mural hero image

These unusual dome-shaped modern homes are created through the layering of wet concrete on top of inflated polymer materials, and can be developed all over the world.


4. Eco Triangle Garden House /// Sweden

Blue Beautiful Cloud Wall Mural Hero Image

This Eco Garden House designed by Tham & Videgård Hansson hides a green roof deck and a back garden within the lattice-covered exterior. This modern home is crying out for vines to climb and weave in and out of its lattice structure. Get inspired to create your own feature wall with our selection of the best here.


5. Bird Island /// Malaysia

This incredible urban renewal project was designed by Graft Lab architects – a zero energy home made from sustainably-sourced silicone glass fabric. The flexibility of the luxury home allows it to sway with the breeze just like a treetop, and visitors can look up to the sky through slots in the glass fabric.


6. Shelter House /// France

Pastel Floral Cloud Wall Mural

This picturesque Normandy eco house designed by architect Franklin Azzi, is made from local materials including stone and timber, and utilizes solar and geothermal energy, rainwater harvesting and natural ventilation.


7. Hof Residence /// Iceland

Cream Distressed Shabby Chic Walll Mural

This unique eco home is less than 100km from the Arctic Circle and was built to appreciate the panoramic views of the mountainous rim that surrounds it. If you’re not lucky enough to live near to the mountains, Finnish designer Tong Ren’s BAI Wallpaper is the next best thing.


8.Houseboat on the Eilbekkanal /// Germany

White & Green Pretty Childrens Deer Wallpaper hero image

This luxury house boat by Rost Niderehe Architects combines the aesthetic of a traditional, on-ground family home with the concept of a floating houseboat.


9. Brooks Avenue House /// United States

Green Elegant Modern Pattern Wallpaper hero image

This contemporary California dwelling merges modern design with sustainability effortlessly. Designed by Bricault Design Architects, this luxury home features a living wall on three sides of the house and a roof garden to relax in the sun.


10. Shipping Container Home /// Studio MK27 


This unique design proves low budget doesn’t have to mean luxury. This modern home was made from discarded shipping containers, and built with respect to the trees that already existed in the space. A couple of our tropical La Cueillette scatter cushions would look great in this space.

Multicolour Beautiful Romantic French Wallpaper hero image

11. Schwimmhaus /// Germany

Yellow & Pink Contemporary Floral Design Wallpaper hero image

This modern floating house boat designed by Confused Direction is built from sustainable material including wood salvaged from an old farm house. The versatile structure can float on water or stay put on land.


12. Hus-1 Eco House /// Sweden

Copper & Green Elegant Geometric Designer Wallpaper hero image

This free-standing wooden structure was designed and built by Scandinavian architect and carpenter Torsten Ottesjö. The finely crafted home is so small it can be lifted onto the back of a lorry and moved elsewhere. The modern home was designed to reflect its rural landscape without drawing too much attention.


13. Sustainable E+ Green Home /// South Korea

This luxury modern home designed by Unsangdong architects, was created using a total of 95 green technologies. Developed with sustainable energy, eco housing and also emotional housing concepts in mind, in order to stimulate the inhabitants’ emotions.


14. Fab Lab House /// Spain

Grey Modern Geometric Designer Dining Room Wallpaper

The award-winning Fab Lab House Project was designed by architects from over twenty different countries, lead by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the Center for Bit and Atoms of the MIT. This unique self-sufficient building produces twice as much energy as it consumes.


15. Luxury Tree House /// Canada

White & Blue Modern Geometric Ombre Wallpaper hero image

Designer Pierre Leville constructed this stunning collection of around 14 luxury tree houses in Sanctuaire Mont-Cathadrale, Canada, all designed differently. To get the look of the shimmering panelling on the exterior of this modern home, check out our Firefly Wallpaper by Yuexin Du.



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