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Luxury. Romance. And An X-Ray Lab | Meet our stunning new wallpaper collection

We’re totally, totally tingling with excitement to introduce our new collection of artist-designed wallpapers to you.  From the anarchic genius of American abstract artist Kiki Slaughter through to romance born from Hugh Turvey’s X-ray laboratory experiments, this collection is full of drama and surprises.

There are 18 new and exclusive wallcoverings to discover – all created around the theme of entanglement with the world around us.  Nature, natural surfaces and organic textures abound.  Kiki Slaughter’s Oh La La contains all the energy and creativity of a painter’s studio.  Reeta Ek’s English Rose is a handpainted unfurling of colour and drama.  Basque street artist Marcos Navarro’s Persecution is a complex, deep piece that draws you into a steamy jungle setting.

So, world – meet Entangled.


Oh La La Wallpaper by Kiki Slaughter. 

The work of abstract artist Kiki Slaughter experiments with the fundamental process of painting. She pours, scrapes, layers and otherwise manipulates paint on the canvas to create works that are rich in both color and texture.

Oh La La Wallpaper Blue

Oh La La Wallpaper in Blue

Oh La La Wallpaper Sand

Oh La La Wallpaper in Sand

Available in Blue, Ice, Sand & Gold.  Oh La La is also available as a wall mural.

Oh La La Wallpaper colours


Vigor Wallpaper by Aoi Yoshizawa. 

With her dramatic brushwork, Japanese artist Aoi Yoshizawa updates traditional paneling for the 21st century.

Vigor Wallpaper Sand

Available in Blue, Taupe, Sand, Teal, Blue Smoke and Smoke.

Vigor Wallpaper colours


The Reeta Ek Series by Reeta Ek

Ek brings a fine art aesthetic to interior design. Viewing each composition as an art piece, she mixes action painting with natural textures to create expressive and dramatic pieces.´

English Rose Wallpaper

English Rose Wallpaper Midnight

Available in Midnight, Blue, Green, Forest and Cream.

English Rose Wallpaper colours


Misty Beach Wallpaper

Misty Beach Wallpaper Fog

Available in Fog, Blue Haze, Smoke, Brown, Cream and Dawn.

Misty Beach Wallpaper coours


Marble Hexagon Wallpaper by Aino Huhtaniemi

Huhtaniemi’s deconstruction of a marble slab into tessellated geometrics creates luxury, for the sharp of taste.

Marble Hexagon Wallpaper

Available in Sand, Ice, Silver Grey and Slate Noire.

Marble Hexagon Wallpaper colours


The Cut Series by Outi Mustonen

In her Cut Series, Outi Mustonen takes the simplest of materials – paper, batiste cloth – then manipulates them with paints, knives and her hands.  Minimalist, luxurious and witty work results.

Bed of Reeds Wallpaper

Bed of Reeds Wallpaper

Available in Sand, White, Cream and Blue.

Bed of Reeds Wallpaper colours


Folds Wallpaper

Folds Wallpaper

Available in Green, Blue, Birch, Pale and White.

Folds Wallpaper colours


Tips Wallpaper

Tips Wallpaper

Available in Fire, Monochrome, Blue and Vintage.

Tips Wallpaper colours


Persecution Wallpaper by Marcos Navarro

The work of Basque-based artist Marcos Navarro mixes together Vasconian influences with his experiences in the Barcelona street art scene.

Persecution Wallpaper

Available in Night, Grey, Sand, Blue & Green.

Persecution Wallpaper colours


Smoke Wallpaper by Ali Zamiri

Hand-drawn using charcoal by Iranian textile artist Ali Zamiri, the fine detailing of smoke is almost photographic.

Smoke Wallpaper

Available in Moss, Sky, Slate, Sand, Vintage and Monochrome.

Smoke Wallpaper colours


The X-Ray Series by Hugh Turvey

Artist-in-residence at the British Institute of Radiology, Hugh Turvey uses his X-ray laboratory to “see the unseen”.  Influenced by Russian constructivist concepts, his work finds order within chaos and beauty in each stratum of nature.

X-Ray Botanicals I Wallpaper

X-Ray Botanicals I Wallpaper

Available in Spring, Vintage, Grey & Monochrome.

X-Ray Botanicals I Wallpaper colours


X-Ray Botanicals II Wallpaper

X-Ray Botanicals II Wallpaper

Available in Spring, Vintage, Grey & Monochrome.

X-Ray Botanicals II Wallpaper colours


Jewel Scarab Wallpaper

Jewel Scarab Wallpaper

Available in Classic, Grey, Blue & Cream.

Jewel Scarab Wallpaper colours


Flo Wallpaper by Emily Wong

The delicacy of artist Emily Wong’s watercolor and gouache work juxtaposes beautifully with the dramatic scale and earthy colours.

Flo Wallpaper

Available in Teal, Copper Rose, Blue, Pale and Sand.

Flo Wallpaper colours


Porcelain Rose Wallpaper by Emmi Pouta

With a series of intricate hand-drawn lines, illustrator Emmi Pouta conjures up memories of antique porcelain, remade for the modern home.

Porcelain Rose Wallpaper

Available in Stone, Smoky Grey, Blue and Sand.

Porcelain Rose Wallpaper colours


The Bloom Series Wallpapers by Nina Nott

Underneath layers of aged paint and wallpaper, exposed during a restoration project, artist Nina Nott discovered vintage rococo and floral patterns.  Interpreting these with acrylic and oil paints, the Bloom Series was born.

Full Bloom Wallpaper

Full Bloom Wallpaper

Available in Teal, Vintage Yellow, Yellow, Blue and White.

Full Bloom Wallpaper colours


Moody Bloom Wallpaper

Moody Bloom Wallpaper

Available in Cream, Shadow, Blue & Dawn.

Moody Bloom Wallpaper colours


Bloom Garden Wallpaper

Bloom Garden Wallpaper

Available in Grey, Stone, Black & Cream.

Bloom Garden Wallpaper colours


We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we’ve enjoyed working with the artists creating it.

Shop the Entangled wallpaper collection now.  Our artist-designer wallpapers start from just £89 including free shipping to the UK, EU & USA.

Launching soon – cushions and fabrics from the Entangled collection.

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