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Meet the Designer: Design Intervention Singapore

Meet Design Intervention! One of the leading design practices in the Asia Pacific region, the studio is headed by partners Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage.   Their work is typified by layered luxury with organic shapes, rich textures and fine detailing creating rooms that are artworks in their own right.   They’ve been using FEATHR wallpaper & fabric in several of their recent projects, so we spoke to them about inspiration, creative vision and tips on the designs trends for 2019.


design intervention andrea & nikki

Andrea Savage & Nikki Hunt of Design Intervention | Image Credit: Design Intervention

Tell us about the Design Intervention offering.

In today’s globalized market place, where anyone with wifi access to the latest products and idea, design throughout the world has become increasingly homogenized. Where once a designer label was a badge of distinction, today, exclusivity has become the new luxury. Our clients come to us because they want a home that is totally unique, thoroughly bespoke, crafted to how they live and reflecting who they are. That’s why each of our projects is so different, because each client is different.


luxury monochrome fabric

Plato Monochrome fabric in a Design Intervention Project | Image Credit: Design Intervention


What’s your interior design style?

We are so proud to say we have no style! As designers, we create interiors that reflect the aspirations and personalities of the homeowners. At the moment, I am working on a  Japanese inspired, serene retreat. Yet many of our most photographed projects are riots of colour and glamour. But all our projects have one commonality, our meticulous attention detail. So that’s how I would describe our style- laboriously detailed. Not a sexy or exciting description but nevertheless the most accurate description of our work.


luxury cream fabric

Plato Cream fabric in a Design Intervention Project | Image Credit: Design Intervention

Where do you get your inspiration from?

That’s never a problem. The problem is switching off! If design is in your blood, inspiration is everywhere you look, the set of a Tv show, the detail on a friends dress, the shapes of a city skyline, or the colours of an evening sky. But the starting point for our projects, is always the clients themselves, their ideas and aspirations and idiosyncrasies. Each client is different and that’s why I never get bored. Every time we meet a new client, it is a new adventure, a fresh journey of discovery to unravel what excites or soothes them and to capture that in design



luxury cream sofa fabric

English Rose Forest fabric in a Design Intervention Project | Image Credit: Design Intervention


What’s your dream interior design piece?

What ever I am working on at any point in time. I have spent most of this week working on a rug design for an ongoing project. As I refine and tinker, I suppose I become completely enthralled, maybe even obsessed … until it is finally complete and then I fall in love with the next project. If that sounds fickle, then I am fickle and proud to be so!

luxury monochrome fabric curtains
Plato Monochrome fabric in a Design Intervention Project | Image Credit: Design Intervention


What are the big interiors trends for 2019?

I think people will look back at 2019 as a tipping point for design. For a few years now, blogs and magazines have been talking about a colour, glamour and pattern but the common perception of what is chic or elegant has been pretty restrained and understated. But after more than 2 decades of minimalism, the pendulum has shifted this year and I think we will look back and view 2019 as the year where maximalism and colour became mainstream

luxury green wallpaper

Plato Green wallpaper in a Design Intervention Project | Image Credit: Design Intervention


Why did you choose FEATHR wallpaper & fabrics for your projects?

In a word Originality. We are always looking for unique offerings for our clients and the Feathr product line is exactly that.  The designs are confident, fresh, and unexpected. Sshhh… Feathr is our little secret…don’t tell everyone!


How have your clients reacted to the FEATHR wallpaper & fabrics?

Loved it! The quality is great and the designs certainly make a statement.


Thanks Nikki, Andrea & the team at Design Intervention.  We look forward to seeing more of your jaw-droppingly beautiful projects in the near future!


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