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Modern Designer Wallpaper /// The Best Of

Our modern designer wallpapers are lifting wallpaper out of the decoration ghetto and turning it into art.  Exclusive, luxurious, beautifully crafted and designed to be talking points – this is designer wallpaper with a difference.  Discover our whole range of designer wallpaper, or delve into this selection of  popular designs.

Kubla Khan – Chinoiserie Wallpaper

A stunning new Chinoiserie wallpaper, featuring exotic animals and cherry blossoms climbing a subtly distressed wall.  Available in a range of sumptuous colours.

Cream Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

green chinoiserie wallpaper in bathroom

Yellow Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image

Oh La La – Distressed Shabby Chic Wall Mural

The Oh La La wall mural displays the experimental, organic and textural nature of Slaughter’s art. To create this piece, which was originally a triptych of canvases, she poured, scraped, layered and otherwise manipulated paint on the canvas to create a wallpaper that is rich in both color and texture.

Blue Distressed Shabby Chic Wall Mural hero image

Takeda Gold – Luxury Cherry Blossom Wall Mural

Luxury is truly unleashed with this metallic gold cherry blossom wallpaper mural. The gold metallic background is lightly distressed creating a charming shabby chic effect, whilst the beautiful detailing of the red cherry blossoms and branches adds to the exotic, luxurious feel of this gold chinoiserie wall mural.

Gold Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Mural hero image

Baltic Sea in Ice – A Modern Designer Wallpaper

By working with aquerelles painted onto wet paper, Vartiainen has captured the sea’s fragility and beauty in this romantic and luxurious wallcovering.

Our Creative Director, Oliver Green, on why we love this design: “Teija has managed to pack more mood and feeling into this design than anything I have seen in a long time. It’s like unrolling a storm. Seeing it in a room makes you realise how much drama and beauty is possible from a wallpaper.”

Baltic Sea Modern Designer Wallpaper

Plato in Blue – A Modern Designer Wallpaper

Plato captures the drama of an artist at work. Originally hand-painted by Japanese artist, Aoi Yoshizawa, the fine detailing retains the movement of the brush and grain of the paint.

Our Creative Director, Oliver Green, on why we love this design: “The making of brush strokes this confidently isn’t as easy to achieve as you might think but Aoi has managed to bring control and chaos together wonderfully. This is a standout piece in our collection for sure.”

Plato Modern Designer Wallpaper

Neural in Sand – A Modern Designer Wallpaper

Neural was conceived by the sought-after experimental art photographer, Luke Evans. He photographed slices of cow brain tissue under a ultra-high resolution microscope, then enhanced them using film grain. A stunning marbled wallcovering that tells an intriguing story.

Our Creative Director, Oliver Green, on why we love this design: “If it’s possible to create a subversive wallpaper then Luke has done that with Neural. A legitimately interesting way to arrive at a beautiful finish.”

Neural Modern Designer Wallpaper

Tattoo Flash 01 in Negative – A Modern Designer Wallpaper

For this series of contemporary wallpapers, FEATHR.com worked with legendary tattoo artist Liam Sparkes. Known worldwide for his absurd and brutal tattoos, this is the first time he’s applied his art to wallpaper.

Our Creative Director, Oliver Green, on why we love this design: “Being tattooed myself and knowing the legend of Liam Sparkes it was an honour to work with the man. His style is trademark and known in the skin art circles. We worked to keep his brutal simplicity and bring it the wall – only adding some depth with background colour.”

Tattoo Flash 01 Modern Designer Wallpaper

Crystallise in Copper – A Modern Design Wallpaper

Inspired by natural ornamenation of honeycomb and crystallisation, Glenn Todd’s Crystallise deconstructs the pure lines expected of geometrics. Energy, movement and intrigue result.

Our Creative Director, Oliver Green, on why we love this design: “This is a skilfully realised idea. The blocks of copper are used sparingly to give the shards of crystal space to breathe. The overall feeling of the design is luxurious without being gauche.”

Crystallise Modern Designer Wallpaper

Modern Designer Wallpaper: To Surprise and Delight

What would come into your mind if someone asked you what you thought of modern wallpaper? That word, designer… it can lead to a mix of thoughts and opinions. Yet there is far more scope to find the perfect modern designer wallpaper for your preferences than you’d think.

Grey & Green Exotic Tropical Bird Wallpaper hero image

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Indeed, our collection of designer wallpaper could certainly suit any room or preference. You can select from deep and dark colors and designs through to lighter and more relaxed tones and shapes. Weaving your way through our selection of modern designer wallpaper certainly takes you on a journey toward a destination that may surprise you.

Not convinced? Allow us to guide you through some versatile and quirky designs, including a designer wallpaper mural that lures you into the jungle…

Designer Wallpaper is Paradise Lost…or found?

This designer wallpaper mural shows how it isn’t necessary to have modern art on your walls when you go for something as bold as this. Wander deep into the jungle, looking for creatures lurking there as you go.

Green Vintage Jungle Wall Mural hero image

Oftentimes, when people think of modern wallpaper designs, they think of abstract shapes and a suggestion of what might be there rather than showing anything concrete. With our Paradise Lost designer wall mural, we get the chance to really delve into the jungle setting in detail. This is a custom design too, so it looks beautiful across the largest expanse of wall. The biggest modern art installation of all, perhaps?

Green Vintage Jungle Wall Mural custom mural image

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That modern approach makes this wallpaper ideal for a bedroom, perhaps on a feature wall behind the bed. Alternatively, you could add it to every wall in your dining room to make a unique design statement.

But if you do love abstract wallpaper designs…

You can still find a modern designer wallpaper mural that offers a hint of the beach, the sea, and the waves beyond. This wall mural a fine example of how dark and light shades can find their place in the same modern design. There is a touch of gold running through the middle of the design too.

Teal & Grey Abstract Wallpaper Mural

One of the most important things to consider if you’d like to choose a modern designer wallpaper or mural is to think about your style. Don’t be afraid to let it show. Not sure if you have a style, or where to begin? Don’t worry. The scope shown throughout our collection of modern designer papers is impressive. You’ve got the freedom to look through our stunning designer wallpapers to find one that speaks to you. And for some, it might well be the lure of something abstract, such as our Mystic designer wallpaper mural.

Grey Abstract Wallpaper Mural hero image

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A modern designer wallpaper with watercolours

Maybe you’d rather choose a wallpaper design that doesn’t require any imagination. Something that pulls you into the sense of being somewhere other than simply being at home. The Zephyr designer wall mural does just that, yet it manages to add some abstract tones to it as well. Is this the perfect mix of the stance taken with each of the above designs?

Feathr Blue & White Watercolour Forest Wall Mural design image

Here, we have a modern designer wallpaper mural punctuated by trees, inviting us into a tranquil forest. You can see enough to tell where you are, yet it could be anywhere in the world. Could this be your favorite forest somewhere special to you? It takes you into the autumn months, with golden and brown leaves falling to the ground. Whether you display this behind your bed or on a feature wall in a communal room for relaxation, it certainly stands out admirably.

Black & White Watercolour Forest Wall Mural hero image

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Modern artwork introduced in a new way

Whenever we look at any modern designer wallpaper, we’re not just looking at a wall covering. We are indeed looking at modern art. Now, perhaps you don’t believe your home is right for modern art. But you can see by looking at these examples that you have an opportunity to make a striking and welcome difference to your home.

Purple Floral Dog Pattern Wallpaper hero image

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You can choose a modern designer wallpaper that makes sense for you, and that appeals to your own desire for a particular color scheme. You can also resolve the question of whether you can hang specific paintings or other decorations against your chosen wallpaper. When you choose a bold modern designer wallpaper, you need nothing else to make it work. In many ways, it makes life simpler and more appealing. You can step into a forest, an abstract beach setting, or deep into a jungle whenever you arrive home. Can you imagine a standard wallpaper design giving you the chance to do that?

Teal Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Hero Image

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If you’re looking to change your home design, see how much inspiration you can take from these modern wallpapers. Peruse through these statement wallpaper designs to see which ones hit the spot.

Discover our full range of modern designer wallpapers, along with our beautiful luxury fabric prints and unique scatter cushions.

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