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Nature Wallpaper Ideas for a Fresh Springtime Interior

Winter often feels like the longest month. It’s certainly the darkest for many of us. Cold weather, dark days, long nights… it’s no wonder we long for spring to begin anew.


Yet we can usher in the springtime months earlier than ever with some creative interior design ideas. And what better way to make that happen than to introduce a nature wallpaper, filled with inspiration for the new season? We go through some of our finest designs for springtime, with nature wallpaper murals and papers to inspire you day in, day out.


Takeda cherry blossom wallpaper mural

This cream and red cherry blossom wallpaper mural adopts a sand-colored background for a calming backdrop. This makes the speckled red cherry blossoms stand out even more. They offer a bright take on a new season, lending the blossoming design to your soft furnishings. Certainly, the odd splash of pink elsewhere, in a cushion or throw, would bring everything together. This nature wallpaper mural has plenty of depth in what appears at first to be an uncomplicated design.


Cream & Red Cherry Blossom Wallpaper Mural hero image


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Zephyr nature wall mural

Switch things up in your bedroom or any other space with this blue and white watercolor forest wall mural. Perfect for a backdrop to the bed or for a feature wall, the mural takes you deep into a forest filled with the promise of spring. What can you see beyond those trees? A sparkling mix of light and dark permeates throughout this design, sure to capture the attention of all those who see it. It’s a timeless one to enjoy regardless of season.


Feathr Blue & White Watercolour Forest Wall Mural design image


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Birds Birds tropical wallpaper

Would you rather opt for nature wallpaper that really brings you into the heart of the action? This exotic tropical bird wallpaper certainly does that. There are many more birds than you spot at first, offering an eclectic mix of unusual species throughout. The richness of the ferns, fronds, and plants takes you deep into the jungle. While it may not be the first spring-like place you might think of, it certainly launches the new season in style.

Grey & Green Exotic Tropical Bird Wallpaper hero image


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Oh La La shabby chic wallpaper

Are you looking for a more distressed appearance for your room this spring? This cream and brown distressed shabby chic wallpaper offers the perfect backdrop for any modern or classic décor in your home. Created by artist Kiki Slaughter, it offers a mix of paint styles in one piece. The neutral sandy design makes it ideal for any room too, thanks to the versatile and subtle techniques used throughout. Which nature scenes can you imagine as you stare at this piece?

Cream & Brown Distressed Shabby Chic Wallpaper Customer Installation Image


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Kubla Khan Chinoiserie wallpaper

This yellow beautiful Chinoiserie wallpaper is filled with the blooms of spring. We think of this as a time when the birds begin to sing, and you’ll find them throughout this charming design. The richness of the saffron colors is the perfect counterpoint to the fresh blooms and birds sitting among the small branches. It speaks of a new dawn with bright light leaves and the promise of warmer times ahead. It’s possible to wake up to this nature wallpaper every day. Can you imagine?

Yellow Beautiful Chinoiserie Wallpaper hero image


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A New Ornate nature wallpaper

If you wish to immerse yourself in warmer climes, you can do so with this green and white colorful distressed flower wallpaper without even leaving home. This is a busy mix of greens and lighter tones, giving us a taste of new life among the leaves. However, we can also use our imaginations to think about what may hide among those fresh plants. This would look superb in a communal space or a hallway in need of livening up.

Green & White Colourful Distressed Flower Wallpaper hero image


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Hirosaki Chinoiserie wallpaper mural

If you’re after a nature wallpaper mural with a chillier look that uses more than a splash of silver to inspire, we have something perfect for you here. Consider the vibrant silver Chinoiserie wallpaper mural, Hirosaki Silver. The repeating design makes the mural perfect for any feature wall, from the bedroom to a luxurious powder room. Peacocks and songbirds feature throughout, giving this an unusual yet appealing presentation. You can almost hear them sing…

Silver Chinoiserie Wall Mural hero image


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Aloha green tropical wallpaper

If springtime means lighter shades for you, this cream and green vintage palm tropical wallpaper puts a different spin on things. The light background works beautifully with the pink Bird of Paradise flowers, while the light green palm leaves add to the tropical feel. Everything works well together, allowing for plenty of scope when deciding on a change of décor elsewhere in the room too. This is light and fresh, just what you need in springtime, don’t you think?

Cream & Green Vintage Palm Tropical Wallpaper hero image


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Enchanted Garden jungle bird wallpaper

Are you brave enough to introduce this white and blue jungle bird wallpaper into your home? Springtime need not be filled with pastels – it can be bold and fresh for a new season too. The hand-painted peacocks are the centerpiece here, but you can see how well they stand out against the lighter background. This nature wallpaper gives a striking impression, perfect for a feature wall in a larger room or anywhere that needs freshening up in a big way.

Black & Blue Jungle Bird Wallpaper hero image


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Tattoo Flash II modern wallpaper

When a nature wallpaper takes the name Tattoo Flash 2, you know you are looking at something totally different from all that has gone before. The design looks superb from a distance, yet this fresh and funky creation gives you more detail the closer you look. Choosing this blue and white funky modern tattoo wallpaper gives you the chance to freshen up your home for spring in an entirely unique way. How many others would go for something as eye-catching and bright as this?

Pink & Blue Funky Modern Tattoo Wallpaper hero image


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Shimmer Chevron shabby chic wallpaper

If shabby chic still appeals this spring, how about considering this gold and grey shabby pattern wallpaper design? We’ve seen with past suggestions that nature wallpaper for spring doesn’t need to be literal. It can inspire via an abstract design too, as it does here. Look closely and the chevrons become more apparent, but the style of the gold and grey tones make it easier to imagine what might be going on behind the scenes or in the distance.

Gold & Grey Shabby Pattern Wallpaper hero image


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Swan blue Chinoiserie wallpaper mural

Anyone searching for a nature wallpaper with added depth can find their ideal design in this blue Chinoiserie wallpaper mural. It takes us into a stunning scene, where trees nestle around the water’s edge and are reflected in its depths. The nature wallpaper mural has bags of potential as a feature wall, perhaps on a chimney breast or behind a bed. Yet you could also use it throughout a larger room where you need to feel as if you are immersed within the outdoors. Anything is possible with this design.

Blue Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural hero image


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Persian Leopard blue leopard wallpaper

Are you feeling brave? If springtime means fresh new and unusual ideas, how about this blue dark leopard wallpaper? Certain to create a talking point, the Persian leopard designed by Karina Eibatova invites you into the jungle. Certainly fresh and delivering something that is unmatched in any of our other designs, this wallpaper is unusual and filled with detail. If freshening up your interior is the aim, you cannot do better than to select this nature wallpaper.

Blue Dark Leopard Wallpaper hero image


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Persecution nature wallpaper

If you like the idea of a jungle setting but you find other designs too dark, this blue cool tropical jungle wallpaper supplies the perfect antidote. The light tones are superb when welcoming the spring months, and in this design, you can see various animals running around as well. Based on Vasconian art, the nature wallpaper delivers more than you would suspect at first glance. This is a jungle from a different angle, and one that is going to look superb wherever you choose to hang it.

Blue Cool Tropical Jungle Wallpaper hero image


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Lustrous Rose silver wallpaper mural

How about a more romantic design to introduce a springtime feel to your home this year? This silver romantic floral wall mural feels almost as if you are looking through misted glass. The metallic design introduces far more shades of silver and added colors than you might think. Its understated yet striking appearance means you can confidently hang it anywhere in your home. The giant petals and flowers make this an unforgettable (and yes, romantic too) addition to your home.

Silver Romantic Floral Wall Mural hero image


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Full Bloom floral wallpaper

So far, we have seen many different nature wallpapers designed with color in mind. Here, we see an alternative in this white contemporary floral design wallpaper. If spring makes you think of new blooms coming to life, yet you don’t want anything too floral or colorful, this Full Bloom wallpaper is the ideal solution. It gives you the mix of heady blooms you expect, without the colors and tones you may find hard to match with your décor. With this design, anything goes.

White Contemporary Floral Design Wallpaper hero image


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Arcadia vintage wallpaper mural

Springtime doesn’t mean you need to go light or stick with pastels or even bright colors. How about a darker take on nature? If you like that idea, you’ll love this black and copper vintage peacock wall mural. It brings the outdoors inside in a whole new way. We’ve featured peacocks in nature wallpaper mural designs before, but rarely do they make such an impression as they do here. The luscious copper tones transform this paper into something rich and yet still understated. Can you resist?


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Island Life nature wallpaper mural

What does spring mean to you? Does it mean the chance to return to the outdoors to go in pursuit of warmer weather and the sea and the beach? If so, don’t wait for the weather to catch up. Hang this blue and yellow ocean beach wallpaper mural indoors instead. The giant nature wallpaper mural focuses on the point where the sea meets the sand, giving you a feeling of being immersed in brighter and warmer times whenever you view it. Once hung, you’ll find this hard to say goodbye to in future.

Blue & Yellow Ocean Beach Wallpaper Mural hero image


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Swan Lake shabby chic wallpaper

Another shabby chic design here, this time introducing swans for the new season. The yellow shabby chic swan wallpaper keeps the design deliberately vague, offering plenty of texture throughout and giving us the chance to see some elegant swans swimming around together. Surprisingly, this is not a busy design; rather, it is a different type of nature wallpaper that gives a cozier feel to any room. Try it in small or large spaces – this design is subtle enough to look wonderful anywhere.
Yellow Shabby Chic Swan Wallpaper


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Albion vintage wallpaper mural

We will finish with another subtler yet detailed design – this blue and gold vintage pattern wall mural. Even though we have lots of detail packed into the repeating design here, it gives an overall pleasing mix of blue and gold throughout. The blueberry tones are calming and while the design looks busy, it proves to be anything but. We can say the same of the vintage appearance. It may be perfect for the classically decorated room, yet it also works well with modern furniture.


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Bring springtime indoors throughout the year

Choosing one of these vibrant and uplifting nature wallpaper designs will inspire you to enjoy the best of the outdoors. No matter what time of the day or night it is, you can appreciate the best, most relaxing, and quirky murals or wallpapers to take you to a new world without leaving home.


Spring is a month of new beginnings, of flowers coming to life, and of promise for the year ahead. You can see from our selection of nature wallpaper murals and wallpapers that there are many ways you can introduce this idea into your home. The only thing you need to do is to decide how bold you wish to be. We think you’ll find an answer within our above recommendations.


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