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Paint effects Wallpapers /// 17 of the best

Paint effects wallpapers are the contemporary alternative to hanging framed art on your walls – cover your wall in artwork instead. Now available in various styles and designs – from blocky, graphic designs to abstract paint splattered techniques, there’s no need to attempt the DIY version yourself when the artist-designed wallpapers look this good.


Grattage, FEATHR

Romantic and textural, this stunning abstract wallpaper was created with the Surrealists’ grattage technique. The feeling of a worn finish adds warmth to a modern interior.

Grey Distressed Shabby Chic Wallpaper hero image

Paint Effect Wallpaper, Kelly Wearstler

The muted tones of this abstract design complement the expressive brushwork, resulting in a piece that is at once edgy and sophisticated.

Blue & Grey Elegant Rose Flower Wallpaper hero image


Artist Anna Alanko created this abstract piece by allowing acrylic paints to mix slowly together on a tilted canvas. This bold paint effect wallpaper will instantly turn your home into an abstract art gallery.

Red & Yellow Beautiful Abstract Colourful Wallpaper hero image

Polygon, Milexa

This on-trend wallpaper comes as a mural. The contrasting colours in the geometric design make it the perfect choice for a feature wall.

Image: Milexa

Machair, FEATHR

The paint splattered effect of this stunning wallpaper by artist Albaquirky has a gentle movement to it that lends a romantic aesthetic to the overall design.

Brown Abstract Watercolour Designer Wallpaper pattern image

Baltic Sea, FEATHR

The crashing waves of the baltic sea are depicted in stunning expressive brushwork by FEATHR artist Teija Vartiainen.

Blue & White Beautiful Watercolour Abstract Wallpaper hero image

Paint effect wallpaper, unknown

This contemporary paint effect wallpaper is the ideal backdrop to traditional, wooden furniture a pairing typical of editor Victoria Smith’s modern bohemian style.

Cream & Green Beautiful Abstract Flower Wallpaper hero image


This hand-painted design by Japanese artist, Aoi Yoshizawa, has an energy and drama to it, captured in the wide brush strokes and movement of the pattern.

Misty Beach, FEATHR

This hazy wallpaper by Finnish artist Reeta Ek is full of mystery and suspense, yet remains a very calm and serene bedroom wallpaper when used in a Nordic style room.

Paint Effect Wallpaper, unknown

The small, precise markings on this contemporary wallpaper can be achieved on your own, but getting the spacing right will be tricky, and covering an entire room will be time-consuming. Much easier to buy a paint effect wallpaper instead!

Blue Smoky Watercolour Wall Mural hero image

Image: Elijah Hoffman


Expressive and abstract, this artistic paint effect wallpaper illustrates a powerful rising storm in stunning hand-painted style.

Blue & Grey Abstract Wallpaper Mural hero image

Watercolor Wallpapers, Murals Wallpaper

The rich hues of this blue mural design is part of a collection of hand-painted watercolor pieces. Resembling crashing waves, the artwork creates a serene mood, perfect for a bedroom or living room to relax in.

Pink & Blue Watercolour Wall Mural hero image


This beautiful paint splattered wallpaper was originally a triptych of canvases, now a stunning artwork you can cover your wall with. This artistic technique is best left to the professionals, including Oh La La artist Kiki Slaughter.

Blue Distressed Shabby Chic Wallpaper hero image

Paint Effect Wallpaper, Kelly Wearstler

This bold, abstract design is typical of interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s distinctive style. As a bedroom wallpaper, this paint effect piece instantly modernises the room.

Blue & White Watercolour Forest Wall Mural hero image

Spring Ice, FEATHR

This abstract brushwork in this contemporary wallpaper depicts a frozen Scandinavian sea during all four seasons.

Green Japanese Floral Tree Wallpaper hero image

Paint Splattered Wallpaper, unknown

This beautiful blue design is versatile enough to work with any modern room, and the subtle splattered paint effect has a playful aesthetic.

Silver Floral Abstract Wallpaper Mural hero image


The expressive brush strokes of artist Aoi Yoshizawa are at once energising and calming, and the neutral colour variants make this piece versatile enough for any modern room.

Grey & White Elegant Painted Stripe Wallpaper hero image


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