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Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper /// The Best of #1

Minimalist, calm and perfectly styled – that’s our unique range of modern Scandinavian designer wallpaper.  Relax with a selection of our most popular designs from our Scandinavian range.

Baltic Sea – A Modern Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

The Baltic Sea is fragile and dramatic environment – one which the artist seas everyday from her base in Helsinki.  To capture its ever shifting moods, she painted aquerelles onto wet paper.

“Imagine the Baltic Sea on a stormy day, and this is what Vartiainen captured in this work,” writes our Creative Director, Oliver Green. “She shows that wallpaper can transport you – to a place, a mood and a moment.”

Baltic Sea Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

Cutlery – A Modern Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

We love this modern trompe l’oeil piece by Inka Ikavalko.  It celebrates the perfection in imperfection, and is part of a series conceived around what might have been left behind.

“Wallpaper can be witty and stylish and a talking point,” writes our Creative Director, Oliver Green, “but it takes talent to do this.  Inka has created a truly modern piece, perfect for any dining space in or out of the home.”

Cutlery Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

Swan Lake – A Modern Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

Unexpectedly, this piece brings together a technique from the surrealists – grattage – and a classical look of tapestry.  Created by Scandinavian artist, Hanna Kaisa Korolainen, its a truly beautiful and luxurious piece.

“What a special and dramatic piece this is,” writes our Creative Director, Oliver Green. “It’s full of soul and the human touch – a piece to hang and admire for years to come.”

Swan Lake Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

NYE –  A Modern Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

A canvas at an angle.  Acrylic paints.  Gravity.  Sometimes the most unexpected things can create real beauty – but that’s the wonder of the natural processes so that so often influence Scandinavian artist Anna Alanko’s work.

“This piece has such softness to it – it’s like someone’s thoughts rendered onto a canvas,” writes our Creative Director, Oliver Green, “but change the colour palette and the mood changes with it.”

NYE Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

Astray – A Modern Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

We love the fragility in this piece.  The subject matter of mother and child, along with the translucence of the draughtmanship, make it a touching and engaging piece.  Created by Scandinavian artist Teija Vartiainen, it can bring a little Nordic beauty and mystery into the home.

Astray Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper

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