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See How Abstract Art Can Lift a Room

14 February 2016


An abstract artwork on the wall is a striking way to energise a room.  Either by reflecting or contrasting with the design style of the space around it.  We’ve picked 5 of the best abstract artwork settings to inspire your design thinking – all matched the best of our modern abstract designer wallpaper.


A pair of lamps set of the impact of this abstract art work.

Created using the gestural abstraction or action painting process – made most famous by Jackson Pollock – this is dramatic work of art lifts a classic room into a modern style.

White Abstract Watercolour Designer Wallpaper hero image


This’d look great with our unique abstract designer wallpaper, Machair.


A dash of abstract black is used to bring drama to the pale style of this designer interior

The classic white Scandinavian style is in vogue right now (is it never?).  To stop it looking too recessive, a bold abstract artwork creates a focal point for all that white.  This piece recalls some of turbulence of JMW Turner or the more modern works of Samantha Keely Smith, but in a monochrome colour scheme suited to the room.

Blue & White Statement Geometric Triangle Wallpaper hero image

This’d look great with our modern abstract design, BAI.


Abstract can be playful too – baby blues and natural shapes bring warmth to this interior.

This wonderful room is pure, condensed trends.  The pastel chairs, Scandinavian furniture, baby blue walls, geometric touches and then a whimsical Nordic meets Asian abstract artwork.  There’s no poe-faced seriousness here – just a homely, modern & stylish room.

Green Quirky Scandinavian Kids Wallpaper hero image


This’d look great with our unique abstract designer wallpaper, Dreamscape.


The teal chairs in this Dining room design by Damien Langlois-Meurinne are brilliantly offset by the colours in the abstract artwork.

In this strong, masculine and luxe room, it’s the interplay between the metallic accessories and the formal chairs that bring the rom its seriousness.  But its that stunning teal abstract artwork that adds the energy.  For similar works, its work checking out Kadar Brock.

Blue Beautiful Watercolour Abstract Wallpaper hero image


This’d look great with our beautiful abstract designer wallpaper, Baltic Sea.


A colourful abstract artwork adds drama to this mid-century modern setting.

Cleverly, this space mixes colours and styles without becoming oppressive.  The coffee table comes straight from the 1980s Memphis Group movement, whilst the lampshade, artwork and other furnishings are pure mid-century perfection.


Blue & White Modern Scandinavian Designer Wallpaper hero image

This’d look great with our elegant abstract mid-century designer wallpaper, Sigtuna.


Check our our full range of unique abstract designer wallpapers here.

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