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Shabby Chic Wallpaper – 25+ Ideas You’ll Love

Everyone knows the term shabby chic but how do you use that idea to inspire a new look at home? Many people choose furnishings and additions, but we’ve got some stunning shabby chic wallpaper and wall murals you can choose from instead. You can make a splash with accessories, but why not make a bigger one by changing the look of your walls instead?


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>> See more Shimmer Circle concrete gold shabby wallpaper images 

concrete gold shabby wallpaper

Is it the faint shimmer of gold in this distressed wallpaper design that makes it stand out? The gold circles contrast with the inspired concrete appearance of the paper to make this the perfect choice for a feature wall, a chimney breast, or an entire room. Three complete panels are included in each roll, giving you plenty of scope for your projects. The shimmery gold effect draws you in and would work in many settings.


>> See more Snowfall in Spring shabby chic stripe wallpaper images

shabby chic stripe wallpaper

Snow falling in spring… It sounds like a contradiction in terms, yet the inspiration behind this shabby chic design takes the traditional striped wallpaper to a new level. Striped it may be, but this wallpaper includes many tones of light and dark within. It’s relaxed, undramatic, and calming all in one go. Could you imagine leaning back in bed or settling into an armchair with this as the backdrop?

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>> See more Safari wallpaper shabby chic gold wallpaper images 

shabby chic gold wallpaper

The detail in this safari design seems so real, you’ll wonder if the layers are actually there. Taken from an original artwork, this wallpaper design is more distressed than most. That works in its favor though, with inspiration coming from the use of oils, acrylics, and metallic finishes. Natural tones work with rather than against the gold touches, bringing a new meaning to shabby chic.


>> See more Shimmer Chevron gold shabby chic wallpaper images 

gold shabby chic wallpaper

Can you imagine hanging wallpaper that uses chevrons as a key part of the design? Perhaps not, but this Shimmer Chevron finish might change your mind. The beautiful backdrop to this design is stunning, with the merest hint of those golden chevrons steadily making their way across the wall. Perfect for a hallway but equally at home in a bedroom or dining room, just imagine the statement you could make with this.


>> See more Parlour vintage Tile Wallpaper images

vintage Tile Wallpaper

When is a tiled design not made of tiles? When it is made from this vintage wallpaper design, providing a practical and fast solution when tiles are the desired image you want to attain. Assorted tile designs are imprinted onto the wallpaper, providing you with more detail than you might at first expect. Tones of light and dark silvers and grays go through each tile, giving it a shabby chic look with a difference.


>> See more Dreamboat shabby chic watercolor wallpaper images 

shabby chic watercolor wallpaper

For a distressed finish that looks truly calming, something you’ll want to look at and explore for many hours, try this dreamboat design. Filled with muted colors working together to inspire a relaxed and unusual take on painting, the design comes from working with acrylics and oils. The finished product does inspire the dreamboat name, with various shades of greens, blues, and lighter shades.

wallpaper as seen in


>> See more Shimmer Stripe luxury distressed stripe wallpaper images 

luxury distressed stripe wallpaper

>> See more Industrial white vintage brick wallpaper imagesIf you liked Shimmer Chevron, you might equally like this alternative. It uses stripes to provide a sharp contrast between the distressed background and the more formal striped golden areas. And yet again, it works, even though you might expect the contrasting vintage and modern elements to clash. It does anything but, giving you a bold design that would look at home in many locations.


>> See more Archipelago beautiful distressed wallpaper images 

beautiful distressed wallpaper

Taken from a piece of art using liquid sugar and salt to create the finished design, the Archipelago design offers a truly distressed wallpaper finish. The abstract appearance allows you to see and imagine a series of islands from above, with a sense of both the indoors and outdoors coming into play. Could this be the inspired look that could turn a hallway from good to great?  A beautiful piece inspired by the Finnish Archipelago.


>> See more Americana vintage Americana wall mural images 

vintage Americana wall mural
If you’d rather go for a distressed wall mural, this vintage design is hard to say no to. The wording is suitably distressed to go with the rest of the design, which takes in several earthy and industrial shades. It’s the ideal mix for a feature wall or to make a statement in a large industrial space. After all, that’s where it takes its inspiration from.


>> See more Amsterdam shabby chic vintage brick wallpaper images 

shabby chic vintage brick wallpaper

It’s the full height of this wallpaper that makes it so striking. Inspired by Amsterdam, the city of canals, bridges, and buildings, the blue tones at the bottom of each length of wallpaper gently blend into the earthier tones above. The imagination carries you the rest of the way, providing a great look in a hallway, a lounge, or anywhere else you desire it. This is shabby chic wallpaper like no other.


>> See more Tender Oil shabby chic Americana wall mural images

shabby chic Americana wall mural

Who would go for motor oil stamped on their walls? If you opt for this Americana design, you’ll have a distressed wall mural that would certainly prove to be a talking point. Almost appearing to be a remnant left behind from a bygone age, the vintage look provides a hint of the industrial age coupled with a more relaxed feel. It’s hard to provide all that in one design, but this one manages it.


>> See more Industrial white vintage brick wallpaper images

white vintage brick wallpaper

If a distressed urban design is what you’re after, this white vintage brick wallpaper is just the thing. Intended to produce the effect of concrete with splashes of white paint and faint holes and distressed areas on it, it offers an abstract design ideal for many scenarios and spaces. It would suit a small space – a bathroom, perhaps – equally as well as a larger one. Any room can take on that industrial look with the right touches.



>> See more The Palm Grove bronze shabby chic tropical wallpaper images

shabby chic tropical wallpaper

Is bronze your thing? If it is, take a closer look at this shabby chic wallpaper design with bronze elements, palm leaves, and a real aged feel. The large tiled panels look superb when viewed from a distance, yet there is plenty of detail to warrant a closer look. Ideal for a feature wall in a large communal room, it also looks great in cozier spaces.



free wallpaper mural mock up




>> See more Summer Fields vintage Floral Wall Mural images

vintage Floral Wall Mural

Nothing beats the feeling of laying in a field during the warmer months of the year. Now, you can use this distressed wall mural to create that same feeling in your home. The design is perfect for use as a backdrop to a relaxing bedroom, while still offering enough detail to inspire the shabby chic look in a dining room or living room. Wherever you use it, the wall mural delivers in style.


>> See more Layered with Love shabby chic damask wallpaper images

 shabby chic damask wallpaper
If you’ve never thought about using a damask design before, perhaps this option will be the turning point. There are many grays involved in the design, offering looks at light and dark areas combining to develop a vintage wallpaper look that is both appealing and filled with depth. Distressed it certainly is, but in a powerful way that demands to be noticed. It never becomes too busy though, making it a good option for larger rooms.


>> See more Lost Garden shabby chic floral wall mural images

shabby chic floral wall mural

This is a garden you could certainly become lost in. The more you stare at this floral shabby chic wall mural, the more you see. Your imagination picks up where the design leaves off, giving you the perfect background for any room to take inspiration from. Pink may not be your first choice for a distressed wall mural, but the tones included in this design show how powerful it is.


>> See more Bacchus shabby chic bronze wallpaper images

shabby chic bronze wallpaper

Combine copper and bronze with a tiled look and you get this Bacchus design, providing darker tones than many other distressed wallpaper options. This is a bold design, to be sure, with plenty of detailing spreading throughout each panel. It has a richness that doesn’t prove too dark though, giving this the ability to look great in many spaces and rooms.  A design to have fun around – Bacchus was the Roman God of debauchery!


>> See more Misty Beach II distressed minimalist stripe wallpaper images

distressed minimalist stripe wallpaper

If you’re considering a much milder, more understated design, the Misty Beach II option could be the solution. A shabby chic wall hanging need not be complex, overly dramatic, or eye-catching. This design proves it could equally be relaxing and lighter in tone. Minimalist is the aim and that has certainly been achieved here. Perfect for larger rooms and those where a darker shade looks great in the lower portion of the wall.


>> See more Lake Champlain modern shabby chic wall mural images

modern shabby chic wall mural
This lake-inspired design feels as if it takes you away, far away into the middle of a lake where no one else is around. Understated yet delivering a powerful look and feel, the subtle tones look better still when displayed over a large wall. Perfect for use on any wall, it’s made to order once we have your exact wall measurements. This is your chance to bring the lake into your home.



>> See more Sicilian Avenue vintage Tile Concrete Wallpaper images

Grey Tile Concrete Wallpaper hero image

An industrial look once again, this version takes us into the heart of Sicily, thanks to the use of wall tiles midway through the design. They seem to sit right into the concrete used to inspire the rest of the design, bringing a depth to the tones that would not otherwise be there. A distressed wallpaper that it is hard to take your eyes away from.


>> See more Machair distressed watercolour designer wallpaper images

Brown Abstract Watercolour Designer Wallpaper pattern image

Are you still searching for something more unusual, yet evocative of the outside world? Bring it indoors with this Hebridean-inspired design that gives the sense you are among the barren landscape often associated with those islands. The mottled effect looks superb at a distance yet has enough detail to provide an appealing view up close.


>> See more Romeo vintage Rose Wall Mural images

vintage Rose Wall Mural

For the most vintage wall mural you can imagine, go closer to a rose than ever before. It’s hard to appreciate the size and scope of this design until you see it for yourself, yet it is stunning and feels washed out to just the right degree. Best used as a feature wall wherever you wish to make a statement, this design will be a talking point for many years to come.



>> See more Bed of Reeds shabby chic stripe wallpaper images

shabby chic stripe wallpaper

Another understated design, this subtle take on striped wallpaper was inspired by reeds. It looks incredible however you view it, giving you the feeling of nestling among reeds near a riverbed. The closer you go, the more detail there is, despite the simpler appearance from a distance.


>> See more Grattage distressed shabby chic wallpaper images

Cream Distressed Shabby Chic Wallpaper hero image

This is another distressed design that perfectly illustrates how far you can go with a few simple tones. You can almost see brush marks in this one, yet the grattage technique harks back to other times, when texture was far more important than it is today. The distressed appearance provides a pleasing choice for small and larger rooms.


>> See more Portuguese Seagulls II vintage sea bird wallpaper images

vintage sea bird wallpaper

An unusual one to finish on, the sight of flocks of seagulls flying across this paper is a great opportunity to transform a room based on a vintage design. Coupled with the right items of furniture, this seagull design could prove to be the quirkiest of all, but could it grace your selected room, a bedroom perhaps?






With so many to look through, finding the right one for your requirements can take time. However, once you’ve got an idea of the look you want – from industrial to vintage – there are many shabby chic wallpapers that would suit. Make sure you get the chance to consider all the above options when you know which room you wish to transform. There are more ways to make a splash than you could ever imagine, courtesy of some shabby chic styling.


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