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Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

Oh wow. It’s been a year in the making (and longer in the dreaming), but we seemed to have pressed the big green button marked ‘Launch.’

So: hello.

Why are we here? It’s simple, really. We want to the world to be filled with more art and less decoration. We think walls are the best place to do this: most of us pass a good chunk of each day inside four epic canvases. But too often we fill them with average. Well, no more. We’re here to source, fund, inspire, create, curate and sell wallpaper that’s art not decoration.

Who’s we? That’s Tom, Anne and Oli. We’re ex-advertising people who love art, big ideas, design, craft, interiors, having our socks knocked-off, originality and art (again).

We left advertising to start Feathr as we wanted to be a part of something that combines all the things we love. We also couldn’t face selling any more chocolate cereal to children.

It’s early days for us and there’s plenty to come yet. Our first challenge is out there, closing at the end of 2014. Then we’ll start retailing in January 2015. So thanks for stopping by so early on – and keep creating.

Tom, Anne, Oli & the other Feathr humans

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