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The most beautiful floral wallpapers for jaw dropping interiors

Flowers have long been an inspiration for artists. From the most accurate representation to the most abstract, floral wallpapers have found their way into our homes and businesses in various ways.



Flower wallpaper English Rose

With three panels of this striking design included in a single roll, the English Rose wallpaper design is based on a hand-painted creation by Finnish artist Reeta Ek. The centerpiece works beautifully in large areas, as a backdrop, a floral mural, or an eye-catching scene in a larger commercial space.

The large repeat length of 320cm makes this the perfect choice for larger spaces with high ceilings, allowing the design to come into its own. Digitally printed with environmentally friendly inks on fibers from sustainable forests, the English Rose design is a true beauty. Available also in deep dark Midnight colourway.

Flower wallpaper English Rose

Pictured: English Rose wallpaper in Forest and Midnight



Romantic floral wallpaper

Do you desire a wallpaper you can find more in the more you look at it? La Cueillette is the wallpaper you have been looking for. The French artist Claire de Quenetaine has used a mix of watercolors to create this charming and fascinating piece with intelligent use of color throughout. The subtle grey shades throughout the piece make it ideal for both large and small spaces.

The flower wallpaper is presented in a heavy 150g non-woven finish. The long repeat on this pattern means it comes into its own in high-ceilinged rooms, although a regular room would also benefit from the fascinating design.

Bursting with romance, this flower wallpaper is available in a range of colours.

Grey floral wallpaper

Pictured: La Cueillette wallpaper in Dawn and Grise



Inspired by botanicals and natural landscapes, Jessica Wilde combines photography, illustration and painting with digital experimentation to creative evocative and expressive artworks. This dramatic silver metallic floral wallpaper mural sets blooms against an abstract background that moves from hints of bronze through to soft greys and mute greens.

beautiful floral wallpaper for living room

Pictured: Lustrous Rose wall mural



The romantic cream blooms of the Zarafa floral wallpaper mural are set against a moody dark background, creating a beautiful flower mood wall mural.

black large flower wall mural

Pictured: Zarafa wall mural



Cherry Blossom wallpaper mural

Are you looking for a floral wall mural rather than a wallpaper? If so, this cherry blossom design provides an understated yet striking take on the idea. Created by La Feature Wall Murals (a company devoted to producing the finest wall mural designs), the watercolor style is best seen over a large expanse of wall. This could be the most subtle cherry blossom presentation we’ve seen, coupled with faded and muted colors for a more relaxed tone.

All Feathr designs are available in a range of wallcovering materials suitable for restaurants, hotels, offices and many other larger commercial projects.

Pictured: Ink Blossoms wall mural



Japanese Cherry Blossom wall mural

A darker-toned floral wallpaper need not feel closed in or dark. The Sakura in Bloom wallpaper proves this. The glorious and rich background provides the perfect counterpoint to the blooms spreading across this cherry blossom wallpaper. In doing so, the design manages to be both romantic and striking.

Perfect for a romantic restaurant setting, a fine hotel suite, or simply a relaxed space at home, the wall mural brings life to any wall or space. It meets fire ratings and uses fibers from sustainable forests. It also makes use of the most environmentally friendly inks around today.

Pictured: Sakura in Bloom wall mural



Inspired by traditions ranging from the Arts & Craft movement through to Venetian Rococo and Babylonian frescoes, the maximalist No Use Crying For Roses floral wallpaper uses toned stripes to create a formal structure from a lush medley of oil-painted florals.

Stripy flower wallpaper

Pictured: No use for crying for roses when forests are burning wallpaper





black peacock wallpaper for walls

For a darker, more striking use of blue that still carries great warmth with it, be bold and invest in this Enchanted Garden wall mural. Enchanted it truly is, with a fine collection of peacocks across its expanse. Hand painted with great care, the detail seen within the design is impressive indeed. The blue-toned peacocks contrast beautifully with the subtle tones of pink within the flowers across the branches; set against a dark background, this floral wall mural demands to be seen.

This striking design would suit many commercial situations, from restaurants to hotels. It is also made from fibers taken from sustainable sources, along with printing processes that use the best inks. Also available in Light colourway.

Bird Floral wallpaper

Pictured: Enchanted Garden wallpaper




striped floral wallpaper for living room

The Flower Bomb stripy wallpaper brings a touch of black humour to the formality of a Georgian striped wallpaper. The design remixes a stylised bomb with classical motifs and in doing so reminds the viewer that the extremes of human existence – love and hate, war and peace, light and darkness – so often go hand in hand.

Pictured: Flower Bomb wallpaper



vintage flower blue wall mural

Hazy summer memories are something we all hang onto. Why not introduce those memories into your bedroom throughout the year, courtesy of this delightful Summer Fields wallpaper design?

The watercolor design blends the shades in a beautiful and calm way, while white flowers are introduced and are picked out among the vaguer colors and tones. Imagination brings this floral wallpaper into its own, letting your mind do some of the work of imagining and remembering. This would make an ideal selection for hotel rooms and relaxing restaurant spaces. All Feathr wall murals are made to your wall size, so you can select the exact area of the design you would like to get.

Pictured: Summer Fields wall mural



Tropical tree wallpaper

From understated to striking – this floral wallpaper takes its inspiration from the Bird of Paradise flower. Large palm leaves coupled with monstera leaves make this an exotic and tropical design that would bring new life into any space. The size of the elements within the green-hued design makes this a good choice for the smallest and largest of walls.

Available in 10m rolls, the flower wallpaper shows how exotic such a design could be. Yet it still manages to envelop you in comfort, producing the perfect backdrop to a relaxing space at home or even a hotel bedroom.

Pictured: Bird of Paradise wallpaper



polka dot flower wallpaper

From moody to full – this floral wallpaper takes things to an entirely new level. It is hard to miss the pop art take on traditional flower wallpaper in this Full Bloom design. It may sound like a clash of styles, but the contemporary design marries the two in a new and unique way.

Available in several colorways along with the standard white design, this pop art style would be perfect for all manner of settings. Couple it with vintage furniture or a modern look, and the mix of styles would work perfectly in each case. The easy to hang wallpaper is available for various commercial settings and for hanging within the home.

Pictured: Full Bloom wallpaper



Hand-drawn detailing permeates throughout this beautiful Japanese-inspired floral wallpaper design. Grace Hamann, the artist, has layered detail after detail into the piece, making every drop of wallpaper fascinating to look at. Easy to hang and available on 50cm wide rolls, the Bloom wallpaper is available in a 150g non-woven finish.

This is one of the most relaxed and calming floral wallpapers in our selection. It is available in several color finishes, so you can select the most appropriate one for your uses. Made to order, the wallpaper works equally well throughout a large space or as a mural on a selected wall.

Pictured: Bloom wallpaper in Blush




Black and white floral wallpaper

Wild flowers appear in many locations every summer, but here you have the opportunity to introduce them into your life on a daily basis. The Love in Provence design makes good use of watercolor techniques to include both bold and subtle shades and tones in the same piece. If big and bold flowers are your thing, this is the floral wallpaper for you.

Of course, the giant flowers also make the perfect choice for large commercial spaces such as restaurants and lobby areas in large buildings. Conversely, the paper stands up well as a mural should you wish to use it as such.

Pictured: Love in Provence wallpaper



Vintage Rose wall mural

Let’s stay with giant flowers for a moment and see how a simple rose can become the most striking thing about your interior design options. Here, a rose is replicated in such detail you would be forgiven for thinking this was a photograph. Not so – we see this as a floral wall mural bringing the detail of the rose into sharp focus.

Muted tones of pink coupled with neutral shades, make this the ideal backdrop to any interior design scheme based around those tones. Available in a maximum width of 500cm and a maximum height of 332cm, this is also ideal as a mural for a commercial location, perhaps a backdrop to a bar or along one wall of a restaurant

Pictured: Romeo wall mural



Japanese floral wallpaper

Cherry blossom wallpaper sounds striking, and indeed this design does tick that box. However, it manages to be striking in an understated way, opting for muted floral shades against your choice of background color. This wallpaper could be either relaxed or bold, depending on the color you choose.

The words vintage and classic could be used to describe the cherry blossom wallpaper design in evidence here. It touches on the romantic, too, so any bedroom would benefit from having this as the backdrop. Look out for the detail in the cherry blossom as you view it more closely. Another great selection for the home, it also stands up to scrutiny in many business and commercial settings.

Pictured: Eastern Secret wallpaper



Another detailed design, this Garden Party flower wallpaper, is another great selection for a child’s bedroom or playroom. At a distance, the design offers a wonderful mix of flowers, all piling in together. Step closer and you’ll see bunnies wearing hats, sitting on swings, and eating cake. Yes, absolutely!

The creativity in this special design comes from Celandine, and the details keep popping out the more you look at it. Flowers are mixed with various other elements to create a wallpaper you won’t see anywhere else. Perfect for a young girl’s bedroom, but suitable too for creative and quirky commercial spaces.

Floral kids bedroom wallpaper

Pictured: The Garden Party wallpaper



tropical wallpaper for walls

The marriage of pink and green has never looked better than it does in this vintage palm tropical wallpaper design. The Bird of Paradise is once again used as inspiration for this design, yet here it produces a very different outcome to the one we previously saw. The light background keeps the whole design very light and airy, with subtle shades used to indicate the detail in the floral wallpaper.

Perfect for use over large walls or feature walls, the finest grade wallpaper can be obtained to suit all manner of commercial uses. Making a splash is of paramount importance in such scenarios, and this wallpaper certainly achieves that.

Pictured: Aloha wallpaper



Inspired by the Austrian park that is sunk underwater by the snow melt each year, the artist developed this Wild Side floral wallpaper that contains creatures to be found. A reward for looking at this fascinating and striking design more closely, you could say. Many wallpapers provide more detail the closer you look, but this one takes that to a new level.

The creativity within this design makes it ideal for settings where children may be present. Family rooms in hotels would be a good example. The premium 150g wallcovering is made from with wood fibers from sustainably harvested forests. The most environmentally friendly quality inks have been used to produce the design.

Flower garden wallpaper

Pictured: Wild Side wallpaper 





We hope you will find a floral wallpaper or flower wall mural you love in this collection. Modern, traditional, quirky, light and striking designs can all be found here. Whether you are looking to makeover your bedroom, kitchen, or a restaurant or hotel (or something in between), you can count on having a superb choice of floral murals and wallpapers to choose from.

With everything from classic to quirky designs included in the collections, find your perfect floral wallpaper and floral wall murals




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