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‘The New Color’ by FEATHR artist Egor Kraft – Nominated for Contemporary Art Prize

FEATHR artist Egor Kraft’s latest artwork ‘The New Color Project’, is an online intervention nominated for the Cosmoscow Art Prize for Young Artists. Scroll to discover more about this critically acclaimed piece.

The New Color‘ is a web­site created by the artist for a non-ex­is­tent Amer­i­can com­pany, spe­cial­iz­ing in the field of de­vel­op­ing chem­istry. On the web­site, the fake com­pany an­nounces a break­through discovery of a pre­vi­ously unknown color. The web­site presents non-facts as news, which in­clud­e ad­ver­to­ri­als and video in­ter­views to draw the viewer in.

green & teal funky geometric wallpaper hero image

The project ex­plores the power of the me­dia, and how it can influence public perception. With the topic of ‘fake news’ a consistent theme in current news articles and online in social media, this project is an artistic take on a very relevant concern in today’s society


“The New Color” went viral, and con­tin­ues to at­tract at­ten­tion online. Hun­dreds of vis­i­tors a week visit the web­site, hav­ing been re­ferred to it by search en­gines and so­cial me­dia. The people most intrigued send emails to the fake company’s email address, where they request samples or more information. Recent media sensations about the discoveries of new colours such as Anish Kapoor’s Vantablack, or Stuart Semple’s Pinkest Pink, highlight the relevance of this project, and it’s easy to see why it caught the public’s attention.

Blue & White Beautiful Watercolour Abstract Wallpaper pattern image

Interdisciplinary artist Egor Kraft founded creative studio Meta Work in 2012. The studio spe­cial­ises in cre­ative di­rec­tion, art di­rec­tion and de­sign for pub­lic spaces, print, dig­i­tal and video. Egor’s minimalist wallpaper design for FEATHR.com was inspired by the Surrealist art movement.  The bizarrare landscape depicted features a selection of objects that are mutually dependant on each other. Check out Egor’s unique wallpaper design ‘Aluminium Weed Field’ for FEATHR here.

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