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If you’re tired of the usual dull bedroom wallpaper designs, we can introduce you to a different way of doing things. A more refreshing way. A way that introduces designs both stunning and captivating into the most important and treasured room in your home.

Whether you opt for bedroom wallpaper or bedroom wall murals, there are some stunning designs to consider.



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>> See more vintage tropical bedroom wall mural images

Grey doesn’t need to be dull – far from it. This beautiful wall mural offers a vintage take on a tropical scene, providing depth, light, and dark imagery from every angle. Perfect as a mural behind the bed to cover a whole wall. You’ll feel yourself sinking into this as you take in the design, ready to marvel in it on a nightly basis. And who wouldn’t want the opportunity to do just that?

Grey vintage tropical bedroom wall mural



>> See more starry night bedroom wall mural images

Fancy something completely different on your bedroom wall? This unusual design gives you a starry night complete with many famous constellations. You could call it a learning experience, as you lay in bed at night and search for your star sign. This is the ideal wall mural to place directly behind your bed, where most of it will still be visible in all its glory.

Vintage starry night bedroom wall mural




>> See more abstract bedroom wall mural images

If you would rather go for something abstract, this design carries that very element with it. Perfect for those who love shades of blue and green, this teal design comes with a complementary gold streak running through the middle. For those who desire a splash of luxury in the bedroom (and who doesn’t?), this is the ideal design to carry that off.

Teal abstract bedroom wall mural




>> See more abstract bedroom wall mural images

Whisper Smoke… an evocative title that describes this design quite beautifully, don’t you think? Grey is once again used to great effect, yet very differently to how it was in the design we recommended above. This is the ultimate design for those who aren’t afraid of darker shades of grey along with the lighter ones. There are a few subtle hints of gold in there, too.

Grey abstract bedroom wall mural



>> See more grey watercolor bedroom wall mural images

If you’re looking for something softer for the boudoir, perhaps this First Bloom Monochrome design would suit. Featuring a marbled-style design in various tones of grey, the wall mural is bold enough to make anyone stop and stare. It also highlights a relaxed watercolor effect that almost seems as if it is still wet to the touch.

Soft grey watercolour bedroom wall mural




>> See more Vintage bedroom wall mural images

Next, let’s discover how to inject some vintage Americana into your bedroom. This wall mural takes on a rustic and distressed look, but you’ll be anything but distressed looking at it. Mixing a neutral palette of colors together, you can see how this mural would be ideal for a wall facing the door. Quite the striking image to walk into, yet it would be equally at home behind the bed.

Vintage Americana bedroom wall mural




>> See more shabby stripe bedroom wallpaper images

Blush is just the ticket for a relaxed and calming space. If you thought you weren’t a fan of pink bedroom wallpaper, this could be just the design to change your mind for good. The more you look, the more you see, with swirls and waves seeming to lead from one to another. There are beautiful shapes here, making the wallpaper design one to use throughout a room.

Brown shabby stripe bedroom wallpaper




>> See more Tropical Flamingo bedroom wallpaper imagesThis is a gorgeous mix of a mottled background with far more striking stripes running through it. Designed to make any ceiling seem to stretch away from you, could you be bold enough to hang this around an entire bedroom? Indeed, you could, thanks to the subtlety of the stripes taking bold strides throughout the design. This is far more calming than the initial appearance might suggest, too.


Pastel Tropical Flamingo bedroom wallpaper




>> See more Pink Wave bedroom wallpaper images

Think green and you probably think of grass green or an even brighter shade. Here, though, you can see perhaps the most subtle shade known to man. It provides the perfect foil for the cherry blossoms dotted throughout this wallpaper, running from top to bottom and delivering a flowing design that would suit bedrooms both small and large.

Pink Japanese Wave bedroom wallpaper




>> See more Grey Vintage Forest bedroom wall mural images

Are you searching for a bedroom wall mural that would pull you in and take you far into the distance? It seems unlikely, yet that very concept has been poured into this incredible design. The higher you look, the further away you go from the images seen here. How far into the distance can you see? You could indeed hang this behind the bed, but image how you could dream yourself to sleep if you were to hang it opposite?

Grey Vintage Forest bedroom wall mural




>> See more Watercolor Forest bedroom wall mural images

Spend every night in the forest – a watercolor forest – courtesy of this striking design. The speckled effect in the trees themselves lets your imagination run wild. The trees stand tall and proud, rising into the air where dreams can be found. This is a captivating design that would do any bedroom proud. And what lies beyond those trees? Only you can decide.

Watercolour Forest bedroom wall mural




>> See more Green Forest bedroom wall mural images

Would you be willing to spend every night in your own private forest glade? That sounds appealing enough, but this glade doesn’t require you to head out in all weathers to achieve that aim. Instead, you can enjoy a beautiful design that shows you a window onto a scene in this wall mural. It’s unusual, it works, and it provides you with a charming glade you’ll never want to leave behind.

Green Forest bedroom wall mural




>> See more Calm tree bedroom wall mural images

This is a reflection with a difference. See the slightly murky look of the trees in the background of the painting? Your mind puts the lake in place, as calm perhaps as a mill pond in this case, with the green forest lying beyond the trees. If you want to bring nature indoors, this is the perfect zero-maintenance way to make it happen in your bedroom – perhaps the best place of all to do it.

Calm tree bedroom wall mural




>> See more Cream Japanese Floral bedroom wall mural images

If you liked the cherry blossom design above but you’re searching for something more striking, this Sakura in bloom wall mural is the perfect choice. The detail of each flower is quite stunning, with branches winding their way towards the top of the mural. Set against a cream background, this wall mural would suit any style of bedroom, whether classic or modern.

Cream Japanese Floral bedroom wall mural




>> See more Vintage Jungle bedroom wall mural images

Who or what could be hidden in this wall mural? Head into the vintage jungle every night when you go to bed – no book required. This jungle is perhaps calmer and more enticing than most, thanks to the varied hues of green involved in the finished design. Yet be in no doubt that life is there, perhaps way beyond the furthest reaches this design goes to. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Vintage Jungle bedroom wall mural




>> See more Vintage Paris Map bedroom wall mural images

Have you ever thought of putting a map on your bedroom wall? Few people have, but this one gives you the perfect reason to make it happen. View this vintage map of Le Paris, with all the sights mapped out for you. The city of love is faithfully replicated here. Ideal for planning your getaway for next Valentine’s Day, perhaps? The most romantic wall mural for the bedroom you’ll ever find, we think you’ll agree.

Vintage Paris Map bedroom wall mural



>> See more Abstract beach bedroom wall mural images

Venice Beach – one of the most famous beaches in the world. Introducing the feel of that beach into your bedroom may seem challenging, but now you can do it in one fell swoop with this striking wall mural. Taking on an abstract approach, this will soon become your favorite beach in the world, even if you never reach it for real. You can still call it yours every night once this is hung on your bedroom wall.

Abstract beach bedroom wall mural



>> See more Red abstract ombre bedroom wall mural images

Calming shades to go to bed to do not need to be pastels of blue and green. Here, a strong use of terracotta proves that abstract bedroom wall murals can work with stronger shades too. Invoking the idea of a Serengeti-style end to the day, you can enjoy the relaxed nature of the Serengeti without the wild animals, thanks to the abstract take on a favorite spot for many in the world.

Red abstract ombre bedroom wall mural



>> See more Blue abstract lake bedroom wall mural images

From the Serengeti to the lakes now, and this interpretation of the calmness and stillness of Lake Champlain. Sink into its depths on a nightly basis without so much as getting a toe wet in this subtle take on a lake-based setting. Cool it may be, thanks to the tones of white and blue, but it is certainly not cold. You can snuggle into your bedding every night and drift away on calm waters with this idea.

Blue abstract lake bedroom wall mural



>> See more Blue Vintage Flower bedroom wall mural images

You might be forgiven for watching the flowers in this design very closely. They seem so real you might almost expect them to be moving. The key color here is blue, with delicate white touches throughout the flowers. Summer fields accurately describes where you’ll be taken each night if you hang this wall mural in your bedroom. However, that simple name cannot fully convey the feeling of relaxation this gives you.

Blue Vintage Flower bedroom wall mural



>> See more Pink ombre bedroom wall mural images

Sands at dawn… that describes this charming yet simple design very nicely. The pink ombre design puts the creamy sands at the bottom of your bedroom wall, with the calming pink tones above. Settle into this every night to truly appreciate your favorite beach at dawn.

Pink ombre bedroom wall mural



>> See more Vintage Misty Forest bedroom wall mural images

The mists of this forest will take you to your nightly sleep and rouse you into a calming state every morning. The mists appear to gently rise, and the tips of the trees sit just above them. Imagine how far you might be able to see if those mists were to clear. Quite the dreamy design.

Vintage Misty Forest bedroom wall mural



>> See more Black floral bedroom wall mural images

Go large with this bedroom wall mural, offering something darker than anything else we have seen before. Giant flowers loom out towards you, appearing from a much darker background that makes them even more striking than ever. Go bold and make this the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Black floral bedroom wall mural



>> See more Grey forest bedroom wall mural images

There is much to be said for a neutral grey backdrop in the bedroom. Many pastel colors will sit well with it, and this design gets its inspiration from a vague background. Calm waters in the moonlight, speckled with branches and leaves, and delivering a beautiful design that seems filled with nature.

Grey forest bedroom wall mural




>> See more Warm Marble bedroom wallpaper images

The Parthenon is one of the most striking sights in Greece. Introducing that marbled design into your home may seem impossible, but this bedroom wallpaper makes it easy to do in one movement. Filled with more colors than you may at first realize, this original design brings ancient history home.

warm marble bedroom wallpaper




If you’re ready to shop, then we recommend diving into our selection of beautiful wallpapers, whether bedroom wallpapers or any other room in the house. Choose from a wide range of designs to create a bedroom of any style – from modern to industrial.


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