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Vintage wallpaper inspired by nature

Our eclectic range of vintage wallpapers features nature in full bloom: bouquets of flowers in soft pastel shades, and tropical palm leaves and wild flowers painted in beautiful watercolours. These nature-inspired vintage wallpapers offer an original take on the classic botanical style.


This beautiful hand painted palm leaf wallpaper comes in a classic green and white colour variant, or cool blue and cream. A modern, tropical design versatile enough for a variety of spaces.Watercolour Palm Leaf wallpaper by Wallpaper + Folk

Watercolour Palm Leaf Wallpaper by Wallpaper + Folk

Tropical Leaf wallpaper features exotic flowers and tropical leaves against a vintage coloured background. The design comes in different colours, including a deep jungle blue and a fresh white colour.Tropical Leaf Wallpaper by Wallpaper + Folk

Tropical Leaf Wallpaper by Wallpaper + Folk


This vintage-hued banana tree wallpaper features beautiful banana trees and tropical flowers in oversized scale. The classic green and white colours take on a hazy vintage hue.

Blue Tropical Wallpaper Mural hero image

The vintage jungle wall mural features a variety of tropical trees, plants and flowers in the middle of the jungle. The original drawing was published at the beginning of the 20th Century.Vintage Jungle Wall Mural by La Feature

Vintage Jungle Wall Mural by La Feature


The soft filter on this stunning close-up photography of a single rose creates a dreamlike effect on this vintage style wall mural. The oversized bloom adds drama and romance to any room.

Vintage Rose Wall Mural by La Feature

Vintage Rose Wall Mural by La Feature


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This vintage summer flowers wall mural features a field on a hazy Summer afternoon. The paint splattered effect adds texture to the romantic design.

Vintage Summer Flowers Mural by La Feature


Vintage Summer Flowers Mural by La Feature


Add a little vintage romance to your walls with the vintage tree wall mural. Crisscrossed by tree branches and dotted with yellow flowers, this wall mural is a charming addition to the home.

Pink & Green Vintage Forest Wall Mural hero image

Vintage Tree Wall Mural by La Feature


A beautiful wall mural featuring an embroidered Japanese flower design, extending out across the walls, emerging from an inky black background, a pop of colour on the wall.

Embroidered Flower Wall Mural by La Feature

Embroidered Flower Wall Mural by La Feature


Featuring a panoramic view across a misty Scandinavian forest, this vintage forest wall mural takes you deep into the romance of the Nordic winter.

Vintage Forest Wall Mural by La Feature


Vintage Forest Wall Mural by La Feature



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