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Watercolor wallpapers for a dreamy bedroom | 20 Original Ideas

1 March 2019


Layers of texture form abstract landscapes, soft waves of colour create a dreamy aesthetic. Our range of watercolor wallpapers & murals create a relaxing mood, perfect for the bedroom.  As with all of our wallpapers and wall murals, you can customise almost all of them.  All come with free shipping to the EU, UK & USA and you can see any of the designs in your home using our free OnMyWall mock up service.  If you want to check out a full range of bedroom-ready designs, check out out the collection of bedroom wallpaper from our sister company, The Bedroom Wallpaper Co.


20 watercolour wallpaper & wall murals



>> See more Mount Song mountain watercolour wall mural images

The mysterious Mount Song is the highest of the Five Great Mountains of China and here it’s mood is captured in this watercolour wall mural.  With a misty abstract style and a range of colours including Blue, Mono and Sand, this is an excellent wall mural for bringing some subtle Asian style into a bedroom.

mountain watercolour wall mural




>> See more Mystic abstract watercolour wall mural images

The stunning Mystic wall mural by artist Jen Merli is perfect for creating a unique and subtle look in a bedroom. With its organic paint effects and the dash through of golden colours, this is wall mural that will give endless pleasure and intrigue.  It’s available either in original Teal, or a subtle Grey that will coordinate well with a range of different bedroom design styles.

abstract watercolour wall mural




>> See more Venice Beach watercolour wall mural images

The famous stretch of beach in front of Los Angeles is represented in abstract watercolour style in this minimal, refreshing wall mural.  The soft colours of the sand and sea make it an ideal wall mural to create a calming and reflective mood in a bedroom.

Beach watercolour wall mural



free wallpaper mock up







>> See more Dreamy blue abstract watercolour wall mural images

An abstract watercolor wallpaper mural by artist Clara Berta. Dreamy captures a favourite inspiration of Berta, the ocean.  The Dreamy wall mural is an explosion of joy and energy, reflecing the artist’s creative process – ideal for a bedroomwhere you want to create a real centrepiece of the bed and wallpaper.  Available as a blue wall mural, or also in rich Moss and funky Purple.

blue abstract watercolour wall mural




>> See more Riviera sky watercolour wall mural images

A subtle and relaxing watercolour wall mural, ideal for adding a splash of colour to modern living rooms and bedrooms.  Captruing the sky above the sea, it has the kind of infinite light that typifies the sky of the seaside, creating a stunning mood wall mural that will suit a wide range of different decorating styles.

sky watercolour wall mural




>> See more Drifting Away cloud watercolour wall mural images

A dramatic cloud wall mural featuring billowing clouds, layered with texture to create a modern, artistic feature wall for a bedroom.  With its organic movement and gentle colours, this is a very restful and intriguing wall mural, which works well as a centrepiece design as well as a background mood wallpaper.

cloud watercolour wall mural




>> See more Serengeti Sunset bedroom watercolour wall mural images

Inspired by the sun setting over the African savannah, this romantic wall mural is perfect for a modern bedroom. Soft abstract watercolours create a beautiful ombre effect on the wall, with the soft paper of the original artwork creating a textural effect across the whole wall mural.  With colours including on trends Honey and Terracotta this is the perfect watercolour wall mural to hang in a bedroom.

bedroom watercolour wall mural



free wallpaper mural shipping



>> See more Lake Champlain abstract watercolour wallpaper mural images

A nature-inspired wall mural featuring an abstract lake. Expressive brushstrokes capture the beauty of the light breaking through low mist over Lake Champlain in the US state of Vermont.  Captured in the Lake Champlain wall mural colour range is the lake’s wide range of seasonal weather – from the icy colds of deep winter to the warmth of summers – with Autumn, Night and Summer giving different moods to decorate around.

abstract watercolour wallpaper mural





>> See more Lost Garden floral watercolour wallpaper mural images

In this romantic floral design, a field of wild flowers makes a beautiful feature wall in a bedroom. A watercolor wallpaper mural with an evocative feel, with a charming distressed feel that makes this evocative of a shabby chic French bedroom.  A watercolour wallpaper for the romantics.

floral watercolour wallpaper mural




>> See more Zephyr watercolour forest wall mural images

An Autumnal forest scene created from an original watercolour painting. With its soft ombre background it has a calming feel, reflecting the theme of the wallpaper: a soft breeze blowing through trees and gently ending the leaves spiralling to the ground.   Along with its charming Day colourway, it’s available in a moody Night and classic Monochrome.

watercolour forest wall mural



>> See more Sand ombre watercolour wall mural images

A dreamy watercolour wallpaper mural available in Sage, Dawn and mist: with fine detailing in the abstract ombre wash that drifts across the top of the mural.  With its subtle and relaxing colours, this is a perfect ombre wall mural for a bedroom or living room.

ombre watercolour wallpaper



feathr wallpaper seen in




>> See more Machair modern watercolour wallpaper images

A minimalist and contemporary watercolour wallpaper created using gestural action painting.   The detailed flow and pattern of marks across the wallpaper create a rhymtic and calm feel to the wallpaper that makes it an excellent choice for creating a room around.

White Abstract Watercolour Designer Wallpaper pattern image



>> See more Baltic Sea abstract watercolour wallpaper images

A watercolor wallpaper available in all the blues and greens of the sea, capturing the beauty and fragility of nature in its purest form.  It was created by Finnish artist Teija Vartiainen by letting aquerelles mix together slowly on wet paper.

abstract watercolour wallpaper




>> See more Morning Dew forest watercolour wall mural images

A misty view across a green forest and blue sky is captured in an abstract wash of colour.  Morning Dew is a nature inspired wall mural with a refreshing feel, perfectly suited to bringing a calm mood to to the bedroom or living room.  Or try the vibrant Sunrise colour variant for an uplifting burst of colour.

forest watercolour wall mural



>> See more Indigo blue watercolour wall mural images

A watercolor wall mural inspired by the ocean waves. A bold, energising design by artist Jen Merli that features wonderful textures and dramatic peaks and troughs.  The movement of the paint across the soft paper makes this a truly special wallpaper.

blue watercolour wall mural



our new favorite wallpaper



>> See more In the Glade watercolour wallpaper now

This vintage style In the Glade Wall Mural features a beautiful misty forest glade, framed between tree trunks.  Soft watercolours have been used in the original artwork to create a mysterious and beguiling feeling to the design.  These fade into a taupe surrounding to create an overall feel of calm and relaxation.

forest watercolour wallpaper



>> See more Dreamboat modern watercolour wallpaper images

A dreamy watercolor effect wallpaper, created by renowned American abstract artist Kiki Slaughter.  Dreamboat displays the artist’s process of pouring, scraping, layering and otherwise manipulating paint on the canvas.  The resulting effect is an incredibly organic wallpaper with the paints seeping through the canvas.

Dreamboat wallpaper by Kiki Slaughter for FEATHR



>> See more NYE abstract watercolour wallpaper images

Paints mixed slowly together on a tilted canvas to create this watercolor wallpaper, available in a full rangeo of colours, perfect for both neutral bedrooms and bold interior designs.

abstract watercolour wallpaper



>> See more La Cueillette watercolour floral wallpaper images

This watercolor wallpaper was originally painted by French artist Claire de Quénetain. The floral design will add a touch of romance to your bedroom: it’s available in a full colour range, from expressive Cocktail to subtle Grise.

watercolour floral wallpaper



see watercolour wallpapers now




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Watercolour wallpapers with an abstract feel

Watercolor wallpapers with an abstract feel

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