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Watercolour wallpaper wonders: by artist Jen Merli

Check out this delectable new series of wonderous watercolour wall mural works by artist Jen Merli.  Jen’s pieces feature rich, deep watercolours brushed across soft papers, creating an organic and textured look that is dramatic, warm and sensual.

blue watercolour living room wallpaper

We’ve launched two wall murals by Jen.  The first, Mystic, is a showstopper of a design. Available both as a teal wallpaper mural and a grey abstract wallpaper mural, it features watercolours drifting across soft paper – dashed through with a gold effect.


wallpaper seen in


>> See More Mystic abstract wall mural images

Mystic Teal is brought to life with sea greens, viridity and warm jade tones.  These are set against azure blues and shades of cerulean.

teal wall mural


Mystic Grey dials down the colour and dials up the softness, with chromatic tones evocative of a misty day.

grey watercolour wall mural


Mystic is the kind of wall mural you might interpret as the waves, or perhaps sand on a beach, or storm clouds ringed by sunlight – and that’s the beauty of this wall mural.  It’s abstract form let’s you find your own story in it.


free wall mural mock ups



>> See More Indigo watercolour wall mural images

Meanwhile, the Indigo wall mural is all drama.  If Mystic is the sensitive soul, Indigo is all rock and roll.  Deep azure blues swoop across the soft textures of the background with its peaks and troughs recalling a stormy sea or a mountain range.  Indigo is a centerpiece mural that adds depth and drama to a room.

blue ombre abstract wall mural

Part of the beauty of this kind of watercolour wall mural is the gentle wash of texture and colour.  But Mystic and Indigo also reward close up viewing.  Within the abstract paint there is incredible detail, with the fibres of the soft paper Jen used visible in fine detail.

watercolour wall mural detail

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The flexibility of these designs mean that that they are suitable for a wide range of different rooms.   Mystic Teal is perfect is perfect as a romantic bedroom wallpaper, or to offset aqua colours as a bathroom wall mural.  In Grey, Mystic suits a Scandinavian living room, or as dining room wallpaper in a crisp modern entertaining space.  Indigo Deep Blue is perfect for adding drama to a living room or as a hallway wallpaper.


blue abstract wall mural


The Mystic Teal, Mystic Grey and Indigo wall murals are priced at £32/€36/$45 per sq metre and can be found in the wall mural section of the FEATHR website.



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