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by La Feature Wall Murals

Feel the sparkle of this dashingly beautiful silver and red cherry blossom wallpaper...


Silver Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Offering an impressive, chic style, silver wallpaper is an excellent choice for a variety of rooms. This contemporary wallpaper comes in various textures including crushed velvet, foil, and glitter to reflect light around a room and create an extraordinary glow. The silver wallpaper pairs well with tactile and soft furnishings in blacks and whites to build a luxurious feel that works for hosting get-togethers or relaxing in. Many of these wallpapers are high shine and add a ton of sparkle to a feature wall or an entire space. For a traditional look, silver wallpaper comes in many patterns and designs. Matte and neutral backgrounds help highlight the metallic patterns for a bit of glamour in rooms like dining rooms, living rooms, and hallways.

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  • $59 / m2

    Silver Floral Abstract Wallpaper Mural

  • $59 / m2

    Silver & Pink Woodland Wallpaper Mural

  • Bleinheim Powder Room
    $59 / m2

    Green & Silver Modern Stripe Wall Mural

  • Takeda Silver
    $59 / m2

    Silver & Red Cherry Blossom Wall Mural

  • Hirosaki Silver
    $59 / m2

    Silver Chinoiserie Wall Mural

  • Calm Waters Moonlight
    $59 / m2

    Silver Forest Wallpaper Mural

  • Worsley Woodland Monochrome
    $59 / m2

    Silver Woodland Wallpaper Mural

  • Lustrous Rose Silver
    $59 / m2

    Silver Romantic Floral Wall Mural

  • Wentworth Crepe
    $59 / m2

    Pink & Silver Distressed Damask Wall Mural

  • Wentworth Pearl
    $59 / m2

    White & Silver Distressed Damask Wall Mural

  • Wentworth Wisteria
    $59 / m2

    Pastel & Silver Distressed Damask Wall Mural

  • Wentworth Mirage
    $59 / m2

    Grey & Silver Distressed Damask Wall Mural

  • Mansfield French Green
    $59 / m2

    Green & Silver Vintage Trellis Wallpaper Mural

  • Mansfield Ash
    $59 / m2

    Grey & Silver Vintage Trellis Wallpaper Mural

  • Palais Sand
    $59 / m2

    Cream & Silver Shabby Chic Damask Wallpaper Mural

  • Palais Pink
    $59 / m2

    Pink & Silver Shabby Chic Damask Wallpaper Mural

  • Palais Mist
    $59 / m2

    Grey & Silver Shabby Chic Damask Wallpaper Mural

  • Palais Duck Egg
    $59 / m2

    Blue & Silver Shabby Chic Damask Wallpaper Mural

  • Casterbridge Vintage White
    $59 / m2

    White & Silver Floral Pattern Wallpaper Mural

  • Casterbridge Silver
    $59 / m2

    Blue & Silver Floral Pattern Wallpaper Mural

  • Boudoir Lilac
    $59 / m2

    Pastel & Silver Romantic Pattern Wallpaper Mural

  • Boudoir Silver White
    $59 / m2

    Silver & White Romantic Pattern Wallpaper Mural

  • Albion Flagstone
    $59 / m2

    Grey & Silver Vintage Pattern Wall Mural

  • Albion Frost
    $59 / m2

    White & Silver Vintage Pattern Wall Mural

  • Inner Vision Silver
    $59 / m2

    Silver Statement Abstract Wall Mural

Viewing all 25 results

Luxury silver wallpaper by Feathr™

Silver is the colour of luxurious jewellery, stunning old coins, and some of the stars that sparkle in the sky, which may explain why silver wallpaper is so popular. This modern wallpaper has a chic but impressionistic style that is versatile enough to be used in rooms ranging from offices and dens to bathrooms and parlours. Our silver wallpaper comes in a huge variety of textures to add more than just colour. Choose from glittery backdrops for full rooms, crushed velvet to create an essential feature wall, or foil luxury wallpaper that can be used anywhere you want to add visual flair. These wallpapers are made to reflect light and create a gorgeous glow that fills up a room.

Silver wallpaper can pair with both soft and tactile furnishings in white and black to create a sophisticated feel that is perfect for both relaxing and sharing conversation with friends. Many of these modern wallpapers have a huge amount of sparkle and add shine to a full room or a feature wall near elegant furnishings. Consider a silver wallpaper with a simple pattern or design for a more traditional look that still catches the eye. Neutral and matte wallpapers next to a feature wallpaper will add focus to the metallic patterns and create a glamorous feel in environments like hallways, dining rooms, and living rooms. With so many options in a colour that feels ethereal and bright, this colour can really bring something extra into a room to make it more pleasing to spend time in.

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